Thursday, February 26, 2009

In schoolwork. Or so it feels, I suppose I'm exaggerating. This morning consisted of three major tests, first, second, and fourth periods. Plus we're writing essays in our English class. It was torturous, and I was up until midnight cramming for it the night before. I think it paid off though, along with going to my chemistry teacher for a one on one review. I felt like I actually knew what the questions were asking me :P. SWEET. That test along with History I get to finish up tomorrow. The five weeks are approaching.. tomorrow, so I spent tonight typing up one of the labs I owed from last week. There's another one that I'm just going to hold off for until the weekend.

After school ended, today was quite fun :). Zack came over, he's like my oldest friend. Not age-wise, haha, but as in how long we've been friends. We grew up together with parents for farmers, and he took me to Disneyworld in the fifth grade, my only visit. So he's always been like a relative to me, it's nice hanging out with him. He needed my help with chemistry write-ups, and we wanted to make a video for math extra credit. Our afternoon consisted of that, along with ninja battles and being "secret agents" in my house :). He brings out the little kid in me again, haha. He's also very resourceful when it comes to music, he compensates me for homework help by letting me borrow his cd's to put in my itunes. Tonight I imported Escape the Fate, Bring Me the Horizon, Anti-Flag, and Flaw. He's into the heavier music, so it broadens my collection a bit :P. After we hung out for awhile, Tom was finished with chores so we all chilled together for awhile, and I drove them both home. I'm slowly getting used to being "friends" with Tom, but it's hard. It's nice to know I've got someone that close to me though, who I know will always be there for me.

I'm so excited! I'm sure I've mentioned her before, but in case you forgot.. She was and is one of my closest friends. We used to go to school together, but I never see her anymore because she's hours away at college. We still talk alot over myspace/occasionally the phone, but I miss her to pieces as far as actually SEEING her goes. She's such an amazing person and friend, we always have a great time together :). So she's coming up with her roomate Ashley for the weekend, so if I don't blog much, it's because I'm trying to make the most of the chance I have to see her.

♥ Olive

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oh So Greedy

So I'll be bluntly honest here, I don't have much to talk about lifewise, haha. I've been keeping quite boring lately, just going to school, coming home, doing homework. Sunday I did have friends over, Jen and Sam :). We built a snowman. That reminds me, where is spring?!? I could swear I felt it coming..

"Entitlement Generation"
I was just curious, has this phrase been pinned at any of you before? In class today, my Spanish teacher threw around this phrase, referring to us. She told us that the previous generation basically worked like hell to pave the way for us, and we expect to have pretty much whatever we want. As if we're entitled. I was wondering.. Do you guys agree?
Sure, we aren't bad off. We text on our cellphones, alot of us (disincluding me :P) have laptop computers. It's not exactly the hard knock life, I'll admit. But at the same time, I struggle trying to accept that we're actually that greedy. How is our generation any different than the rest? Is it because we're equipped with such advanced technology, and rely so much on communications and materialistics?
Personally, I think everyone has a streak of self want in them. It's a natural instinct, to want to satisfy yourself in every way possible. But it also comes down to what limits one is willing to push in order to receive everything they desire. Plus, I don't feel entitled to anything, other than the necessities. Food, water, and shelter. That's what I expect to be able to get, the rest is just bonus. Of course growing up I've come be to accustomed to the lifestyle I have, which is decent. I have a dresser of what I'd consider nice clothes, I have television in my room, and I drive a car I'm satisfied with. But extravagance? Hell no. I realize I live on a small dairy farm, and we can't afford to have whatever we want, whenever we want, and I don't feel entitled to it. If I want more, I'll earn it when I step out into the fast paced real world. I plan to work for what I get, just like every generation before me. It may not be as intense physically, but I know I'll be using education as my key to success in the future.

So bascially, I think that's a false lable. Atleast for the generation as a whole.

♥ Olive

Friday, February 20, 2009

Good Evening

I'm going to make a point of blogging as often as I can now.
Slackery is not what I want to demonstrate lately, I want to be productive. I feel like I need to put more effort into a lot of things. Schoolwork, blogging, friendships, finances, you name it. I know I've got things moderately under control, but I know I could do better, so that's what I'm aiming for. Nothing unrealistic, just pushing my potential a little, perhaps a nudge.

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I spent the majority of today driving aimlessly around Albany, haha. Well technically I was riding, Jenna was driving, but it was an unforgettable experience nevertheless. You see.. Jenna's not exactly a whiz with directions. And we got disoriented somewhere along the way, trying to get to this big mall. We drove around completely lost, passing the same landmarks over & over again. I found it a bit amusing. Eventually we got fed up, so we went to Julie's sister's house, the same place I spent New Years at. Julie knew the way to there, and her sister, Kratia, gave us some solid directions for the shopping center. Jenna was distressed and upset from getting lost so much, and city traffic is awful, so Julie took over driving, so I hopped in the back seat with Amanda. Guess what--- we got lost again :P. Once we got Kratia on the cellphone to guide us though, we made it to our destination.
Shopping was nice :), it's such a change from our minescule single story mall, with only a few good stores. This mall had an array of cool places to go, but we were on a time limit. I was happy to atleast have bought a couple of things. This mall has escalators! I'm sure most of you think I sound extremely hickish saying that :P, but it's true. I was excited.
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I bought these metallic purpley dress pants at Forever 21, because I'm seriously thinking about that New Visions program, and you're supposed to look professional for it. I figure I'll wear them to the information meeting. If that doesn't go as planned, or I change my mind, I can always use a pair of nice pants, they were only $24.00. That's also where I got the eco-friendly owl tote :).

I can't believe it's Friday already. I don't feel like going back to school :/. It's exhausting, I'm sick of it. The same classes nearly every day, doing the same things. Tedius, tedius stuff. That's why I'm thinking of NV. If I'm accepted into that, I'd be doing different things depending on the day. Some days are spent in the 'classroom', taking courses on anatomy, physiology, health careers, honors english, and goverment/economics. The other days are spent attending varying clinical sites, learning different things. Plus I'd get to drive myself places. It just seems like a heap of independence and preparation for college that I won't come close to getting at my school. Sure, I'd still have to spend part of my day there, at my school, taking my extra classes I need. But I think a switch-up like this would be refreshing. Honestly I'd like having to dress professionally too ;). I never have an excuse to otherwise, haha. My parents support me on this, so I guess it's just up to me to decide for certain that this is what I want to do. Any insight, words of wisdom? :P

Okay, so I'm going to tell you all a little story about my trip to the doctor's. After undergoing the pre-exam things with the nurse (weighing in, height checking, eye chart, audio testing), I sat in my gown in a little room with hot air balloon wallpaper, waiting for a doctor by the name of "Deedee". I've never met the woman before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. After awhile, this little old lady come bustling through the door with more energy than I think she knows what to do with :P. I have nothing against old people, I find them sweet and full of wisdom in most cases, or just plain funny. I'll admit though, having a senior citizen examine you is a bit peculiar. When I told her about my frequent stomachaches, she blamed it on not enough fruits/vegetables. I feel like I have a decent amount of them, but I guess I'll up the quota, just to see if she's right :P. I'm kind of thinking it's more than that... But hey, she's the doctor I suppose. It was really strange having her ask me personal questions too.. haha. I won't elaborate on that, but as you'd presume, it was a little awkward. I wouldn't discuss such matters with my own grandmother, so yes, it was weird. She was a nice little lady, but I'm pleased that I'm set for the year as far as physicals go.

