Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oh So Greedy

So I'll be bluntly honest here, I don't have much to talk about lifewise, haha. I've been keeping quite boring lately, just going to school, coming home, doing homework. Sunday I did have friends over, Jen and Sam :). We built a snowman. That reminds me, where is spring?!? I could swear I felt it coming..

"Entitlement Generation"
I was just curious, has this phrase been pinned at any of you before? In class today, my Spanish teacher threw around this phrase, referring to us. She told us that the previous generation basically worked like hell to pave the way for us, and we expect to have pretty much whatever we want. As if we're entitled. I was wondering.. Do you guys agree?
Sure, we aren't bad off. We text on our cellphones, alot of us (disincluding me :P) have laptop computers. It's not exactly the hard knock life, I'll admit. But at the same time, I struggle trying to accept that we're actually that greedy. How is our generation any different than the rest? Is it because we're equipped with such advanced technology, and rely so much on communications and materialistics?
Personally, I think everyone has a streak of self want in them. It's a natural instinct, to want to satisfy yourself in every way possible. But it also comes down to what limits one is willing to push in order to receive everything they desire. Plus, I don't feel entitled to anything, other than the necessities. Food, water, and shelter. That's what I expect to be able to get, the rest is just bonus. Of course growing up I've come be to accustomed to the lifestyle I have, which is decent. I have a dresser of what I'd consider nice clothes, I have television in my room, and I drive a car I'm satisfied with. But extravagance? Hell no. I realize I live on a small dairy farm, and we can't afford to have whatever we want, whenever we want, and I don't feel entitled to it. If I want more, I'll earn it when I step out into the fast paced real world. I plan to work for what I get, just like every generation before me. It may not be as intense physically, but I know I'll be using education as my key to success in the future.

So bascially, I think that's a false lable. Atleast for the generation as a whole.

♥ Olive


Lonely Heart said...

I would agree with you. Our generation does think we're entitled to everything. This is mostly because everything is just a click away, etc. We haven't really had to work for anything. And the mentality of most is bent on living a pleasure filled life. Well there's my two cents haha.

Here's the thing: That's as far as I get. I realize something's wrong, but eventually I ignore it and go back to business as usual. But I still know something's wrong.

N a t a l i e. said...

I think that there are definitely those spoiled brats out there, the ones that think that they can get whatever they want whenever the want. That would probably describe more than half of the people in my school, but that might just be because my town is basically full of rich snobs. But the "entitlement generation" is definitely a generalizing name. Just because things have been developed to make our lives easier doesn't make all of us spoiled brats. Sure, we're spoiled with our cell phones and iPods and laptops, but I think that as long as we know the value of money, we're not that horrible...

Nicole Linette said...

AH! I just want to throw out there that I saw those cute bags at Forever 21 from your previous post :) They were only $2, I shold have bought onee!!

Yupp, I actually have our generation referred to that. Only in different terms.. i.e. lazy, greedy, doomed. Doomed because of the economy D:. Haha, and my history teacher mentioned yesterday that they (older generations) are fearful that we are desensitized to violence. With the internet, news, video games, realistic movies.. they think we might be losing the true horrors of violence. I think he has a point.

But going back to this "entitlement", well ... times have changed. Technology, ideals, everything. There's no other way around it I guess.

You are so good at posts like these :D
peace&love, nicole.

Roxy Motion said...

i agree.

Aren said...

you know what i noticed aivilo is olivia backwards
im slow

shelbyisms. said...

You know what? I completely disagree. If anyone is the "entitlement generation," it's our previous generation, mainly our parents.

I mean yes, we're spoiled as hell, but the only reason they look at us and think "man, what an easy life" is because they didn't grow up with cell phones and laptops. It's not that they couldn't afford them, it's that they hadn't been invented yet.

We're all selfish, really. And our parents and teachers are just trying to guilt themselves out of their realties.

I'm sorry, but I have this argument in my head all the time, so I felt like I needed to vent :|

I like the photos you use on your site.