Monday, September 29, 2008

Shut Up & Drive

Yeah, that's a pretty lame song, but guess who went car shopping today?!
Oh yeah, you guessed it, this guy, right here :P. It was pretty interesting, but I'll recap on the past couple of days before I get too into it.

Sunday was Taste of the North Country. Basically, it's a big gathering in a park where all of these restaurants get together and sell samples of some of their dishes, and a bunch of people come to "taste" the variety. I'm in Kiwanas, or key club, so I volunteered at the ticket gate. I spent two hours wrist-banding people :P. Atleast I had Amanda right there with me, so it wasn't too bad. Time actually flew, it was nice. Afterwards, we checked it out for ourselves, then went to this cute little coffeeshop we like. Actually, we hate coffee. But butterscotch chai tea,.. that stuff is yummy :). So we got that, and walked around town for a bit. We don't live in this town, we're stuck in a rural village, that basically serves as a gas station. Noone "goes" to our town. It's just a little blip on a busy road. If some travellers need gas from Cumberland Farms, that's the only reason they're going to lay down the brakes.

On my way home from that, I dropped Amanda off at Jeff's, and picked up my own boyfriend for some chillaxin' :). We didn't really get to hang out that long, but still, it's always nice to be with him. Later that night after he left, I went to my Grandma's for my Uncle Ron and Grandpa's birthday dinner. Family time wasn't so bad. I wish my Grandma still had the health and ambition to make her amazing home cooked meals, but I can understand why she can't. But dang, her cooking is good. Atleast she makes me Au Gratin potatoes when she feels up to it :).

So I said earlier how my dad was all mad that my mom wanted to buy a new car, so instead of her getting a new car, he decided I should get a used car. It's no use to argue with him, so we went shopping today, and Amanda tagged along :). This Saturn Ion was the best thing I found throughout the day, and remarkably, it was at the first place I went, and the first car I looked closely at. It's priced at like $7,500, but it has a downfall. 71,000 miles. Holy shizam, that's kind of alot. I have the feeling that I'm going to be doing alotttt of driving, so I'll have to decide if I really want a car with so many miles behind it. Everything else about it is pretty nice though. What do you guys think?

I have so much homework that I've procrastinated on. I spent most of tonight writing up a chemistry lab report, starting my english essay, which needs to be finished, and working on a math packet. Plus I still have 40 pages in Anne Frank to read. Oh shit, son. :(. Atleast I had a good day though, after car shopping, Amanda and I rode bikes to the village and chilled on the playground with Jenna, just talking about stuff. I'm planning on a movie night next weekend, with Chinese take out! I can't wait.

♥ Olive :)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

seize the day

I'm loving the feel of the weekend :).
Especially since we have Monday off too, for some superintendent's day or something--sweet! This Friday I was conned into going to the dance with Amanda, because her boyfriend Jeff wanted a chance to see her. Although I'm not a huge fan of school dances anymore, I went anyways, because they're cute :). It wasn't all so bad though. Aside from them, Julie, Jenna, and Johnny Boy were all there. We only stayed in the school for like, 45 minutes. Then we played on the playground for awhile. After like 30 minutes, Jenna brought Amanda, Jeff, and I out to Dunkin Donuts for some delicious white hot chocolate :D. Too bad it burnt my tounge, which still is feeling the effects at this very moment. Our last stop was Walmart, then it was off to bring Amanda and Jeff home. I waited at Jenna's for my mom to come pick me up, then I got myself some much needed shut eye.

I enjoyed today too :). Around 1:00ish Tom came over to snuggle and chill. While we did that, my mom went and test drove a car she wants to get. She told my dad later and he was pissed. The thought of a second car seems insane to him, I guess. But sharing a car between me and my mom is not going to fly with us. Seriously. We both have too many different places to go. The car she choses won't be personally mine, it's going to be her new car. But while I'm still driving, she'll hold onto her old one and trade it in after I'm gone away to college. After hanging out at my house, my mom brought us over to Tom's because he had some things to take care off. He stays at his aunt's and uncle's, along with the rest of the kids and their dad, for the time being. None of them want to stay at the house with their mom, so he hasn't checked things out there in awhile. We looked at his fort and walked around out back checking up on things. His bed is at his relatives now, so we sat in his little mostly empty room, listening to music, and finding all sorts of weird ways to entertain ourselves---not pervertedly, haha. I like how connected I feel with him, it's kind of indescribible :).

ps. The title is referring to the song in my head today, that I really like alot, Sieze the day by Avenged Sevenfold. Everyone just needs to seize the day, especially the weekends when freedom is available :D.

Okay quick question!: I know alot of you bring your lunches to school, and I complained about our lunches way back in a post, and I was curious, what do you guys like to pack? I just want suggestions so I can go grocery shopping with some GOOD ideas, hahah. And not just get things I will be sick of.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Here are the Rules:

1. Link the person who tagged you.
2. Mention the rules in your blog.
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged bloggers’ blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.

Thank you Nicole :)

My Quirks:

1) Okay, this is pretty weird, but I always, always chew on my juicebox straws, which are usually those mott's apple juice ones. And once I've finished destroying the straw with the teeth, I shove it back into the box, and then throw it away. I have no reasoning behind it whatsoever :P.

2) I'm a big old packrat when it comes to memories. I hate throwing away sentimental things, and my walls are covered in drawings from Amanda, dated over two years ago. I use memories as decorations :). And I like keeping little trinkets, too. But I guess this one's pretty common. Wow I'm so unoriginal, haha.

3) The future occupies alot of my thoughts. Sometimes I get myself lost in "what if" scenerios. Alot of the time, they're positive :D, like thinking about opening up my own bookstore, creating bestselling stories, and living a happy life. But sometimes, my imagination runs wild, and I think up the worst thoughts I can muster. That can get annoying.

4) I really, really wish Hogwarts was real. I would love to go to a school for magic :).

5) People and their ways of thinking fascinate me. I like trying to uncover their motives, and just see things in different perspectives. I believe it's the future authoress in me, hahah.

6) I fill out like a million myspace surveys, but I rarely post them, so it's a gigantic waste of time. However, I continue to do it anyways.

I was delighted to not have soccer practice today :). I did however, work with Tom and Nick. No offense to Nick, but I get annoyed when I'm not alone with Tom. It's just not the same, because when it's just us, I feel completely myself. But other people crashing out alone time sucks, haha. Oh well, there was alot of work to do, and we get alot of snugglage by ourselves in later on in the evening. So it all worked out :).

Answers Please was today. It's a team where the contestants compete against other schools to answer the most questions correctly. During lunch on Wednesdays, we have practice. I only got a measely half of the page right. There were 20 questions, and I missed like 10 :P. Oh well, I hope I improve. I guessed correctly on some of them, which was pretty cool I must admit.

So Rise Against comes to a location about an hour away in early October :):). I'm really hoping I'll get to go. First step is convincing the parental unit, then it's off to FYE to buy tickets. It's been forever since I've gone to a concert, so I'd really like to squeeze some in every once in a while. Basically, I have nothing else to say. I'm just trying to keep up on the whole posting thing, so that is about it :P.

I really, really,really need to improve my blogging :(
Once soccer's over it'll be better I swear, scout's honor!

♥ Olive!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oh no, it happened again.

I just can't seem to keep up.

Like, seriously. It's been nearly a week since I've posted, again. I absolutely hate it :(. By the time I'm home from soccer practice, I'm so burnt out that all I want to do is finish my homework and sleep. Me time seems to be nonexistant, until today. I've had games since Thursday, and the weekend kept me fairly busy. Saturday was spent working, unloading hay. But then later that night was Cody's bonfire/Jeff's surprise birthday. It was pretty chill :). I hung out with Jenna and Amanda mainly, but there were alot of cool people there. Those guys, 'the punk trio', are all so funny. I like their friendship, and how they're not afraid to just be like "I love you man", and stuff. Cool dudes, cool dudes :P. Now Amanda's dating Jeff, I'm happy for her, they're cute. I've been missing my own boyfriend. Until tonight, it's been forever since I spent more than, gym class every other day with the boy. I hated it. But tonight was nice :). Anyways, Sunday was good. After sleeping over at Amanda's, Julie took us to Walmart so she could develop her senior pictures, then her dad took her to work, and us back to the house to entertain John. We made cotton candy! Hahah. That kid is so freaking cool. Jenna randomly texted me later on asking if we'd like to go out for coffee, so she took the three of us to this cool little coffee shop in one of the nearby cities. Well, it's more like a town than a city, but it's a city in comparison to my little farm town. Honestly, I hate coffee, but I think next time I'll definitely be able to choose something delicious. The place seemed really nice, and the woman who waited on us was wonderful. She gave us this pastery thing for free, just because she didn't feel like eating it herself :D. So we talked about things, and tried to figure out how to handle a couple problems, then walked around to the park. Amanda found brand new timberland boots sitting on top of a dumpster, so she claimed them, and we headed off to see a movie.

