Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wow, this is it.

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It's August 31, which means there are two days before the first day of school, Wednesday the third. Ughhh :(. It's so depressing. Atleast I have ambitions for the year, they should keep me busy. Plus I have tons of classes with my bestfriendizzle :P, Amanda. Having her in my class always seems to make whatever subject it is fly by faster.

On the downside, I think Tom's going to boces, unless he keeps forgetting to hand in the paperwork, har har. But if he does go, then I'll barely see him, because he'll be taking half of his classes in a different town. I miss him, he's been gone for too long. Hmmph >:[. Our eight month anniversary is Tuesdaaayyy. I hope he's home by then.

I haven't been doing much exciting these past couple of days. Yesterday I sat around reading :), interesting to do, but not interesting for me to ramble on about, and I watched some of my [H]ouse seasons. I'm seriously in love with that show, is anyone else?!? I think it's genius. Later on that evening, Jenna told me that Cody was having another bonfire, so I headed off to that around eight o' clock. It was a strange crowd. People who I usually don't see outside of school with eachother were sitting around the fire talking, and I got along with everyone. I was especially happy with Jenna showed up, because she's just freaking awesome and hilarious. She was the main person I talked to, but not the only. Steve picked up this cute little dog, and a little poop smeared on his white tshirt, and he continued to wear it! Hahah, wow, that guy is crazy. I'm sure Cody would have let him wear something, but Steve's just too cool :P. I went home a little past midnight, and watched [H]ouse until I felt like sleeping.

Today was annoying as hell. Something happened to my mom's toe, she like jammed it under the door, so I've been on beck and call for all of my dad's little favors. So I've been doing chores since nine thirty this morning. I don't mind helping, but ugh. Every time I would sit down to use the computer or something, he would come wandering in with some new project. Hot damn!. But I sucked it up and did whatever he asked, including unloading three wagons of hay today. So if my writing seems a bit tired and sloppy, it's because I'm freaking worn out and want to go to bed, haha. Or atleast sit in my bed and watch something on television. So, goodnight :P.

Oh, & I've been browsing colleges I might like, and SUNY Syracuse is one of them :).
Where do you guys plan to go/major in when you get there? I'm thinking English.

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Summer is screetching to a halt.Aside from the annoying tasks such as practice and farmwork, things have been pretty good. Our first scrimmage was Thursday. We lost 5-2 or something, but we played well. Scores didn't count, the purpose was to get a feel of how we're going to operate as a team, and try out new positions. Things were switched up and such, so mistakes were obviously made. I think we did all right though :), lots of communication, and we're finally not just kicking the ball, which is definitely an improvement. The biggest difference for me anyways, is not feeling intimidated. I used to be so terrified of messing up, and getting people angry with me, that I'd just screw up worse than I anticipated :P. Reaaaalllll smooth. Now though, I know it's not a big deal, it's just a game. Try your best, and well, if that doesn't work, who cares?

I almost forgot, a couple days ago I went to this working picnic at school. It was pretty interesting. Our principal, who is a pretty cool guy, puts a list of students together who he thinks would be into helping to change our school, and tells them to bring a guest if they want, and we have snacks and come up with new ideas. He split us off into groups to come up with things we liked and disliked about school, and how we could change the things in our "bad" list, haha. It was a pretty productive evening, I thought. It seems like I can really change things this year, it's a nice feeling. Ms. Way, who teaches french class talked to me about starting a school newspaper. It's like she read my mind, hahah. I've been wanting to start one pretty badly. A newspaper would be like my only way of journalism in the school system. Having one would be pretty beneficial to everyone though, too. Our town seems so boring, because noone knows about things that happen, except through word of mouth, which usually gets all confusing and misheard anyways, and the stories turn out completely different from the original. In writing, it's alot more difficult to confuse the story, unless the reporter is dishonest in the first place, which would be pretty lame if you ask me. Having something like this would make it so students could actually express their opinions about things, instead of just complaining amonst eachother. Plus it would lead to more involvement within the school, I believe, because the awareness would be raised as to what is going on. I just think it's a good idea, but that's just me.

So Shayla is off to college now :(. I miss her already, but atleast she's going to make something of herself, and get awesome new experiences. I can't wait til I go to college. It seems like alot more fun than highschool. Atleast I got to see her on her last day in our little farm town. Our friend, Derek, brought us out on the lake on his jet ski. Pretty awesome :). I rode the tube/raft/whatever thing pulled behind it. That was wicked cool, to start off with anyway. I loved hitting the waves and bouncing along the water, it was so fun. That was for the first like 30 minutes. Once that time is up, it loses its appeal, hahah. I went from feeling like I was riding the back of a magnificent sea turtle, to being a fat manatee being violently dragged behind an oil tanker. I was getting so sore, and the water splashing my face got pretty old, hahah. I kept feeling like my contacts were coming out, which would have sucked since I didn't have extras, or my glasses. At the same time, my knees were getting sore and burnt from constantly slamming against the raft, ugh, haha. Not to mention the soreness of my neck/arms. It's my own fault though, Derek and Shayla checked on me many times, but I kept thinking I could handle it :P, but it just got worse. I didn't want to get on the jetski though, and get them soaked because they kept themselves nice and dry. Those two are great :), aside from the pain I let myself endure, it was a wonderful time. Derek has a spot on this island place, so we checked it out, got some snackage, a duck bit me, and we talked about alot of things. Once it was near time to leave, he brought us for one last quick ride, and I did not get on the sea turtle again, I rode on the jet ski :P. Now, that felt like a horse, haha. Galloping across the sea, fast and elegantly. Derek brought us both home, and I helped with more hay. Later that night, Amanda and I went over to see Shayla one last time, and hung out with her and Tanner, her brother. It was a nice time :). It was so weird saying goodbye, and knowing it really meant goodbye :(, for a month atleast. If we get tickets to the CAKE concert, then we'll see her in late September, but if not, it could be months upon months.. Hopefully I pass my road test next month so I can visit her.

I went home with Amanda to stay the night when we left Shayla's, staying up to have another one of our "right before we doze off" meaningful conversations. They tend to happen frequently :P. The next day, which would be today, we went to Walmart,PriceChopper, and Aldi's. I was exhausted for some reason, and on the verge of sleeping. Amanda and I managed to find these sick Chuck Norris back to school folders, hahahaha. Oh my god, they're great. I got two with his picture that say "Chuck Norris won a staring contest with the sun" and "Chuck Norris does not sleep, only waits", hahah. I absolutely love Chuck humor. After that little adventure Amanda gave me German gnome gummies and I went home to take pictures and relax. Our last photography class was tonight :(. I'm really going to miss that place. Today we brought in a couple of our favorite pictures we've taken, enlarged, to look at. Rite Aid was super lame though, and their machine was broken when I ran in there last minute before my class, so I had to suffice with one photograph, that my instructor has already seen. Ugh, it made me mad. Atleast it was a decent one. I hope my photography skills improve alot from that class, it's nothing I think I could make a living out of, like Amanda could, but it sure would be a nice hobby :).

So Tom and Julie are off to their cousin's house, a couple hours away, until school starts. I'm going to miss them too, ugh :(. Everyone keeps taking turns at leaving, haha. When is someone going to be able to take me along?!?!? Hahah, kidding, but it has been forever since I've left this sad little town for more than an evening or afternoon. My family hasn't taken one trip all summer, it's disappointing. Usually, we go down to Syracuse for a few days, but nothing was appealing there this year, so we spent the summer here, the whole time. I can't wait until I have a car and license, so I can take myself all over the place :D!! I'm really too excited for my own good.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Holy Smokes We're Missing The Fair!

Saturday was a good night :).
Even though he absolutely hates it, Tom came along with me to the fair. Ah, I'm getting ahead of myself, Friday was good too. I brought, and by brought I mean drove(with my mom), Julie and Amanda to the mall with me. It's the biggest one within an hour's distance, so we were pretty excited. Unfortunately, we could barely find anything, and left without many bags, but we had a good time anyways, and that's what counts.

It was a little scary driving on the highway for so long, but you get used to it. I just don't like it when I'm sandwiched between cars, or trucks especially, it makes me nervous. But I think I did okay, nobody died :P. It was nice chillen' with Julie after so long, I mean I see her quite often, but usually it's at her house, after she's been working all day, so she's worn out. The three of us have so much fun together though, it's insanity. We even have this "jam band" called 'The Fat Betches', where we just try to play stupid songs and be funny, but we haven't made a video in forever.. That should change.

Alrightyo, onto Saturday. Tom came over during the day, so we just snuggled and hung out until it got later, we checked everything out. He forced me into the poultry barn, I hate that place, hahah. And I took a video of this scary goose thing that kept HISSING at me, ugh haha. I ate some yummy fried bread dough, and cider slush, my favorite edibles at the fsince we haven't seen eachother for a week, and we wanted to go at night before it's cooler, and less crowded. So we went, and walked around alot, hahah. There weren't many people we knew there, so we mainly just did our own thing. It was fun though :), watched all these funny old people square dancing, went on ONE ride (tickets were $1 a piece, outrageous! and I bought 10 for us, so we rode the zipper which cost us eight) and air :). I'm so glad he went with me, and only said "I wanna go home" once, when I allowed him three opportunities to say that :P, it's his phrase whenever he's bored. Carnies are so annoying, hahah. But I will give them credit for being able to make up phrases off the top of their heads to try to convince you to play their game. Like this one was like "Hey buddy, you gonna give your girl anything besides sore feet tonight?", so Tom gave me a piggyback ride the next time we passed that guy, saying "Her feet got sore", haha. It's just so nice being able to go places with him. I'll shutup now though, because I know how annoying people in love get, and I don't want to be like that, hahah.
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ahhhh, love that boy, haha :) <3

Lately, I've been working for free on my farm, unloading hay since it's finally stopped raining. If you're curious, the way we do it, is this big wagon of hay pulls up by the barn, and we unload it onto this elevated conveyor thing, which transports it to the top of the barn, where people inside the hay mow stack it, in order to keep it stored for the cows during the winter. It's an annoying process that results in being all itchy and having blisters. I've stopped trying to be tough, and taken up wearing a pair of gloves. The next step is a light over-shirt :P. Tom and Nick are the ones getting paid to do this, but I usually help because it makes the process quicker, and I feel guilty if I just sit around the house while they work.

Sunday was my dad's birthday, so we went out to breakfast at this golf course nearby, it was pretty good. I got pancakes with strawberries/whipped cream, and a side of bacon. We had a little lunch too, in the afternoon. Little sandwiches, fruit, and cake, done by my grandma. I love my family, but our get togethers are always so awkward.. I'm not even sure why, just noone really talks much, and when they do, it's farming related. So it's not very interesting to me. Usually though, I'm thankful to have Amanda to whisper to and stuff :P. But since she was gone, Tom accompanied me, and made it alot less awkward. Except when he joked about barbequing a cat, and my grandma's eyes got huge, hahahah. That was pretty funny though.. :P. I like how we somehow just fit into eachother's families. Tuesday is my grandma's birthday, but I don't think a celebration is planned. I'm going to visit her and give her a book I bought though, so hopefully she will enjoy that.

Shayla, my good friend who just graduated, is off to college this Friday. I was supposed to go down with her to drop her off, but since there won't be enough room, I'll just have to spend as much time as I can with her this week :):). She gives such amazing insight, and always knows what I'm talking about, and I'm really going to miss it. Luckily, there is internet. It can't beat our late night talks though, where we stay awake til like four in the morning, just talking away haha.
I miss Amanda, it's only been one soccer practice without her, but when I'm with myself, they drag on forever. Sure I get along with the other girls on the team, but none of them constitute as my 'best friend' :P, so yeah. Not cool. I'll make it though, not a biggie.

I'm wicked tired out, so my words aren't flowing very nicely, and I feel like I'm rambling on, so I should probably get some sleep. I keep messing up everyting I'm trying to type, hahah,. The backspace is being put to good use right about now. I did however finish Breaking Dawn the other day though, it was amazing! I suggest it to anyone who hasn't gotten on the bandwagon and read it already. Stephanie Meyer is a great author. I hope to one day be able to write half as good as she can. Trust me, it'll sure take some work. Now I'm reading this book my coworker/elementary teacher let me borrow, The Memory Keeper's Daughter, it's different than most books I read, since it's about adults, in their thirties, but it's starting off really well, and I don't mind switching things up. I'm sure it'll be a great read. Okay, seriously now, it's time for me to hit the hay. Har har, just some farm humor. Goodnight!.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sunshine, lollypops, & rainbows

I've been spending alot of time with my bestfriend, Amanda :):).
Which is pretty wonderful, since everytime we hang out, we manage to have a fun time. After practice, she usually comes over and we hang out. The other day we went to this thrift store type thing, Finder's Keepers, and found some neat stuff. Like the $6 cat bookbag, as shown below :P, along with the striped rampage shirt, which was clearance too. I sure do love a bargain. Afterwards we went grocery shopping, and I brought her home where we cleaned my porch, found adorable baby kittens in the back of my dad's truck, and took some pictures. After she left, I was still feeling in the photography mood, so I made good use of my tripod and took some shots.
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us :P

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the thriftshop bookbag, hahah i love it.

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and those were just the ones i took as a result of my own boredom.. :P

Ah, yes. So lately it's been alot of Amanda time :), and I love it. I have such a strange sense of humor, but oddly enough, hers is basically the same. We find the same things funny that noone else does, and we'll know what eachother's laughing at before we even say anything. As many of you have posted, laughter is essential, and our friendship definitely has that component. Plus we have all the serious stuff down too, like we have alot of the same dreams for the future, but with variation. Like I want to be a writer, or something of the sort, and she wants something with photography/artistic, maybe health oriented too. We both want our own business maybe. Perhaps a conjoined one is in store, a bookstore/bakery. Hmm, we shall see. But I really do love spending time with her, I'll miss her when she's gone like.. all next week :(. Boohoo.

Soccer is improving. It's already not as strenuous as the beginning, like when he made us do this "Indian Run" drill, I thought we were just being punished for not doing so well on the previous drill he had set up, but once we finished it, he told us we were done. I was shocked, I thought we still had a good 20-30minutes left of practice before he thought of letting us go... haha. I'm not really athlete material, but I think I'm doing better this year. I'm noticing my passes actually get to the person they're meant for the majority of the time, and I can actually kind of control the ball. Hopefully this season will be better than I had thought. :). I'm keeping positive.

Today was my last day of work, for awhile anyways. Weekend tournaments will start up later in September or October, but that's it. So I'm free :D! I spent today working the store with the lady who used to teach me in second grade, JoAnne. She's super nice, she even brought me a book to borrow, "The Memory Keeper's Daughter", it looks really interesting. I like working with her, she's good to talk to, about school/future related things especially. Syrcause University was a college she reccomended for writing.. so I'll consider it. I do like it down there :).

Our county fair has been going on all week, and I haven't gone once :(. It's kind of disappointing, cause I've gone every year. But this year, Amanda's leaving on Saturday, and we're shopping tomorrow plus we have our class, and then I don't know who would go with me Saturday if I went... Julie's going tomorrow, and Shayla's leaving to take her sister to college, so meh. I'm hoping Tom will go with me, but he's not really too into the fair. I don't know if I can beg him into going :P. I'm sure going to try though. If not, maybe I'll go alone, kinda lame, but whatev.

Alright, I feel like I'm writing waayy too much here, hahah. So if you've bothered to read this, congrats! & thanks a ton. As I get busier and busier, it may get harder for me to write as often, but I really will try to keep it up, and keep updated with everyone else's blogs :). I like this too much to quit now, hahah.

But as for now, I'll end this with a clone picture Amanda and I made :D

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

wowsummerfeelslikeit'sgone :(

Yay, soccer has begun.
I'm kind of unsure about it.. This will be the third day of practice(yes, I'm sitting here ar 6:46 in the morning, I'm so not used to this) & I'm still not really enjoying it. Like, I've got Amanda and everything, but both of us are unsure. It's just, soccer was so much more fun back when all our good friends played, like Shayla, Binkie, and Julie. But the two seniors graduated, and Julie just has no desire to play. It's not like I hate the rest of the team, but they're just soccer buddies, most of them anyways, we'll be friends during soccer, but once it's over the talking stops. I prefer to play with the people I hang out with in and out of soccer. But if I quit, everyone's going to keep asking me why, and try to get me back on the team. So I suppose I may as well stick it out and maybe some new friendships will form.

Monday afternoon, Amanda and I went shopping down at one of the better but farther away malls in the area. I got myself new jeans, Amanda and I always do the "two for $50" or whatever deals, so we each get a pair and split the price :P, and a cool jacket from Zumiez. It's one of those wintertime hoodies, with the really smooth exterior and fleecey inside :), I like. I got some shirts too I think. So we made off pretty well. Clothes are the only thing exciting about winter for me, since I don't snowboard, and I'm not a fan of the cold. Well, hot chocolate and lots of snuggling are on top of the list as well, but clothes are pretty neat :).

