Monday, December 29, 2008


It sounds like everyone's holidays were rather splendid :).
Good to hear, good to hear. If I could locate my camera cord.. I'd show you all a couple little things I got, but I'll have to hold off until later for that. I've been spending alot of time bonding with my best friends, Amanda and Julie, which has been really nice. We've always been close, but every once in awhile we just need one of those epic nights to just reconnect, you know. Sometimes we begin hiding things, or leaving things out, so it's good to get everything like that out on the table, it's refreshing. I couldn't ask for better friends.

One of these nights, just Julie and I went to the mall while Amanda was with her boyfriend Jeff, and we planned on seeing Seven Pounds, starring Will Smith. We were anticipating on having to spend nearly $10 on this movie, but when we each paid the cashier a $20 bill to cover the $9.50 ticket, he handed us each back $20.50 in change! He must have misplaced the tens with the twenties or something.. But we didn't say anything, hahah. It probably wasn't the morally correct thing to do, but hey. It felt nice to get paid to watch a fantastic movie. The next night we, along with Amanda, actually hung out with our music teacher, haha. She's really fun, and not at all creepy :P. We just wanted to drop by to give her a Hannah Montana calandar for Christmas.. hahah, and she gave us hot chocolate, cookies, and we sat around talking. She's a funny woman, it was a good time. We got her to watch bits and pieces of Coneheads.. :). She has a daughter our age, if that makes our visit any less weird, haha. It was enjoyable, especially to look through her old yearbook :P. We went back to Julie's for the night, and stayed up well into the early morning(3amish) talking and stuff. We swore we time travelled or something. The next day was spent at the movies again, seeing Benjamin Button. Now, that is a truly fascinating movie. I highly,highly suggest you get your tushie to the movie theater to watch it, asap :D. I loved it.

Soo.. boys,boys,boys.
I've basically been in love with said boy, I think you all know who I'm talking about, for four, nearly five years. Even though things offically ended between us awhile back, they haven't really. We're not much different, we just lack a title, a standing. I don't understand it. What is it that makes him not want to "date" me, while he still acts the same, is seen in public with me, and spends time with me one on one. The only significant difference is a lack of PDA and frequent iloveyou's. The rest is pretty static. Does anyone understand this? We began this whole deal as close friends, so it's not a plausible option for us to just go our separate ways, we want to be in eachother's lives. It's just a weird situation. I don't think he knows what he wants.

So what are you guys planning for New Years?

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Yes, I know I'm been slacking majorly :P
But I've been caught up trying to prepare for Christmas and such, it's been overwhelming this year. I'm guessing most of you are with family, opening presents right now. I'm waiting. Since my parents are farmers, the chores out in the barn must be done first, but once they come in, we'll open a few gifts here, and head over to my Grandparent's house next door.


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Hah. Amanda, Julie and I attempted to build a gingerbread house in our matching grandma christmas sweaters :P. But yeah, the house collapsed two seconds after it was finished.

Also, my friend that's been off at college, Shayla, came down for a visit :):):)!! I've missed her a ton, so it was really good to spend some time with her. We had an excellent day.
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So, I'm cutting my post short because my parents are in :P. I hope everyone's having a fantastic holiday, and I'll be catching up with all of you soon.

♥ Olive!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

TAG, I'm it. :P

So, I was tagged by Natalie, but I break the rules, so I'll just post 8 things about me. I'd tag people, but I think she already covered mostly everyone I talk to :P.

#1) I absolutely cannot stand it when my bangs are curly. It'll bother me all day long.
#2) Every day after school I do cow chores. Not because I get paid or I want to, just because it's my time to spend with Tom. I like being around him, laughing with him, so I put up with the annoyance of livestock and the labor. It's really not so bad though.
#3) I aspire to be an author. Truthfully though, I'm scared I'm not cut out for it. I want to be able to write like Markus Zusak, and if I can't, I'll feel like a failure. My fall back plan is journalism. Working for a magazine like Alternative Press(AP), would definitely compensate a bit :).
#4) Travel is something I enjoy :). Well, I only go as far as Iowa on an annual basis, but I like airplane flights, and I know I'd love to see different, beautiful parts of the world. Sometimes I feel like America isn't that great. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate it, haha. I just think it might be overrated. Europe seems magnificent to me.
#5) I've been best friends with the same people for over three years now. I honestly do believe that the closest friends I have now, I'll keep forever. We're all always going to be a part of eachother's lives.
#6) Intelligence is valuable to me. I'm scared of being dumb, to be quite honest.
#7) Seven is my favorite number. Yes, I'm running out of interesting things to say.
#8) I should actually be doing chemistry right now, but I chose to update my blog instead.