But we didn't end up watching a movie, nothing was playing. Instead we wandered around the mall, went into the Halloween store, just random stuff like that. Amanda came home with me that night and slept over, and school was the next day. I was all moody at first, probably because I missed Tom, but I straightened myself out. Our game was over an hour busride away, again proving that I have no life. Today was better, though. Just a short practice, which wasn't as short as I expected, but whateverr :P. Atleast he's giving us tomorrow off because he has a meeting. I was thrilled to actually spend time with Tom today. Even if it was doing calf chores, hahah. Just being able to be alone with him feels so good. When I'm around others, I have to be all conscious of how I'm acting, like the gym teacher separates us during class >:[, or he tries I mean, haha. And my friends don't really want to see us being all flirty. So it's nice to be able to just be ourselves in the quiet of my home, haha. He missed me too, so he stayed until nine so we had plenty of time to snuggle :). I love that boy.

So yes, I'm sick of being overwhelmed with school and soccer, but I'm going to continue to try my hardest to keep this up :P. I love blogging, and I can feel myself writing horribly. and I apologize. I'm exhausted, but I felt like I needed to post, because, c'mon. I hate going for MORE than a week without writing anything.

ps) I'll follow most of you, and post my quirks very soon. I'm just exhausted :P.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pass, fail, or tie?

So I didn't pass my roadtest, nor did I fail it..

I couldn't even take it :/. We drove all the way down the the location I chose to take it, atleast 45 minutes away from home, waited through three other girls, but once it was my turn, the lady nicely informed me that the inspection sticker wasn't valid. Or whatever the little sticker in the bottom left windshield is. My mom checked the glovebox for the one they mailed us, but she couldn't find it. I was devasated. So we had to turn around and go home. Surprisingly, I was calm about it, sure I was angry, but I held it inside. No yelling, no crying, just calm. On the other hand, my mom was extremely upset, because she felt like the whole ordeal was her fault, so I did the driving home while she collected herself. It's so hard trying to comfort a parent :/. You never know quite what to say to make them feel better. I kept trying to tell her that it was okay, I wasn't mad at her, and I could easily take the test next month. But it didn't help much, she was still frustrated. I'm not trying to sound conceited, but I was a little proud of myself for acting mature, and being able to safely drive us home. Just usually, I let my emotions get to me, and I do the crying when things go wrong. I'm so glad I wasn't frustrated enough to blame her for any of it, because that would've made things so much worse. People forget, mistakes are made.

October 10th is the date of my new test. I am disappointed because I was so excited to be driving now, but it's only a few weeks. Maybe I can totally master parallel parking in that time frame :P. I never went back to school, mainly because of the stress(I just wanted to chill & watch [h]ouse), and plus, I didn't feel like going back for three periods. And practice. I haven't missed a single one until today, so it was about damn time :P. Apparently though, the team decided we're wearing our SHORTS to school tomorrow. I think that is an idiotic idea, haha. It is FREEZING in the morning. I like being on the soccer team, and I like the girls, but I don't really dig wearing the clothes all of the time. The team shirts are really baggy, the uniform jersey's are too, and the shorts, are well, cold! I wasted my money on school clothes for a reason! But if the team thinks that wearing our stupid shorts is necessary, I guess I'll do it. >:[.

Tonight was alright. I was kindof on edge though, because of the situation today, and I'm totally pmsing, haha, so I wasn't in my usual silly mood, and I ended up breaking down a little since I couldn't earlier. I wanted to be calm then so my mom could feel better. But later when it was just me and Tom, it came out, and he helped me feel better, as always. I called Amanda tonight, and she caught me up to speed with everything I missed today :P, informed me about the stupid shorts, and we talked for awhile. Strange, since we both hate the phone, but at times it's necessary. Laughing along with her was a nice conclusion to my strenuous day atleast :).

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yikes, I'm really bad at updating.

