Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'm too cool for school :P

First day;

Wow, this day was kind of annoying :P. The first bad thing to happen was my ipod freezing on the bus, so I was forced to listen to the country music on the radio. So not my cup of tea.. Luckily, I'm one of the last ones to be picked up though, so it was a short ride. I was happy to have Amanda in alot of my classes :D, and even Julie is in some of them too. Meaning, I get to spend each day with my best friends. The only downside to it is I don't see Tom at all. Briefly in the halls, maybe, but that's it. He may have to drop BOCES in order to take Global, but I don't know. I want him to be able to go and do something that he finds interesting, but I miss him alot :P. Guess who got voted to be class treasurer!? Me! Hahah. I like being on student council, I think I was secretary last year though. Planning prom is going to be killer, especially since all of the teachers are too chicken to be our class advisor, noone will step up. Most of my classes are nice :), except for studyhalls. You're not allowed to go ANYWHERE really, without a presigned pass from a teacher. So you're forced to sit in this crowded, sweaty room, doing nothing. The hot, sweaty weather has been driving me insane. Isn't it supposed to be autumn now? After school I went to practice, excruciatingly hot of course, and home afterwards. I was kind of disappointed that Tom didn't come over, but we wouldn't have had much time together anyways, and I guess it was good that I got to absorb the first day and stuff. I'm really not excited to be back, to tell you the truth.

day two;

I felt much better today. I'm not sure what it was, maybe routine setting in, but I wasn't as on edge about things. One teacher wrote out this whole sheet where we're supposed to fill in notes about proper trash disposal, kleenex, writing untensil borrowing, and a bunch of other procedures. Everything was simple though, like normal actions you would expect, like "raise your hand first", and "get up when noone's in the middle of speaking", and "politely ask to borrow". She seems like a decently nice teacher, maybe, but the whole sheet was kind of strange :P. This year they shortened up our normal eight periods, to give us an 11 period day, but two are combined for lunch, it's different. I'm so used to less, and more lenghty classes. I like having lunch with my friends though :), especially since Jennna sits with us now, and Johnny Boy! He's Tom and Julie's younger brother, and he's wicked cool/funny. He's always saying "You crazy kids..", when he's the younger one :P. Our first game was tonight, we won 3-2. I feel like we played well, even though it nearly killed me. The heat was unbearable, and I had to do alot of running as a midfielder. We did well though. I'm exhausted, so it's time for me to head to bed. Sorry if this was extremely boring, I've been too worn out to write interestingly. My apologies, I'll try to improve soon :).


Skippy said...

Ouch, you had to listen to country...I feel your pain.
That is so cool you got voted class treasurer, the title sounds very important. Which it really is. But don't let all the power go to your head! haha just kidding.

stinks tho you don't see your boyfriend often.

Wandering Child said...

Cool about being treasurer. I told you you had nothing to worry about. And . . . at least you have a boyfriend.

Just saying.

Nicole Linette said...


Totally in the same boat on every aspect of your school experience thus far. Except for the boyfrand obviously :P Aw, that sucks that BOCES interrupts you seeing each other during the day. At least he can come to games & cheer you on!

I've been class secretary for the last two years too! :D We have way too much in common, haha. Our class meeting is Monday to discuss Homecoming, fund raisers, Prom and such. Dangg prom is going to be a blast :] (I hope!)

But pretty much this heat has been effing ridiculous, I mean we're in school now and the weather finally decides to act like summer? Lame. I sit in the cafeteria and drip sweat. NOT ATTRACTIVE.
Hahaa school sucks. And that just makes it worst.

have a fab weekend :)


Wandering Child said...

You're welcome. :-)

And I just started 10th grade.

☆natalie☆ said...

What's with bus driver's and country? My bus driver plays it so loud I have to turn my iPod all the way up to be able to block out the country.

Class treasurer, cool! It's great that you have so many classes with your best friends, but that sucks that you can't see Tom as much :P

My study hall is really crowded too, but instead of being sweaty it's freezing cold. It's been extremely hot here too, so they just blast the air conditioning down to negative million degrees...

That's good that you felt better on the second day. Wow, 11 periods? We only have 6! I don't know if I'd rather have more, shorter periods or less, longer periods. *shrug* And nice job winning your first game! (: