Thursday, February 26, 2009

In schoolwork. Or so it feels, I suppose I'm exaggerating. This morning consisted of three major tests, first, second, and fourth periods. Plus we're writing essays in our English class. It was torturous, and I was up until midnight cramming for it the night before. I think it paid off though, along with going to my chemistry teacher for a one on one review. I felt like I actually knew what the questions were asking me :P. SWEET. That test along with History I get to finish up tomorrow. The five weeks are approaching.. tomorrow, so I spent tonight typing up one of the labs I owed from last week. There's another one that I'm just going to hold off for until the weekend.

After school ended, today was quite fun :). Zack came over, he's like my oldest friend. Not age-wise, haha, but as in how long we've been friends. We grew up together with parents for farmers, and he took me to Disneyworld in the fifth grade, my only visit. So he's always been like a relative to me, it's nice hanging out with him. He needed my help with chemistry write-ups, and we wanted to make a video for math extra credit. Our afternoon consisted of that, along with ninja battles and being "secret agents" in my house :). He brings out the little kid in me again, haha. He's also very resourceful when it comes to music, he compensates me for homework help by letting me borrow his cd's to put in my itunes. Tonight I imported Escape the Fate, Bring Me the Horizon, Anti-Flag, and Flaw. He's into the heavier music, so it broadens my collection a bit :P. After we hung out for awhile, Tom was finished with chores so we all chilled together for awhile, and I drove them both home. I'm slowly getting used to being "friends" with Tom, but it's hard. It's nice to know I've got someone that close to me though, who I know will always be there for me.

I'm so excited! I'm sure I've mentioned her before, but in case you forgot.. She was and is one of my closest friends. We used to go to school together, but I never see her anymore because she's hours away at college. We still talk alot over myspace/occasionally the phone, but I miss her to pieces as far as actually SEEING her goes. She's such an amazing person and friend, we always have a great time together :). So she's coming up with her roomate Ashley for the weekend, so if I don't blog much, it's because I'm trying to make the most of the chance I have to see her.

♥ Olive


Hannah said...

Aaaahh I hate being swamped in a pile of homework :/
I hope it gets easier for you!!!!!
Knowing the answers to questions has to be my favorite feeling, by far.

I'm so glad to hear that you had a good day! Zach sounds like a fun guy to be around, and it's even better that you all have been friends for eons!

Just enjoy the time you have with Shayla! I bet you two have a blast!


Kaitlin said...

Bleh, I have a ton of homework to do this weekend. new music is always good :D have a great time with your friend!

Nicole Linette said...

HOLY COW, that's awful D: I'm horribly sorry you had all those tests on one day, but you made it through! When that happens, my friends and I are sure to complain enough that at least one teacher has pity on us and changes the day.. but you can't delay the inevitable haha. I've done some cram sessions for APUSH this year :(

Zach sounds like a cool kid, and I'm glad that you and Tom are still working on being friends. It's always great when friends in college come back so have a stellar time with Shayla too!


N a t a l i e. said...

Urgh, last week for me was like this week for you. We had tests and projects due in every subject every single day, it felt like! Then this week we barely did anything. Can't they even it out a little bit more or something? I hate being swamped in so much stuff to do...

That sounds like fun with Zack, it's always great spending time with old friends! Being ninjas and secret agents sounds awesome :D and it's good to expand your music collection... my friend let me put all the music from her iTunes onto my iPod which really broadened my musical horizon!

I hope you had a blast with Shayla, its awesome that you get to see her! And best of luck with the Tom business too!