Fortunately, I haven't been up to very much, so this will be short :P. Yesterday was probably the most enjoyable. After a killer practice(ugh, way too much running..) I went back to Amanda's house with her and Julie to help her, being Julie, with a senior photo. She figured having best friends into photography would be cheaper than a true professional, and result in a picture she actually liked. Julie's one of those 'all natural' kind of girls, who doesn't have to wear makeup to not feel repulsive. Lucky :P. But yeah, so trying to do hers was a challenge because the whole black-stuff-around-her-eyes was a new concept. It wasn't overdone though, just a little liner and mascara, and we straightened her hair. I think she was satisfied in the end. We took alot of pictures outside until we captured "the chosen one", hahah. I think it turned out great, but it's on Amanda's computer, so I can't upload it.

Both her and Amanda came over to spend the night, which resulted in alot of friendship bonding, but I forgot most of my homework. It was worth it though, I love those guys :). I finished it all the next morning/at school anyways. The three of us always have so much fun together, it's crazy. Oh yes, so I'm no longer sick, by the way :P. I got over it by Monday, but it sucked how I missed out on two get togethers over the weekend. I suppose feeling well is worth it though. Our soccer game was today, and it was actually pretty intense. I have a feeling the opposing team hated us, haha. There was alot of pushing/fouls like that by both sides. I never do any of that though, if I even bump someone, I'm like "Oh god, I'm sorry!", I just feel so guilty.

However, we won after overtime. I hate when games run late, I like being home and clean haha. But I've always played soccer, and I do like it all together, I just have things about it I dislike. Tonight was alright though, because after I came home and showered, I got some snugglage in with the boyf :). OHMYGOD, I had the most delicious pie last night. Tom's aunt made it, and wow., it was amazing. It's like maple flavored, but it's super light and fluffy in your mouth, with a grahmcracker crust, and mm. I may post a recipe at some point if anyone would like to try. I honestly don't have much to say tonight, and this was a pretty random post. Well, I'll update tomorrow on whether or not I failed my road test!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sick, Sick, Sick

Don't resist.
Sick, sick, sick. Don't resist.

Ah, that would be a Queens of the StoneAge song, but truthfully, I am sick :(. I felt funny since last night, but today while I was out shopping/practicing for my road test, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Lucky for me, not until the end of my day though :P. I kindof successfully parallel parked twice, I suck though, and did a three point turn, but I'm so nervous about Wednesday. I know people who have failed it, and I don't want to have to redo it :(. I just wanna driveeeee. So, wish me luck?

I managed to snag a couple buys at Forever 21. Nothing major though, just a tshirt, camisole, thin little bomber-style jacket, and a bracelet. I wasn't feeling well enough to shop to my full potential, which probably isn't a bad thing since I haven't worked in over a month. Chyeah. After that I stopped by Target, realizing just how shitty I felt, and picked up some medicine and other things I've run out of. Oh, I forgot to mention on the way down, we looked at a car. I'm not buying one, so don't go thinking I'm all lucky :P. My mom just wants an extra vehical since I'm going to be driving solo soon, and I think honestly, she wants an excuse for a better, newer car. I don't blame her, and I'll gladly drive the 'extra' around until I go to college. Not a problem at all. I mean sure, I'd like my own personal car, but I'll get that once I'm on my own, and can afford a nicer one than my budget would allow for at the time being.

It sounds so strange to say, but I hope I'm better come Monday. I want to go to school so I don't fall behind because I've been doing well at actually keeping up lately. Especially chemistry, I need all of the understanding on that subject I can get. Our test is the day after tomorrow too, so I probably shouldn't miss out on that. So, my forehead feels all sweaty, and I've currently got a fever of 101+ degrees, so I'm gonna get myself a nice bowl of icecream and lay in bed, engulfing myself in [H]ouse. :). Great plan, yes? I'm like fanning myself with an issue of TeenVogue, it's time for me to sign off of this thing.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

& Then it hit me.

School is the biggest consumer of time on the whole food chain.

Okay, maybe I exaggerate, but seriously. I haven't been on here in days, almost a week. That is not like me :P, I'm a blogger. But... thanks to school at eight, then practice til 5, and chores/homework, by the time I'm finished it's time for me to plop down on my bed and pass out. For any of those who truly enjoy reading my little rantings and silly ideas, I apologize for the lack of effort :P. But, using the word Nicole likes, HOT DAMN, school sure does take its toll on me.

Let's start with a little thing I like to call extracirricular activities, the center of my life at the moment :P. I love being involved, I really do. Making a difference is what I'm all about, but I can't even think clearly enough to know off the top of my head, exactly how many activities I'm participating in. First sign of a problem.. hahah. Well there's varsity soccer, key club, student council, answers please, newspaper, spanish club, friends of rachel, prom commitee, and I'm sure there are more to come, haha. I'm excited to make changes, but really, it's alot of work. So far there are less than five members in newspaper club, so I'm going to have to work pretty hard to help put it together. Luckily, I'm a writing geek, and have a bunch of little ideas floating around in my head. The advisior for it, also the french teacher, wants me to do a story on Rachel's Challenge. I have no idea if any of you have heard about it, but it's this program based on one of the Columbine Shooting victims, Rachel Scott, who was notorious for her kindness towards basically everyone she came in contact with. It's said she went out of her way to help people, and we watched an assembly about it the other day. It was pretty touching. Now our school's getting involved in a club to help students be more like that, to impact the rest of the school/community. I kind of want to research her whole story more, it's intriguing. Especially how the shooter's supposedly sought after the people who put them through the worst, and since Rachel seemed so kind.. it's kind of twisted. Maybe since they were obviously unstable, they just tweaked and shot her, but I'm curious as to if there's more stories on it. I'm like that :P, I like to get all viewpoints in order to truly "get" things. The way she predicted she'd have an early death made me feel strange too, it's just alot to absorb, and it shocks/confuses me. Enough about that though.

Wow, I'm writing like a madwoman, sorry. It's been a week though, and alot can go down within that time frame :P. I'm sure I'm leaving alot of stuff out that I would mention if I wrote here each day, but whatev, whatev. So for all who are intersted.. my detachment from my lover has been fixed, haha. I see him nearly every night when he comes over to work on the farm, and we have gym together, every other day. Woohoo,. it's a start. Plus we've spent weekend time together. Last Friday he brought me along to this car parade with his family, consisting of Julie, his Dad, and his Aunt Cathy and Uncle Bob, plus their college-age son. It was a pretty nice time :). I got to know the new(to me) relatives better, turned on the old charm, haha kidding. But I think they liked me alright. Cars aren't my favorite thing, but it was cool enough to walk down the sidewalk at night and watch them all, especially the bright ones with those cool neon lights underneath. Then we walked along the beach and stuff too, which is always fun. We spent time together on the weekend too, but that would be boring to ramble on about.

School is becoming so routine for me now. I guess it's a good thing, but at the same time, it's depressing. I already miss the carefree aire about summer. The freedom of waking up whenever you please, and feeling so in tune with yourself. Now I'm absorbed in duties, and constantly busy. In fact, I have a little stack of homework sitting in front of me as I type, but I can postpone it. I refuse to get out of the hang of writing :P. No way, Jose. Right now is the crucial time for me. I figure so long as I pay close attention and make sure to understand the basics, hopefully I won't struggle so much. Chemistry is my biggest fear right about now. Significant Figures... oh man. I barely grasped that concept, but after a little internet research on it, I'll see my results on the homework in a few days. Honestly, I'm tired as hell right now even. But I need to finish this, then move on to the rest of my chem work, US History, and a little light reading for my english classes.

The other night was Johnny Boy's(Tom and Julie's younger brother) birthday! Truthfully he's fifteen. But I met him when he was young, and in my eyes, he's never grown up :P. So we celebrated his 12th birthday instead, and we refuse to let him age to thirteen until he's really 21. It's kind of amusing :P. We made a cake with 12 candles, and I got him one of those Happy 12th Birthday cards. It was pretty great. I'm glad we made his birthday more enjoyable than last year :).

I think I've basically caught myself up to schedule now, and hopefully I can get back into writing daily, I can't let myself slip so much. It's embaressing :P. But really, I'll try. I wrote a shitload, so don't feel obligated to comment on everything, I just wanted to sum up what life has been like for the past week, and the key word would be dreadfully busy.