After I got home and settled, I headed over to Julie's to return her wallet that she left in my bag the day of the amusement park. She wasn't home though, and John was the only one in the house so I had to go outside to try to find Tom. He had told me I could stay over, but my mom said I couldn't unless I could assure her I had a ride to practice in the morning, meh.. mothers :P, always planning ahead. I kept getting so frustrated because I couldn't find him anywhere, so after like ten minutes, and called John from my cell at the house to see if Tom had snuck past me up there :P. Lo and behold, he was the one to answer the phone, I was pissed, haha. To give you a better understanding, his "backyard" is huge, it's a bunch of fields with trees and paths, so I did walk quite a distance in my search efforts. I was relieved to find him though, until he told me that my mom's car was gone! She had left before I could tell her whether or not I could stay! I was so mad.. especially since I left my bag of everything I needed there, in the car. So we didn't have the happiest phone conversation, hahah, but I guess she got tired of waiting, and just took off. She wasn't more than 3 miles away though, so she brought back my stuff and I stayed there and hung out with Tom and John.

We mainly worked on the fort, well John and I mainly watched and talked :P, but that's what we did. It's turning out pretty cool, he's making a porch for it right now, and he already made a bar, hahah. When we went inside, he made me this burrito thing with eggs,broccoli,onions,peppers, cheese, and bacon. I love how he cooks for me :), I'm totally making him move in with me during college. So yep, we just chilled amongst ourselves doing boyfriend/girlfriend things for the rest of the night, and then I had to awake at 5:00 in the morning to be ready for practice. I had to catch a ride with Greg on his way to work, which meant we left the house at 6:30. It was pouring out, so I was not looking forward to it at all, but I toughed it out. Luckily, Tom's dad, Mark, offered to let me come along to drop off Greg, so I wouldn't have to wait at the school :). He even let me drive his truck back to the school, it was great. To my surprise, practice was still on, but moved to the indoors in the gym. We did have to run 10 laps around the whole parking lot first though, since the rain cleared up. Our fields were still destroyed of course, though. Amanda and I ran together like always. I'm glad I have her, if I didn't, I wouldn't play at all. She's always keeps me entertained and laughing :).

Afterwards, her mom dropped us off at home, and we went with her German Grandparents to walmart :D. I love how enthusiastic her grandpa, or opa as it's called in Germany, is. He can't speak any english, but he's so nice and friendly. Her opa and oma spoke alot of german to eachother in the car, and I kinda tried to pick up on some of it, but it didn't work well :P. Once we got there, they told us to meet at the entrance at 12, which would be two hours later. Yikes! Two hours in Walmart is waayyy too much for either of us. So once we were alone, we decided to walk to the mall instead for more clothes and the new Academy Is cd. It's not that we wanted to 'sneak off', but if we tried to explain what we were doing, they would've gotten very confused, since Oma speaks some English, but it's still not too easy for her. We called Amanda's mom to make sure it was okay to do, and she approved, so we walked/jogged our way to the local mall :P. It's pretty nearby our Walmart, only took us like 11 minutes. More 2/$50 pants for us :D, and I got like 3 cheap but nice shirts at Old Navy. I finally got myself a decent sweater, I've been wanting one of those. They have really cool striped ones in PacSun, but for $40-50 a piece, noottt worth it. Whatta bunch of crap. I'll have to check the outlets.

We made it back to our meeting zone safely, and even bought picture frames on sale at Walmart. Then we headed back home to chill & whatnot. The rest of our time consisted of watching The Office, what a great show :D, talking about random stuff, visiting with her family, playing rockband, and complaining about being bored, hahah. Then my mom picked us up and we chilled in my room while I organized some things, watched tv, and eventually went to bed, at like 10:00. But now it's like 7:20 in the morning, and practice is in 40 minutes, so I think I'll wake up sleeping beauty upstairs :P, and we'll head off for some torture.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Let's begin from Friday :P.
I went to my photography class, and we looked at pictures we've taken that aren't so great, and found ways to improve them. Afterwards I dropped Amanda off and headed over to Tom's to hang out. He had some friends over, we chilled by the fire & whatever, and then went to bed :).

Great Escape was the next day, so Julie and I got dropped off at Amanda's and left. Shayla came along too :). It was a pretty fun time, it's like Six Flags, only tinyier and not so cool, haha. We enjoyed ourselves anyway though. I loved how we went on this mechanical balloon ride like a million times, since noone was in line for it. Julie kept saying after every time, in a british accent, "May we have another go?" And he let us stay on, until we felt kinda sick :P. Ahh, let's see, what else.. There was this pirate show going on by the performance pool, so we sat on the bleachers to watch--- but those jerks dumped buckets of water on us >:[. Like, it's understandable since it's a show, but they did it as I was obviously trying to leave to avoid it, since I had my camera case out in the open, but they did it anyways! Luckily the water didn't soak through the case very much, so my baby was safe. Still, it made me mad-- I'm joining the Ninja side from now on. The whole day was pretty fun :), I liked how Julie could get us discounts since she worked there. We got to meet all her foreign friends who work there too, like Ina! Hahah, she was great. I think she's from Taiwan. Julie took her hat & was like "Hey look, I'm Ina" and she started laughing and was like "Julie stop, you not Ina!"
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Afterwards, Amanda brought me and Shayla back to her house to eat some delicious German chocolate, and meet her grandma :). Both of her grandparent's are visiting from Germany, for about a month. It's pretty cool, I'm sure the language will rub off on Amanda, and then hopefully she can teach me >:]. I kind of want to learn alot of languages in my lifetime, so I can go to alot of places, and actually understand what's going on around me. I've taken spanish for the past four years, but I need to be more fluent, then I'll learn french, and so on, and so forth.
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Sunday morning, this morning, was boring. I felt all grumpy for some reason, so I spent my day doing the equivelent of nothing. Once 2:00 rolled around, my supervisor, Charette called me into work early if I could make it. So two hours early I went in, helped Erica out with inventory and such, and it was a sluggish day. Luckily Jared came to my rescue and talked with me for awhile so I wasn't quite so bored. He even offered to fetch me food from up at his house, but then the clouds looked like it was going to storm, so I resorted to a choco taco from the machine instead. Something that baffles me is how much I love books and reading, but how horrendously I explain the plot when people ask me. For instance, I was reading Breaking Dawn at work tonight, and the photography of the games, Ian, asked me what it was about. I was like "Well this girl falls for a vampire, and has to become one in order to be with him. And vampires stay the same age forever." That's like all I could muster, even though the book is so much more than that. Wow, I definitely need to practice my explanation skills :P.

Speaking of skills, tomorrow is the first day of soccer, yay! Hahah, forget the enthusiam. Well I'm a bit excited since I like soccer, but it's so much work, and I know what it's going to be like. Especially since Amanda's the only one I have this year, none of my other close friends are on the team :(. Shayla and Binky graduated, and Julie doesn't want to play, so it's just the two of us. Hopefully we'll meet some new friends this way, but meh, soccer was always better with the four/five of us.

I finally finished the book Water For Elephants today :). If you haven't read it, I highly suggest it, it's amazing to say the least. It's about a college aged boy who loses his parents in an accident, and runs off and joins the circus, where he falls in love and ends up in a dangerous situation, in which he acquires help from an unlikely source to solve. But the perspective switches from his young self, to his present condition as an old man in a nursing home. It's a really interesting read. Now I have like 10 chapters of Breaking Dawn to go, and I'm excited for the ending :), whatever it may be. But it's getting late, and I have to be up and at 'em early tomorrow morning for soccer, so I suppose it's time to end this.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Sweats, Sweats, Sweats.

Work was excruciatingly annoying >:[.
I went in early out of boredom, and was on my feet from 4:00-11:00 at night. Originally, my hours were 5-9, but due to a case of shopaholic insanity, all of these soccer players and parents were in and out of the store 24/7. Sweatpants. What is the huge deal about these fleecey, baggy garments? Apparently whatever it may be, is a force to be reckoned with. We were waiting on a shipment to come in at like five or six o'clock, so all these girls pre-ordered the friggen things and kept coming back to see if they came in. Like the whole store was packed with crazed teenage girls wanting simple sweats that say "Golden Goal", down the leg. Once the boxes finally came, we couldn't even get them OUT of the box and tagged because everyone was in such a rush. It was pure insanity. Rushing around trying to find the right size for the people that reserved them, kindly telling the unfortunate non-reserved that they must wait until the pre-orders are taken care of, memorizing the codes for like 12 different sweats because they haven't been tagged, and ugh. It was out of control. The store stayed open too hours later than usual, and I was so ready to leave.

Afterwards I went to Cody's house to hang out with him, Steven, Jenna, Amanda, Shayla, Jeremiah, Jocelyn, Carp, Rob, and Christie. I was only there for an hour because Jenna had to be home by a certain time, but it was fun :). I mainly talked to Jenna,Amanda, and Shayla, but I enjoyed myself. Especially after killing myself for seven hours before.. Steve and Cody are so funny together, haha, like they act gay, but it's just to be funny. I like when people aren't afraid to be original, and themselves. So many people around here seem to be closed minded. That's the main reason I want to get out of this town once I'm through with school. When Jenna was trying to leave, Steve, Cody, and Jeremiah like stood in front of her car and sprawled out on it, so she couldn't leave :P. Then once they got close to the windshield, she turned on the wipers and defroster, hahahaha. It was hilarious. I think the usual group I hang out with, and their group should like--combine, we'd have so much fun, because we're all insane.

At this point it was like 1 in the morning, so I went home with Amanda and we watched Hard Candy, just talking to eachother about a bunch of stuff, mostly the future and our plans, because we just love that subject. We're too excited to get out of here :P. We try to make the best of it anyways, and enjoy the present, because you miss out on alot if you focus on the future, you just have to be aware of it :P, that's all. Her mom was going to take us to Walmart at five in the morning, because "that's when all the freaks are sleeping", she says, haha. But she was too tired, so we just slept in and hung out for the rest of the morning. Amanda's grandparents from Germany are flying in tonight, so she's been busy trying to arrange her room for them to stay in, and make a small room in the downstairs suitable for herself. Tonight I'm leaving, again. In about an hour I have my photography class, and then it's onward to Tom's for his little party/get together thing, so I may not post until tomorrow night or later. Oh yeah, tomorrow I'm going to an amusement park, so I'm all booked up. I feel busy, but atleast I'm not wasting what remains of summer :).

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just an update

I can feel time pressing down on the carefree days of summer :/.
Quite disappointing I must say, so in order to avoid succumbing to sadness, I've been busy with friends :P. Monday afternoon I went over to Tom's, and along with little Johnny boy, we tested out the catapult he built, and just kind of hung out. I slept over that night, and the following morning a couple of his friends came over. I felt kind of like a tag-a-long as we were working on the fort and stuff, because those guys are so loud and crazy together, so I just like sit there, haha. It's okay though, they're nice enough guys, and Tom doesn't get to see his friends nearly as much as he'd like to, so who am I to ruin that? Correct, I won't :P. I got all muddy and stuff though, so I left them to their business early to take a shower and get ready to go over to Shayla's.

Her and Chanda are leaving within the next couple of weeks for college, like two hours away :(, so they invited some close friends to come over and celebrate. So around 7:00ish we left for that, and to bring one of his friends home. We were barely a mile from the house when we came across this guy, probably within five years of our age (older), walking down the road using a big stick as a cane. It seemed pretty peculiar, but I didn't think too much of it until all of a sudden his dad hit reverse, and backed the truck up to where the guy was. Confusing as that sounds, I wasn't entirely surprised :P. Their dad's a real nice/friendly guy, and strangers are definitely not a fear for him, hahah. He makes small talk with them all of the time. Once we reached the guy, he rolled down the window and asked if he needed a ride and where he was going. Apparently this fellow walked all the way from VERMONT, haha. I live in upstate New York, but still--- Vermont is quite a walk away. I guess he was trying to get away from wherever he was from, and he told us he was headed for "the store". Hmm, bizzare right? Well Tom's dad was nice enough to let him catch a ride in the back of the pickup, until we reached the convenience store 3 miles away. He seemed grateful, so I suppose it was a pretty alright thing. I'm just too nervous of strangers to do that myself.

I was so glad to be able to see Shayla and Chanda :). Let's see.. who else was there. Amanda, Tanner, who's their younger brother, close to my age, his girlfriend Chelsey, Allan, and some of Chanda's friends who I don't really know :P. I think there was Jess,Ted,Adam, and Justin. Jenna, Chanda's friend Sam and her friend, and another Adam came along too. It was a pretty good time, everyone was silly and fun :D, I like nights like that. I got hurt a couple times though, haha. Once I lost my footing and hit my throat on Tom's shoulder. Snikeys, that hurt. Then another time Tanner was jumping down the steps and elbowed me in the mouth. I always get so abused :P, it's okay though, as long as it's unintentional.. hah. I danced around the house with Jenna, but she kept resisting, and gahh, it was all alot of fun. I won't bore you guys with excessive details, because it's one of those "had to be there" kind of nights. I'm just so sad Shayla and Chanda are leaving :/, atleast they'll be out of this little town and onto making something great of themselves. I know I'll visit once I can drive. We plan to mail letters to eachother too, so it's not like we won't keep in touch or anything, especially with the wonders of the internet these days :P. Seeing them in person is definitely something I'll miss though..

The next morning we ate breakfast at the diner, just the people our age, Shayla's treat :). Little does she know I slipped $5 on her table in her room, muahahah, she's going to be mad. I don't think she should have to pay for things though, we should be treating her, damnit. We hung out for a couple hours until my mom came to bring Amanda and me to our last day of driver's ed. I was wicked tired though, and didn't really want to drive on the northway. I figured it'd be good experience though, so I sucked it up and went :P. It wasn't bad actually, except on our way home when I was reading and started feeling carsick. Meh. Once I stopped reading and closed my eyes it got better though. Julie made fun of my wrinkley hands! Hahah, I guess I have old lady hands? Just a little though, like I can make the skin on my palms scrunch up if I position my hands right, hahah. It's quirky and weird, but I guess that's fine with me.

Afterwards I was ready to go home and sleep, but my mom wanted to go to the bank. I didn't argue though, because the purpose was to redeem some of my savings bonds into my checking account, so I can save up for a car >:), so I'm very content. I've got $700& something to my name now, instead of that less than two hundred bullshit. I'm going to try to conserve it though, because a car is top priority. I headed over to Staples after for the back to school stuff I forgot, like booksox & lunch stuff. I bought this cool container for cereal, like you keep the milk in the bottom where it's kept cool by gel, and the top holds the cereal and a built in spoon. It's great, hahah. Plus I got to see Chanda again, she works there. Now I'm home, bored. Atleast my new book came, Madapple, and I've been reading more in Breaking Dawn. That's about it for me right now.

Thanks Nicole for the crepe recipe & everything :):) you were very helpful.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Weird title, huh? :P I'm listening to that song by The Cranberries, I like it. Plus I kind of feel like a zombie right now. I'm so worn out, work kicked my ass today. Like seriously, I'm not used to being that busy, hahah. Usually we get a couple rushes, but the majority of the time there's only a few shoppers in and out, and I get to sit and read in my books alot. But today I was on my feet like the entire time. I didn't mind too much since the time flew by much faster, but dang, I'm pooped.

It's been a couple days since I've updated, so let's recap. Yesterday was quite boring. I mainly just worked, then came home pretty tired, and did the same today. I finally went back to school shopping for supplies today. I decided to be an early bird & went right when the mall opened up. I've been annoyed with my dead ends so I broke down and went to Regis for a trim. Meh. I don't really like it at this length, but it'll grow. A whole two inches of my hair was dead, that's pretty bad hahah. Haircuts aren't really a priority for me, as you can tell. Maybe I should shape up :P. I found some deals on notebooks,folders, the works, ate at Panera's (asiago cheese bagel + broccoli cheddar soup = love) and headed home. I loveee driving. My mom actually talked to me about using some of my savings bonds to put towards a car :):)! The whole "summer job" thing hasn't really made me much money, so I'll need a better start if I want a vehicle sometime this year. I'll use ours until then though, my mom said she can do without for awhile.

I'm thinkinggg about one of those limited junior licenses. That way, I'm allowed to drive to school and home by myself, and by December(six months from my permit) I'll be able to drive with a junior license, meaning with two friends to any location before nine o' clock. Sounds like a good deal to me :).

Okay, so I hear CAKE is coming near where I live this September. I'm siked! It's such a cool band, I think my favorite song by them is "Short skirt long jacket" and "Italian Leather Sofa", War Pigs is good too, but I'll stop there. Counting Crows and Maroon 5 are coming too, in like two days but the tickets for good seats were over $100, so I just said "Fuck it". Way too much money for me to shell out right now.

note to readers:
I can't even begin to say how friggen thrilled I am that people actually read my silly rants and ideas, I appreciate it, alot :). I'm going to try to be on alot more so I can keep up with what everyone else is posting about to. But yeah, thanks a bunch :D.