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Super cool vests in Tj Maxx, hahah. No, we didn't buy them :P.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

♥ Olive :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blogger's block :/
It's February break, so I should have more than adequate time to write, but I don't. Lately I've been busy with friends, so that's pretty good. I spent like three nights in a row at Julie's, and visited the mall several times. I don't want to go back there anytime soon. On Valentines Day I believe it was, Julie and I got so bored we drove to Vermont! It's only half an hour away, but it felt cool having my friend drive me out of state ;P. Of course we went to the mall there, it wasn't too exciting, but I found it strange that they had a Kmart there. Attached right onto the mall.. a Kmart. Weird.
I believe it was that same evening that we went bowling at 9:30 with Jenna, Amanda, Cody, Jeff, Rob, and Jeremiah. Oh, and this nice girl I think Rob's dating. It was pretty fun, even though I royally suck at bowling. I'm okay if there's bumpers, but needless to say there wasn't. I lost every single time. I felt awesome :P.
I think I'm making some headway with the problem I sort of mentioned. He just wants to be friends now, I've got to get that through my head. I just felt so comfortable with how we were, especially the snuggling. Being held is such a nice feeling, but I need to get over it. I can survive without, and I will. It's not like I've full on lost him, I'm just losing a certain part of us. It's manageable.
Today I'm supposed to go to the doctor's for a physical. I think I'll tell her about my tummyaches, and see if it's anything she knows that can be fixed. I just get these awful upset stomaches at inconvenient times, for no specific reason. It's not like a certain food/food group sets it off every time. It just springs itself on me, and forces me to carry pepto bismol in my purse. Cool huh?
I finished the book I was reading Dead Connection. It was a pretty good read, definitely not up to Zusak proportions, but I liked it nevertheless. It's about this socially awkward boy who hangs out at the cemetary to avoid his homelife with his single, flirtacious mother. He can talk to the dead when he stands by their gravestones, and they tell him about their lives. A murder of a highschool girl, Nikki, occurs. And suddenly he hears a strange new voice. He befriends the cemetary caretaker's daughter, Pearl. And together they unravel the mystery. The book tells the story in different characters views throughout, so it's pretty interesting to read. I think my favorite's the ex-drug addict/shoplifter Robert, who witnesses the murder, but has an awful time with memory. My next read will be The Little Book by Selden Edwards.
Again, I'm sorry I haven't posted much lately. As always, I'll try to improve.

* ps] I almost forgot to mention the Valentines Day dance :P. I took your guys' advice and went forward with the idea of having bands play, and it worked out best to host a dance/concert. First, the bands played, then it turned into a "regular" dance. I just stayed for the bands, who played quite well :). I should've taken pictures, I know. But I can't even find my camera's usb cord, which is driving me crazy. I have pictures to upload! Sheesh.

♥ Olive

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It wasn't my fault!
Not this time :P. Our phone/internet were shut off for a few days, there was some problem with the wires on our road. Totally not cool, so I apologize for my absence and lack of blogging insight ;).

Truth be told nothing too exciting has been going on lately. Maybe a personal problem here and there, but as far as that goes, I think I'm done. I love the boy to pieces, but he can't put me through this. Maybe he's right, I do need to move on. He just hasn't done that great of a job in allowing me to. That kind of makes me feel resentful. I don't know, it's complicated. I won't go into detail with it on here. I'd just like to get out and have some fun. Is that too much for a girl to ask? Sheesh :P.

Spring is approaching, I like it. I want all of the dirty, salty snow to melt into the ground. I want to see bright, vivacious green grass. I don't want my damp hair to freeze every morning I head out to start my saturn ion. I want warm weather, and by George I will get it! This week is going by at snail pace, even today, Wednesday. The middle of the week is usually nice, but I was exhausted for most of the day. I don't really have much to talk about, hopefully I come up with a better post soon :P. Sorry. I'm such a slacker lately.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Vanishing Act

Ah, I disappeared as always.
I truly am sorry I'm not a better, more up-to-date blogger. I just have things going on, and lately I've been struck by fatigue. I might be getting sick. Yuck. School has been brutal this week with tests, quizzes, you name it. I plan on making it out alive though, tomorrow's Friday :).

So aside from the boring stuff, some things this week have been enjoyable. Last night I spent the entirety of the evening watching the Answers Please finals. Our team didn't make it in, but I went along with my advisor and Zack to watch anyways. It was pretty fun, especially with Zack :P. The two of us went to preschool and so on together, so there aren't any awkward moments, we've known eachother forever. From watching we got to see how competitive these brainiacs are, and we hope to be in the competition ourselves next year. Basically, it was a nice time.

