Monday, November 30, 2009

Bear with me,

I'm making a comeback.

First off-
I apologize for my lengthy absense.. :/. It's been what, a month? I cannot even believe I've let myself slack off for that long. So if some of you have quite reading, I definitely understand. But any of you who choose to bear with me and my at times sporadic writing, a million thanks. I genuinely appreciate that people actually take the time to read what I have to say, especially when they give me such awesome feedback along with it :). It's a wonderful thing, and I have truly missed it.

I suppose my alibi is my insane schedule, plus the fact that my laptop is still waiting to be fixed. I plan to get to that this week. But almost every morning I go in early to work on the yearbook, then we can't even access blogger in school, and after school has become a whirlwind of obligations. Preparing for college, doing my research, pesky homework, meetings galore, ect. Then weekends I try to squeeze some time in with my friends between volunteering and working. So that's basically my excuse, although I'm still ashamed that I've neglected writing here for so long. Having this slow internet certainly doesn't help when everything I do seems like a rush lately. But I think it's about time I start to slow down.
The college application process is driving me crazy. I need to put together a creative writing portfolio to submit to SUNY Purchase. I have no idea what all to write about, I need a bunch of poems and short stories. Wish me luck.
Hectic, yes. But this is me trying to pull everything together, and organize myself before I'm out on my own. Writing will definitely gain its priority again, I have missed you all way too much to start slacking off again. I just needed some time to get myself settled a bit :P.

Throughout this week I'll be catching up with you all, returning comments and seeing what I've been missing :). I hope you all had a fantastic holiday, and I can't wait to see what all you've been up to. I'll fill in the blanks alot better once I get back in the groove.

Miss and love you all,