Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blogger's block :/
It's February break, so I should have more than adequate time to write, but I don't. Lately I've been busy with friends, so that's pretty good. I spent like three nights in a row at Julie's, and visited the mall several times. I don't want to go back there anytime soon. On Valentines Day I believe it was, Julie and I got so bored we drove to Vermont! It's only half an hour away, but it felt cool having my friend drive me out of state ;P. Of course we went to the mall there, it wasn't too exciting, but I found it strange that they had a Kmart there. Attached right onto the mall.. a Kmart. Weird.
I believe it was that same evening that we went bowling at 9:30 with Jenna, Amanda, Cody, Jeff, Rob, and Jeremiah. Oh, and this nice girl I think Rob's dating. It was pretty fun, even though I royally suck at bowling. I'm okay if there's bumpers, but needless to say there wasn't. I lost every single time. I felt awesome :P.
I think I'm making some headway with the problem I sort of mentioned. He just wants to be friends now, I've got to get that through my head. I just felt so comfortable with how we were, especially the snuggling. Being held is such a nice feeling, but I need to get over it. I can survive without, and I will. It's not like I've full on lost him, I'm just losing a certain part of us. It's manageable.
Today I'm supposed to go to the doctor's for a physical. I think I'll tell her about my tummyaches, and see if it's anything she knows that can be fixed. I just get these awful upset stomaches at inconvenient times, for no specific reason. It's not like a certain food/food group sets it off every time. It just springs itself on me, and forces me to carry pepto bismol in my purse. Cool huh?
I finished the book I was reading Dead Connection. It was a pretty good read, definitely not up to Zusak proportions, but I liked it nevertheless. It's about this socially awkward boy who hangs out at the cemetary to avoid his homelife with his single, flirtacious mother. He can talk to the dead when he stands by their gravestones, and they tell him about their lives. A murder of a highschool girl, Nikki, occurs. And suddenly he hears a strange new voice. He befriends the cemetary caretaker's daughter, Pearl. And together they unravel the mystery. The book tells the story in different characters views throughout, so it's pretty interesting to read. I think my favorite's the ex-drug addict/shoplifter Robert, who witnesses the murder, but has an awful time with memory. My next read will be The Little Book by Selden Edwards.
Again, I'm sorry I haven't posted much lately. As always, I'll try to improve.

* ps] I almost forgot to mention the Valentines Day dance :P. I took your guys' advice and went forward with the idea of having bands play, and it worked out best to host a dance/concert. First, the bands played, then it turned into a "regular" dance. I just stayed for the bands, who played quite well :). I should've taken pictures, I know. But I can't even find my camera's usb cord, which is driving me crazy. I have pictures to upload! Sheesh.

♥ Olive


Jocelyn said...

oh no, I am sorry about your boy problem... being held really is such an amazing thing. I love it.

I am like the worst bowling on the face of the earth no joke. It should be in my genes! My grandparents were in a bowling league. They had like engraved bowling balls, bags and even leather jackets! lammme. I want to be good at bowling...

Yeah people showed up at my house! I was so mad at Samir, But it was a pretty good prank haha

Yeah miles has been through a lot! He's the best cat, oh how I love him!

Nicole Linette said...

Ahh that's okay, this break is much needed to spend time with friends.. not necessarily the computer ;) The dance sounds great, glad it was a success!!

Yeah with this prom planning.. the stress is actually coming from the group of friends that I'm riding in the limo with, which is so frustrating! Aghh and the date issue. I won't spread my unhappiness around, but let's just say it's not working out the way I was hoping :\

Have a stellar break as well Olive!
peace&love, nicole.

Kaitlin said...

ha, I think there used to be a Kmart attached to the mall around here.

I miss having someone to hold me... after a long relationship being single has taken some getting used to :/

that book sounds cool; I'm always looking for new things to read so I may check it out.

have a good rest of your break! :D

N a t a l i e. said...

I went bowling the other night too! Without lanes I pretty much suck, and get zero points every time. But with lanes and a lot of luck I'd say I'm actually fairly decentish...

Best of luck with your guy problems! Just...ergh, I wish that everything was less complicated in that department :/ But that's good that you know that you're strong enough to make it through :)

Aw, I hope that the doctor can tell you why your stomach keeps hurting, that musn't be much fun :P Dead Connections sounds interesting! I hope the rest of your break goes well!

Hannah said...

Hahahahahah a KMart in a mall? That is really quite peculiar. Definitely not something you see everyday :P

:( I'm sorry about the boy problems. Being held by someone you're really into really is one of the best feelings out there. I hope things get better for you soon!

The book sounds reaaaaaally good! I'll definitely check it out sometime!