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So I've been kind of busy, kind of lazy lately. Sunday was one of the busier days. I spent it with my Grandma, making maple cream. I can't remember if I ever mentioned this, but we make our own syrup by tapping the trees and boiling down the sap, the whole shebang. And my Grandmother's usually the one to make cream out of it, but lately her arthritus has been escruciating, so I stepped in to help her out. It was pretty easy, just time consuming. It takes alot of time to boil and cool down, then stirred in the machine. The most 'laborous' part of it is dishing it out of the large pot into the containers we sell it in. It's not so bad though. Maple cream is quite delicious, if you haven't tried it before, I reccomend it, especially on toast in the morning.

Later on that day I spent time with Tom, Julie, and John. J00lz has been sick lately :(, so it was nice to get to see her now that she's recovered. We watched this scientific movie called Andromeda or something, it was cool :P. Plus I went to the outlets to turn in my application and buy a pair of winter boots. Monday was actually alright, considering it was a Monday. I baked two batches of ready-to-bake cookies for our Spanish class, and just to give away to friends. That certainly made some people happy :), haha. Tom hugged me all the way from my locker to math class, for giving him his own little baggie of them. So if you ever want to get on people's good side, BAKE COOKIES, hahah. The downside of the day was discovering that I'm failing Chemistry. I've never failed ANYTHING before. It's only because I owe around five lab write-ups that I fell behind on, and I didn't do extrordinarily well on the test, although I passed it. This class is getting tough. I've been staying after lately now, and trying to catch myself up, but it's hard. I honestly and sincerely cannot wait for winter break. The vacation is muchly desired.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hello, Maturity

This was my first year ever going Christmas shopping alone.
It was weird driving myself around to different places to shop. I felt like a connoiseur of the road, navigating through the bustling holiday traffic. Which I may add was crazy. I spent literally over five minutes waiting to turn out of the outlet stores. It felt nice though, taking care of all of these things myself. I got my shopping done for Tom, mainly done for Amanda, and I gathered ideas for other people. I even made my first grocery shopping expedition by my lonesome today, haha. That definitely makes you feel old, pushing around a shopping cart by yourself :P. I can feel myself growing up. I won't lose my silliness though, my immaturity :P. Oh trust me, I still have it. I don't think of maturity as being sunk deep into the rut of seriousness and always making the rational decision. Maturity to me is knowing the time and place for things, taking responsibility when it's necessary, and being chill when it's not :).

I still have quite a bit more shopping to do, but I'm hoping my parents are going to plan a little trip to some bigger shopping area, because our region is limited :P. Amanda and I hung out today, laughing about things, talking about life, as we always do. It's nice being with her :). We just 'get' eachother. I really do feel like we'll always be this good of friends. After she left, my parents and I went over to my Grandparent's house, conveniently next door, to decorate the tree. I've actually been getting alot accomplished lately, I'm on a roll. I'm sure it won't last too much longer though :P. I've been trying to clean up the house, because I want it to look nicer, and there needs to be room for the tree and such. Plus I've been busy shopping and gathering ideas, and I might be getting a job :). You see, this girl from school works at Tommy Hilfiger in the outlet store and she suggested I apply. By the time I turned it in though, the position was filled, but the manager was nice enough to refer me over to Ralph Lauren Polo, the store her husband owns. I picked up an application and met the owner, so hopefully if I get that back in there soon, I'll finally have a job :):). I certainly hope so, I'm going broke!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nifty Fifty


I have finally caught up to you all :):).
I just want to say how nice it is to actually have people that read what I have to say and always give great imput. Nicole, Natalie, Skippy, Wandering Child, Aren, thank you. And thanks to anyone new who visits, or just doesn't comment as often. It's all appreciated. :)

Words are power. I think as bloggers, we all realize that. Writing is the way we express ourselves, make sense of things. The great advantage of blogging to private journalism, is that we get to see the way other people view things. We get that insight, that new way of thinking. I'm just happy we have that chance. I've been reading, and I'm almost finished with The Book Theif by Markus Zusak. Wow, talk about an incredible book. It really makes you think about alot of things, especially the power of words. Especially for Liesel, the book theif and the word shaker. Words can inspire, words can convince, words can kill. But words can also save. It all depends on how you choose to use them. Adolf Hitler used words to march the jews straight into the ground. That doesn't mean someone else can't use them to lead us to the clouds. I'm not referring to heaven here, I'm not exactly religious :P. I'm just saying, words can do so much, in either extreme. That's why I want to be a writer, I want to be like Liesel Meminger, a word shaker.

