Monday, October 18, 2010

It's been a little while since I've posted, I hit kind of a busy patch in things.
Homework, tests, traveling home, going downtown with friends--it all wears you down. I'm enjoying it though, this busy lifestyle. Atleast most days I'm not sitting around bored. I really do love the fall though. The leaves are gorgeous( the hobby of "leaf peeping" still cracks me up with its name), as I said last time it's perfect for hot chocolatee... and I don't know, it's just a good season. It's a nice transition from the heat and sun of summer to the chilly frost of winter. I'm still sad I haven't gone to the local apple orchard at home for some fresh cider apple doughnuts.. I'll go the next time I have the chance, unless the season is over and done with. Honestly I'm a little excited for winter :). Snowboarding should be amazing this year. I could do without the cold while I'm like, walking to classes or driving in the snow.. but I can't wait for boarding.
Let's see, what fun and excitement have you all been missing out on in my life...? Really it's been a lot of work. I've had several tests, two papers, regular homework.. I haven't had much time for thumb twiddling :P. Last weekend I went home to work a day at Polo and see friends of course. It was great just being able to hang out with the whole crew. College isn't so far away I'm beginning to realize. Next year it'll be nice to have my car though. I hate having to ask my mom to come pick me up, even though it's a nice chance to talk to her. I just feel bad because it's an hour away. I really need to spend more time at home, home. Like with my family. The moment I reach home I generally relax for maybe an hour, then I'm off to see my friends. I can't help it, I love them haha. It just hits me at the end of every visit that I don't see much of my family. This is partially because they're so busy.. like when I'm in the house, they're generally outide working, so it kind of feels pointless for me to be home, alone, doing nothing. I just need to find ways to spend more time with them
The weekend before last I actually attended a football game. At my highschool, we didn't have football, so this was semi-significant I guess. I went with Paige and Madiha, we didn't watch the whole thing because we had things to do, but our team, the Danes, were kicking ass and taking names while we were there haha. We checked for the final score later---48-0. Either the other team was terrible beyond comprehension, or our team is really, really good..
Pumpkin picking in the heart of Albany.. Not really something I would expect. Paige, Madiha and I took a little "adventure" trying to find the place where Madiha needed to get her laptop fixed. It was a lot of unnecessary walking it turns out, but we had a good time anyways :). I took that litle baby back to the dorm, festive right?
In the spirit of fall and Halloween, Amanda and I took the liberty of trying on the sweetest costumes Target had to offer :-). I think Amanda makes a dashing penguin personally. I really do need to come up with and or purchase a costume, ASAP. I'm still debating... Hermoine, Olive Oyl, scarecrow, or something else entirely. Any one with feedback---chime in and help me decide!
Saw this. If I had a kid, he would be wearing this. Best thing I have seen in awhile!
After the fun and excitement of those adventures, then spending all day working Saturday, and the night spent kicking back with friends--- I got up Sunday morning and drove Julie, Ben, and Amanda to Massachusettes for Six Flags New England! It didn't wind up being as far of a drive as I had expected, it was actually pretty easy. Definitely worth it too :). We spent all day going on the craziest, most nauseating roller coasters and rides they had to offer. Even the "babyish" ride we went on, the teacups, was extremely dizzying. I love rides though, and it was definitely a blast.

Just one of the handful of rides we survived.
Now I'm back at "home", college. I'm trying to get back into the routine of things, and actually to be more efficient in my routines. I have a meeting to schedule with my advisor to choose my next classes..I have homework due tomorrow evening, I have news to catch up with, and my dorm is a mess. However, I have class in the morning so all of this will have to wait until some point tomorrow because I decided that I couldn't wait any longer to get this updated :). I feel like it was a wise choice.
One thing has me heated though. In my journalism class today, my professor announced that the school is proposing to cut down the program, making the classes larger and much more difficult to get into. SERIOUSLY? Ever since the major came to the school it's been widely popular, so why get rid of it? I'm baffled. If I can't get the classes I need, I'm out.. Goodbye UAlbs..sorry but I refuse to graduate a year or two behind because I'm waiting to get into the classes essential for my degree. Six years for a Bachelor's was never a part of my plan. Once I do more research on this whole issue, you can bet I'm going to complain my head off.
Hope everything's good with everyone :D

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Half full
One morning last week, I can't for the life of me remember if it was a Monday/Wednesday/or a Friday, but it was one of the days I had my philosophy class, and gotten our tests back. I studied forever for that exam and was pretty confident I knew what was up with the Ontological Argument, a priori and a posteriori truths, and of course the conflict of David Humes through Cleanthes, Demea, and Philo :P. Then we actually get our tests back and I failed the utter shit out it. It was just one exam, but I felt like it was foreshadowing to the rest of my college career. So I'm walking out of the building, all sorts of frustrated, and suddenly I run into a guy and a girl with Free Hug tshirts on. I made eye contact with the guy, and he said "Kinda looks like you could use a hug", or someting along those lines, and in spite of my frustrated, bitchy mood, I took it. And actually, it made me feel better. I think it's a great movement. Everyone has bad days and little things can kill your mood, but it's nice to know that there are people out there who reach out and try to brighten some days.

I would write more but honestly it's two o' clock in the morning and I still have loads of work to finish by tomorrow---so I'll have to keep this short. I just thought I would share this little moment with you all, and also prove that I'm still alive, still writing.

Also, you know what feels amazing? Sitting in bed while drinking hot chocolate. I would definitely say that the mug is half full. :)