Wednesday, September 10, 2008

& Then it hit me.

School is the biggest consumer of time on the whole food chain.

Okay, maybe I exaggerate, but seriously. I haven't been on here in days, almost a week. That is not like me :P, I'm a blogger. But... thanks to school at eight, then practice til 5, and chores/homework, by the time I'm finished it's time for me to plop down on my bed and pass out. For any of those who truly enjoy reading my little rantings and silly ideas, I apologize for the lack of effort :P. But, using the word Nicole likes, HOT DAMN, school sure does take its toll on me.

Let's start with a little thing I like to call extracirricular activities, the center of my life at the moment :P. I love being involved, I really do. Making a difference is what I'm all about, but I can't even think clearly enough to know off the top of my head, exactly how many activities I'm participating in. First sign of a problem.. hahah. Well there's varsity soccer, key club, student council, answers please, newspaper, spanish club, friends of rachel, prom commitee, and I'm sure there are more to come, haha. I'm excited to make changes, but really, it's alot of work. So far there are less than five members in newspaper club, so I'm going to have to work pretty hard to help put it together. Luckily, I'm a writing geek, and have a bunch of little ideas floating around in my head. The advisior for it, also the french teacher, wants me to do a story on Rachel's Challenge. I have no idea if any of you have heard about it, but it's this program based on one of the Columbine Shooting victims, Rachel Scott, who was notorious for her kindness towards basically everyone she came in contact with. It's said she went out of her way to help people, and we watched an assembly about it the other day. It was pretty touching. Now our school's getting involved in a club to help students be more like that, to impact the rest of the school/community. I kind of want to research her whole story more, it's intriguing. Especially how the shooter's supposedly sought after the people who put them through the worst, and since Rachel seemed so kind.. it's kind of twisted. Maybe since they were obviously unstable, they just tweaked and shot her, but I'm curious as to if there's more stories on it. I'm like that :P, I like to get all viewpoints in order to truly "get" things. The way she predicted she'd have an early death made me feel strange too, it's just alot to absorb, and it shocks/confuses me. Enough about that though.

Wow, I'm writing like a madwoman, sorry. It's been a week though, and alot can go down within that time frame :P. I'm sure I'm leaving alot of stuff out that I would mention if I wrote here each day, but whatev, whatev. So for all who are intersted.. my detachment from my lover has been fixed, haha. I see him nearly every night when he comes over to work on the farm, and we have gym together, every other day. Woohoo,. it's a start. Plus we've spent weekend time together. Last Friday he brought me along to this car parade with his family, consisting of Julie, his Dad, and his Aunt Cathy and Uncle Bob, plus their college-age son. It was a pretty nice time :). I got to know the new(to me) relatives better, turned on the old charm, haha kidding. But I think they liked me alright. Cars aren't my favorite thing, but it was cool enough to walk down the sidewalk at night and watch them all, especially the bright ones with those cool neon lights underneath. Then we walked along the beach and stuff too, which is always fun. We spent time together on the weekend too, but that would be boring to ramble on about.

School is becoming so routine for me now. I guess it's a good thing, but at the same time, it's depressing. I already miss the carefree aire about summer. The freedom of waking up whenever you please, and feeling so in tune with yourself. Now I'm absorbed in duties, and constantly busy. In fact, I have a little stack of homework sitting in front of me as I type, but I can postpone it. I refuse to get out of the hang of writing :P. No way, Jose. Right now is the crucial time for me. I figure so long as I pay close attention and make sure to understand the basics, hopefully I won't struggle so much. Chemistry is my biggest fear right about now. Significant Figures... oh man. I barely grasped that concept, but after a little internet research on it, I'll see my results on the homework in a few days. Honestly, I'm tired as hell right now even. But I need to finish this, then move on to the rest of my chem work, US History, and a little light reading for my english classes.

The other night was Johnny Boy's(Tom and Julie's younger brother) birthday! Truthfully he's fifteen. But I met him when he was young, and in my eyes, he's never grown up :P. So we celebrated his 12th birthday instead, and we refuse to let him age to thirteen until he's really 21. It's kind of amusing :P. We made a cake with 12 candles, and I got him one of those Happy 12th Birthday cards. It was pretty great. I'm glad we made his birthday more enjoyable than last year :).

I think I've basically caught myself up to schedule now, and hopefully I can get back into writing daily, I can't let myself slip so much. It's embaressing :P. But really, I'll try. I wrote a shitload, so don't feel obligated to comment on everything, I just wanted to sum up what life has been like for the past week, and the key word would be dreadfully busy.

♥ Olive


Wandering Child said...

I wouldn't push myself to update daily, sometimes you get home and you're like "Ughhhhh". But yeah, I could do a lot without school. I could learn Klingon . . . who knows the possibilities? But then after school is college . . . and then jobs . . . and then when we're retired we probably will still have part-time jobs because of the bum economy. Such is life right? Life sucks and then we die -- Jacob Black.

Nicole Linette said...

HOT DAMN is right!! :DD!!!

Hahahaha I am pleased to say that the aforementioned phrase is not into my vocabulary and dropped regularly XD! UGH I haven't posted since last Saturday and it's ridiculous with the amount of homework and everything going on. I definitely understand all the work and responsibilities that just keeps growing and growing ...
But the next few weekends I have birthday partays to attend so that should be fab :) That's wonderful you're able to see Tom everyday as well. Happy birthday to his brotherr! Haha it's freaky when everyone's younger siblings are growing up.. like my nephew and a lot of my friends' brothers & sisters are now in 9th grade and just seeing them everyday or having study hall with them is so wierd! No one wants to think of growing up so fast :P

Nice job updating, I have some AP US History homework to attend to now.. :{


☆natalie☆ said...

That's great that you get to see him more often now! I'm sure you made a great impression on his relatives. I'm not a fan of sig-figs either... really, when do you even use half of the stuff you learn in school? :P

School is making it harder and harder for me to post frequently too. I manage to get one in every three or four days or so though. Wow, you have so many extra curricular activities going on! And I think that I'm swamped with homework and whatnot, but you're doing that on top of everything else. Geez, hang in there (: