Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Still here :)

It's been a week, which is longer than I was hoping to go without posting. But alas, I'm still here. Three out of the 7 days that I have been missing in action, I spent with family of friends, who are technically my friends too, and who feel like family as well. I really love their place on the lake, it's so gorgeous, and peaceful. And they have hammocks [ ^^ :) ]. There's just something great about laying in a hammock. I went out to read in one of their hammock chairs at one point, and wound up having a conversation with the cutest little asian girl in the hammock chair next to me. Nice kids like that, they make me question why I'm so adverse to having children of my own. I just see all of these tyrants running around school, one little kid told my friend Derek that he was ugly, hahaha. Kids can be so mean. Plus our business teacher drills how expensive they are into our brains.. But I guess my major reason for leaving kids out of the picture is that I'd never have a child if I wasn't with someone I loved, and if I wasn't secure. And right now, neither of those are panning out, so kids are out of sight, out of mind. But sometimes, sometimes I think it wouldn't be such a bad thing.. If everything went right, when I'm older.. but I don't know. I'll cross that road when it's time. Or maybe children are just terrible and I'll never want to have them. Who knows. For now it isn't even logical to think about them.
But anyways, my time at their place was fun :). Swimming, jet skiing, fires on the beach, talking. I love how simple things can be.. We played games like Bachee Ball, Settlers of Catan(the actual BOARD game :D), rode around in a jeep. I always feel like I walk away from there, or any trip with the right people, with something new. A new insight, a new idea.. that's what I love about getting away and changing my scenery. This time I walked away with drawing a connection to something that never really clicked with me before, and because of it, I can see things a little differently. It makes me sad, but it shows me what could happen if I don't watch myself. If I don't face the facts, if I don't keep prodding myself along. This makes no sense to any of you I'm sure, but I just had some light shed onto my situation, and it's something I needed to realize.
This post isn't anything stellar, just a little update to show that I'm still kicking and breathing.. But coming soon will be a better post because in roughly five hours I'll be making my way to New York City!! :). Man, I'm going to be tired.
♥ Olive