So I feel like my posts are a bit naked without any pictures :(. So I'll display a couple I've taken recently.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Duck :). I think this is a kinda cool picture, just because you can see the duck so well, and the water looks pretty cool. Cameras do funny things sometimes :P. We spent so much time photographing those friggen ducks, it was rediculous. Atleast I got something out of it though.
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This is that elevator in the old factory building where I take my photography class. It almost killed me that one time, haha, but it's neat. They also have this bathroom there with THREE toilets, but no stalls. How weird is that?! You're like supposed to go to the bathroom with other people two feet away from you. I couldn't believe it :P, there are other bathrooms though.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
And this is a HUGE spider we saw our day at the lake. It was ginormous I tell you.

I'm feeling pretty sleepy.. I think I'll retire off to bed and write another post tomorrow if I have the time :).

Friday, August 8, 2008

Oh So Appetizing..

Again, I was busy with friends so I didn't update :P.
Wednesday I wasn't planning on going anywhere, but after driver's ed I was invited to ride along to the mall with Tom,Julie, & Amanda. We got sick of it pretty quick seeing how our mall is tiny and boring >:[. I miss the Carousel one in Syracuse, that mall was wicked cool. Let's seeee.. we looked in stores, watched part of X-Files(lamelamelame), Tom and I got bored and ate curlyfries in the foodcourt, then we all walked around some more. Blahblahblah. I kept getting embaressed because Tom always blows on my arms so it makes a farting sound, and everyone looks! It's horrible, hahaha. But I can see why he'd enjoy using it to torture me.

Hmm.. so after that was all done and over with, I went back with the Hughes' while we dropped Amanda off, and I slept over. It was late by the time we got back so we didn't do too much, just watched television and went to bed. Julie went to work the next day so it was just me, Tom, and John. I helped work on little projects in the shop, like he wanted to make a rock tumbler and a wooden case for his zune, hahah. I like his creativity. But nothing was working out so he got frustrated after awhile and we went back up to the house. I was supposed to go into work at the soccer camp that night, but I got called off, again. I understand but jeezz.. I was really counting on making some money this summer. I don't even know how I'm going to afford anything for back to school when I have less than $200 to my name. Mommie will probably bail me out, bahh :[, I like feeling independent.

Later in the evening Julie and Niki came home from work, so they chilled with us too. Niki's so crazy, hahah. It can be funny though. Amanda joined us later and we all hung out down in the pool barn, had some laughs, then went back up to the house for tv and bed. I did not want to wake up the next morning, I was all sleepy. But I did, since it was the last real day of driver's ed :D, woooo! Enough of that crap.

I feel like I'll have to wait forever until I can really drive. I guess I could go for my roadtest any time now, but I'd just get a limited use junior liscence, which means I could drive alone, but I'd have to have special papers from my school and job because that's all I would be allowed to drive to. Maybe I'll go for that, but keep driving with my mom like I have my permit still, and once the six- month- since -my- pemit waiting period is up, I'll be able to drive by myself anywhere, with two passengers, before nine at night, hahah. Ugh, I wish I could just be 17 already :P.

I finally got my class schedule in the mail yesterday, it's kinda weird. I'm used to having eight periods a day, but now we have 11 because they shortened the classes. Meh, school is really just annoying me right now, I don't want to go back. Just out of curiosity, does everyone else have really shitty school lunch?
Like I can't stand mine. It's not specifically the food, it's the restrictions and stuff, like only ONE fruit or vegetable product, and if you choose a fruit(apple or orange), you're not allowed to get a juice, you have to get a milk. It's rediculous. I don't like drinking milk except in my cereal and when I'm eating something chocolately and gooey, like brownies :):). They offered mini bottled water for like three days, but then they concluded that it "didn't contain enough nutrients", so it's no longer an option. Oh, they found a way to ruin pizza as well. That used to be the foolproof choice when nothing else looked appetizing, atleast there's always pizza. But no, now it's this funky whole wheat kind that is full of seeds that fill your mouth with every bite. It's insanity. One day I remember having a single small baked potato as my main dish, because that was the special. What the hell? You have such limited options, it's annoying. I think I'm just going to bring my own lunch this year.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Yikes, it's coming.

I'm getting a bit sick of the rain.
Lately it happens every day, and it's unusually gloomy this morning. Maybe I'm just noticing because I'm rarely up this early, atleast not during summer :P. Eight thirty, what a load of crap.

I finally went to see The Dark Knight last night, I couldn't resist after all of the hype. I've failed to see any Batman movies before this, so I was a little confused at times. It didn't take me long to catch on though, and I enjoyed it :). Heath Ledger as the Joker was definitely my favorite part by far. I wish they would have shown him a little more, but it was well made anyways. I'm always a sucker for the brilliant villain in movies. I like to be intrigued, so characters that can do that to me, usually gain my full attention.

I still can't believe there's only a month left of summer vacation.. I don't even know where it went, it feels like it should be the beginning of July or something. It seems like the older you get, the faster time flies. I guess that's a good thing though, so maybe the school year will fly too :). I'm halfway looking forward to it, halfway dreading. On one hand I know this will probably be the best year I've had, I'm feeling pretty motivated and driven. But the work is annoying and school just gets so old, so fast. Plus I probably won't see Tom at all since he's going to Boces. It's this place where whoever chooses to goes, after like fourth period, and they learn a trade all year. I think he signed up for small engine repair or something. I'm kinda hoping he still works on my farm this year, so I'll see him after school anyways :).