As of lately I've been spending alot of my time thinking towards the future, concerning the New Visions program. The medical field seems fascinating. I know if I continue at my school only next year, it won't be all that productive. Most of the seniors now fill their days with studyhalls or meaningless electives. I want to prepare myself for college, and the materials at New Visions would do that. They actually offer an Honors English class, whereas my school doesn't even have college credited courses. I think there may be one for math, but I've always been behind in that subject. Lately I'm catching on though, which is impressive. I want to be something when I leave this town. I don't want to be trapped working 9-5 jobs, stuggling with my bills. I want to be learning and contributing to society, in one way or another. I would love to write books, and I would be thrilled if my words engulfed people, shook up their thoughts. But I can't rely solely on the hope that I can become some phenomonal writer. I need to stabilze myself too, and give myself a strong place to stand in case my dreams fall through. At the same time I find the field to be incredibly interesting, with a huge variety of career choices. I haven't had a whole lot of confidence in my intelligence or ability to work "smart people" jobs while growing up in a small rural town. That's why I'm so interested in a unique opportunity like this.. It would just give me a whole new set of options for my future, and I sure do like my options.

♥ Olive

Sunday, February 1, 2009

weekend update


I relapsed back into awful updating, I'm sorry :(. The past couple of days have been moderately busy, and I've been lazy, of course. Friday night consisted of a mall trip with Amanda and Julie, then over to Jenna's with them for a movie night. We saw REPO - the Genetic Opera again, because Jenna hadn't gotten to see it since she was sick all week. It gets better the more you watch it, hahah :). Amanda and Julie passed out before ten, how lame. So the two of us watched Hot Rod, pretty hilarious, and went to sleep in her living room. She has the cutest chihuahuas( if that's even how you spell it). The next morning I took Julie home and spent the rest of my day at home, chilling with myself. I've been doing alot of that lately it seems-- "me time" :P. I'm not really going to complain though, I'm getting used to it. Plus it has perks, like I've been reading more, I finished 'I am the Messenger'. Such an incredible book, I highly sugggest it along with Zusak's other famous novel, The Book Theif. His writing style is phenomonal, check those books out, I command you :P.
So last night was pretty fun too. Jenna brought me to the bowling alley to watch Amanda's boyfriend Jeff play a gig with his brother's band. Once we arrived though, Jeff was like "Where is she? Is she hiding on me?" We had no idea what he was talking about, so we just laughed until we realized he meant Amanda. Jenna thought Amanda was getting a ride with Jeff, hahaha. But apparently we were supposed to pick her up on our way. Oops :P. So we drove all the way back to our town, got her, and drove back to the alley. It was a nice night, we basically just sat at a round table in the back talking amongst ourselves and laughing at this drunken woman. She resembled some snow bunny, white puffy vest and a fleece headband as her attire, boogeying down to Good Charlotte covers :P. It was amusing to say the least. We left for home around midnight and I spent the right of my night and today at home, having more me time :P. Tonight I actually went through these reference books my parents got suckered into buying for me years ago by some college salesperson. Fascinating stuff, actually. I keep flipping through the pages learning new things. There's something nice about learning for yourself, outside of the school cirriculum. I find neurology to be really interesting, I think I want to read more about it. There's this New Visions program next year that sounds so much better than being stuck here, inside this school. Instead I'd be taking actual honors classes my school doesn't offer, and be working in hospitals and visiting a whole lot of cool places. But I've never really given much thought to medical careers. I've always wanted to write, but lately I've been wondering if that's really all I should work towards. What if I can't write like Markus Zusak? What if it backfires? But then again if I get all focused on something like neurology, just to discover it's really not my thing, I might lose my creativity and love for words. Then I'll be left starting from scratch. I don't know, I'm rambling :P. These are just things I need to think about.

ps. Thanks to everone for the prom fundraising suggestions :). You guys gave me good ideas to think about, I appreciate it.

♥ Olive