Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yikes, I'm really bad at updating.

Fortunately, I haven't been up to very much, so this will be short :P. Yesterday was probably the most enjoyable. After a killer practice(ugh, way too much running..) I went back to Amanda's house with her and Julie to help her, being Julie, with a senior photo. She figured having best friends into photography would be cheaper than a true professional, and result in a picture she actually liked. Julie's one of those 'all natural' kind of girls, who doesn't have to wear makeup to not feel repulsive. Lucky :P. But yeah, so trying to do hers was a challenge because the whole black-stuff-around-her-eyes was a new concept. It wasn't overdone though, just a little liner and mascara, and we straightened her hair. I think she was satisfied in the end. We took alot of pictures outside until we captured "the chosen one", hahah. I think it turned out great, but it's on Amanda's computer, so I can't upload it.

Both her and Amanda came over to spend the night, which resulted in alot of friendship bonding, but I forgot most of my homework. It was worth it though, I love those guys :). I finished it all the next morning/at school anyways. The three of us always have so much fun together, it's crazy. Oh yes, so I'm no longer sick, by the way :P. I got over it by Monday, but it sucked how I missed out on two get togethers over the weekend. I suppose feeling well is worth it though. Our soccer game was today, and it was actually pretty intense. I have a feeling the opposing team hated us, haha. There was alot of pushing/fouls like that by both sides. I never do any of that though, if I even bump someone, I'm like "Oh god, I'm sorry!", I just feel so guilty.

However, we won after overtime. I hate when games run late, I like being home and clean haha. But I've always played soccer, and I do like it all together, I just have things about it I dislike. Tonight was alright though, because after I came home and showered, I got some snugglage in with the boyf :). OHMYGOD, I had the most delicious pie last night. Tom's aunt made it, and wow., it was amazing. It's like maple flavored, but it's super light and fluffy in your mouth, with a grahmcracker crust, and mm. I may post a recipe at some point if anyone would like to try. I honestly don't have much to say tonight, and this was a pretty random post. Well, I'll update tomorrow on whether or not I failed my road test!

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Nicole Linette said...

I wish... I could eat your pie my mother made apple and peach last week but it's all gone OHHH how I ♥ pie XD!!

Congrats on your game! Hahaha animosty between teams is so intense but it really keeps the adrenaline going. I'm excited about my home game tomorrow because I might be starting.. which is kinda monumental considering my coach is a crazy b*tch that won't play me ! (for real, she's psycho)

haha I wish my mother would let me sleep over at friend's houses during the week. No luck. Have a great Wednesday!