♥ Olive

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'm too cool for school :P

First day;

Wow, this day was kind of annoying :P. The first bad thing to happen was my ipod freezing on the bus, so I was forced to listen to the country music on the radio. So not my cup of tea.. Luckily, I'm one of the last ones to be picked up though, so it was a short ride. I was happy to have Amanda in alot of my classes :D, and even Julie is in some of them too. Meaning, I get to spend each day with my best friends. The only downside to it is I don't see Tom at all. Briefly in the halls, maybe, but that's it. He may have to drop BOCES in order to take Global, but I don't know. I want him to be able to go and do something that he finds interesting, but I miss him alot :P. Guess who got voted to be class treasurer!? Me! Hahah. I like being on student council, I think I was secretary last year though. Planning prom is going to be killer, especially since all of the teachers are too chicken to be our class advisor, noone will step up. Most of my classes are nice :), except for studyhalls. You're not allowed to go ANYWHERE really, without a presigned pass from a teacher. So you're forced to sit in this crowded, sweaty room, doing nothing. The hot, sweaty weather has been driving me insane. Isn't it supposed to be autumn now? After school I went to practice, excruciatingly hot of course, and home afterwards. I was kind of disappointed that Tom didn't come over, but we wouldn't have had much time together anyways, and I guess it was good that I got to absorb the first day and stuff. I'm really not excited to be back, to tell you the truth.

day two;

I felt much better today. I'm not sure what it was, maybe routine setting in, but I wasn't as on edge about things. One teacher wrote out this whole sheet where we're supposed to fill in notes about proper trash disposal, kleenex, writing untensil borrowing, and a bunch of other procedures. Everything was simple though, like normal actions you would expect, like "raise your hand first", and "get up when noone's in the middle of speaking", and "politely ask to borrow". She seems like a decently nice teacher, maybe, but the whole sheet was kind of strange :P. This year they shortened up our normal eight periods, to give us an 11 period day, but two are combined for lunch, it's different. I'm so used to less, and more lenghty classes. I like having lunch with my friends though :), especially since Jennna sits with us now, and Johnny Boy! He's Tom and Julie's younger brother, and he's wicked cool/funny. He's always saying "You crazy kids..", when he's the younger one :P. Our first game was tonight, we won 3-2. I feel like we played well, even though it nearly killed me. The heat was unbearable, and I had to do alot of running as a midfielder. We did well though. I'm exhausted, so it's time for me to head to bed. Sorry if this was extremely boring, I've been too worn out to write interestingly. My apologies, I'll try to improve soon :).

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Goodbye Summer.

Well, it's official. Today was the last day of freedom.

Meaning tomorrow is the first day of school, and no, I am not bursting at the seams with excitement :p. Sure I like to learn, but days spent at school just drag on for what feels like a lifetime, and it cannot be escaped. It probably wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't on the soccer team, so I could actually go home at 2:45. But instead I continue to choose to stay another two hours running around on a field :P, or staying out til nearly 7 or 8, sometimes later, playing games at other schools. It is good exercise though, keeps me from being lazy. Plus in general, I like the sport, and most of the girls on the team are pretty cool, so I play. I just get annoyed with the lack of freedom at times. Once October passes, it'll be all over anyways, so it isn't too bad. I'm just ranting because I can. And because we practiced in extreme heat today, like we will every non-game day until the weather realizes that it is autumn.

Yesterday I brought Amanda to a different fair :P. I had a pretty good time. This hypnotist put on a show, it was obviously fake, but entertaining nonetheless. My favorite was Bridgette, this woman obviously much older than the teenagers on the stage, and I don't know, something about her just made me laugh. This boy was funny too, he was hypnotized to think he was three supposedly, and was playing with this "Susie-poops-alot" doll he was given. Quite dumb, but you couldn't help but laugh at the stupidity. A highlight of the fair for me is always cider slush. Mmmmm. And cider doughnuts, delicious. We watched these square dancers for the longest time, hahah. Rides are so expensive, it's insane. We did go on the ferris wheel though, and this spinny thing, haha, but that's about it. Amanda and I always have a good time when we're together.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

So the anniversary is on a raincheck, haha. I think Tom and Julie are home now, but it was too late for us to get together. I did however, receieve a happy anniversary phone call :). I know that sounds blatently obvious, but Tom and I don't do phones. We perceive them as evil, and only necessary during an emergency :P, haha. Well, aside from texting. I just don't like sitting down and actually talking usually, because of the awkward silences and how you feel obligated to come up with something interesting to say. Internet, gives you time. But he called me :), and we actually could carry on a 15minute+ conversation since we haven't talked in like a week. He's so sweet, I miss him. I'll see him tomorrow though, so I guess that is something to look forward to :P.

Alright. Well I don't have anything else to write about really. Boring, I know. I'm sure I'll have plenty to say tomorrow though, so I'll update then :).