Alright, my philosophical moment is over. I'll sink back into the rut of school and obligations. Everyone was excited today over a rumor that school was closing early. Apparently, someone's mother texted them saying the news said our school had an early dismissal. This was either faulty news, or an untrue rumor :P. I'm voting the rumor. So everyone was on edge after the announcement that today would be a regular, full day. Around ninth period though, snowflakes started falling, and by the end of the day, the ground was covered in a fresh blanket of white. I was kind of excited to tell you the truth :). I think winter's pretty. Just the cold gets to me, but I'll get myself used to it as I do every year. There's something whimsicle about winter though, when there's snow. Something that calms and soothes, but at the same time, evokes a girl to pelt a boy with a snowball on the way from one barn to the next. It makes you feel like a kid again.

I know I'm not ancient, I'm only sixteen. But I can feel myself growing up, I can give you a prime example from Spanish class. Our teacher has a young daughter, whose artwork decorates the walls of our room in parts, and I noticed this 3-Dish drawing, but it looked like it was made of foam. I had never seen anything like it. I asked, and apparently this new substance is called "puffy paint". How did I ever miss the invention of puffy paint?! I mean, where in the world was I? Plus Christmas has lost some of it's magic. I remember being younger, counting down the weeks and weeks until the big day. Now it's less than two weeks away and I haven't even given my Grandma my list, and I haven't gone shopping for anyone. Where has the time gone? I just want to flip a switch and freeze everything, so I can catch myself up . I'm hoping this snow will last and I can feel the holiday spirit. A snowday for tomorrow better be in the works :), I desperately need one.

Well, Happy Fiftieth to me, and happy blogging everyone :P

Monday, December 8, 2008


So I like fell off the face of the earth for awhile, right?

:P. It's true though, I haven't updated in forever! I feel so.. unbloggworthy, I guess is the best way to put it. While I was in Iowa, I didn't have enough computer time to keep up with everything, and then coming home I was just overwhelmed with schoolwork and going places, and never got the chance to update on all of the things I've been up to. Sorry about that. I'll catch you all up to date now, and try to return comments and such. I'm so behind!

Iowa, was good. It's quiet there, and perhaps a bit boring to the average teenager, but I like the relaxation. I could just sit around in pajamas, watch my house seasons, and spend time with family. I love my grandpa, he's freaking hilarious. I love the way older people interact with eachother, it's amusing. Like we'll walk into the restaurant for lunch like we do every day we're there, and his buddies will be like, "Oh here comes Glen..." And they'll just harass eachother back and forth. I hope when I'm older I still have a sense of humor in me. I think the elderly THRIVE in Iowa. The downside to going there for me is not having anyone, literally anyone, my age to hang out with. Everyone's older, and by older, I mean over 70. There's a few 50 something year olds here and there, but the majority is elderly. It's cool, but at times I missed just being able to chill with people my own age :P. Overall though, it was a nice trip.

I like planes :), especially the window seat. It's so cool, taking off, watching the buildings and landscape below you slowly shrink. It's wicked cool at night, the lights make me think of switchboards and Christmas. Every time I take my annual flight, I think about how much I want to travel to cool places, Europe particularly. I can't wait until I can actually go.
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So things around here have been hectic, but they're slowly calming down. I missed out on some work at school, plus I've been doing things for clubs, and blahblahblah. Busy. Then when I'm not truly busy, I'm exhausted. I'm going to find a way to fix this problem though :P. Plus I've been making up for lost time with friends. They all had way too much fun back here without me, haha. Going out for black friday, hanging out for Thanksgiving. I missed out. I haven't had much time lately by myself to blog, but I'll change that :). Alot more has been going on than I've written about, but I'll quit my ramblings here and check in on what everyone else has been up to.

♥ Olive :D:D