While I'm feeling oh so motivated, I should probably set some goals for myself because it's 100 times more likely I'll actually reach them if I put them down for you guys to see. If I don't reach atleast some of them, I'll just look like this big loser :P, so yeah.

*Receive my junior license. That way I can finally drive MYSELF places >:]
*Hold a part time job. I'm thinking along the lines of a bookstore, yesyes?
*Remain on high honor roll, because I really need some scholarships.
*Improve on my writing. Either on my own or with a program, whichever works :P.
*Be healthier. Not in the "lose weight" way, just all around, nothing extreme though.
*Speak my mind(to an extent) instead of just keeping hushed to avoid confrontation.

I'll come up with more as school gets closer, but I want to savor summer for now :).
Other than that, I want to enjoy this year, and keep the friendships I have, and hopefully make them even stronger because the friends I have now-- I really do believe I'll have forever. If you're not living your life to the fullest, there's no point, and I'm not big on wasting :D. Who knows what happens when it's over with, so you might as well enjoy it here now.

Monday, August 4, 2008

I successfully accomplished nothing today :D.
Hah, sounds bad I know, but I guess it's okay since on most days, I'm busy. I mainly just sat around with myself today, mostly in front of the computer screen. I did attempt to take a walk after the rain passed and the sun came out, but of course it started downpouring again when I was a mile away from my house. Figueres. Luckily though, a girl from school named Kate happened to be driving by on her way to a friend's house, so she gave me a lift home :), how nice. I've never thought of her as a "mean" person, but I just never really talk to her either. It's refreshing to realize most people have good in them.

Sometimes, like today, I wonder what our purpose really is. In general it seems people are just living to satisfy themselves, and everyone just wants to have a shitload of money-- but what is the point? You accumulate this pile of green paper, and then you die before you even get the chance to use it. I think people should spend more time enjoying the life they're living than working themselves to the bone. A balance must be struck, and moments should be savored.

I don't think I've mentioned this before, but I live on a dairy farm. Oh, and my name's Olivia, not "Aivilo", it's just backwards because I'm lame :P. I've somehow acquired the nickname "Olive", and that seems to be the only name I get called, so that's why I entitled my blog "Life inside the olive jar" because it basically translates into my life, told by me. Anyways, back to the farm topic. So much work goes into this profession, it's insanity. Every morning my dad awakes around five, then goes to bed again around 10 at night. Sure there are meal breaks along in there, but otherwise it's constant work. I admire him for it, but it's definitely not something I ever see myself doing. I think I want to be an author, or atleast do something with writing if I can't seem to compose a decent novel. I also think it'd be nice to open up my own bookstore/cafe :). I don't know, just my ambitions.

Although I haven't done much with my day, I atleast got almost halfway through Breaking Dawn. It's so much more intense than I expected, like dangg, haha :D. I love it though, and I can't wait to finish it. I've been thinking alot about society lately, and how we live. What is our purpose here anyways? I mean, of course to live, but I think we should be doing more with our lives than just working at benefiting ourselves. So many people are just concerned with their own money, their own looks, their own problems. But I think the world as a whole seems to have some pretty big ones. Society's just headed downhill & it's rolling fast. How can we fix this? People spend their lifetimes just accumulating money, just to die knowing that they had nice possessions. I think people need to wake up and find meaning, outside of money. Sure it's neccessary and important, but it's not the main factor in life. Make memories, learn something new, savor the moment. That is my semi-philosophical rant of the evening :P, Goodnight.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

lots & lots of recapping

Snikeyzzz, I've been busy :P.
Actually, within the past couple days I haven't even been home, so that kinda cut into my posting time. I'll just quickly go over what I've been up to...

Friday morning was my eye doctor appointment. Ugh, I hate going in for those, expecially since my usual doctor is a jerk. Like seriously, my last appointment was three weeks ago, and he was mad at me for not still having my trial pair of contacts. Sure, I should've held onto them, but he didn't have to be rude about it. Once I finally extracted myself from that mess, Amanda and I went to Shayla's Grandma's house on the lake to swim & chillax :). That was a whole lot of fun. We went swimming, out on this little raft type thing, and took some pretty nifty pictures. I like it there, I had a blast. We had to leave after awhile for our evening photography class, so her grandma brought us back to Amanda's house.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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My mom brought us to the building, but to our surprise, his studio was empty. With the exception of his studio-mate and some other girl. They nicely informed us that our instructor was held up with something, and he left a note on the door. So our session is postponed to whenever we want I guess :P. It wasn't really a big deal, things come up. We went to the mall real quick so my mom could pick up a couple things, and then headed back to Amanda's. Later on, Julie joined us and we left for the book release party for Breaking Dawn! I've been anticipating it's release for like the past three weeks, hahah. I'm so glad we got to go to it. When we arrived at the bookstore, all these kids about our age were walking around with these brown glass bottles. Julie's like to one girl, "Is that beer?!?" Hahah, and the girl replied, "No, it's Dracula's Blood." Lol, I guess it's this strawberry flavored soda, I ended up buying one because a) I was parched, and b) Who can pass up an offer to drink Dracula's Blood? Nootttt me :). So we checked everything out, got some free pins/stickers/rings, and casted our votes for who Bella will marry. Amanda, Julie, and I ended up getting a little bored after awhile, so we took a walk to Domino's for some cheezybread, which we proceded to eat in the big gazebo in the middle of Crandall Park.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

By the time we were back to RedFoxBooks, it was almost time to begin the release. Needless to say, I was stoked. But of course we had to wait forever because the word "pre-order" never really crossed our minds. So it definitely took awhile before it got to be our turn. While sitting on the curb waiting to buy my book, this boy who looked our age asked to take a picture of my shoes, hahah. That probably sounds pretty strange, but my kicks are quite a work of art. Amanda drew them special with sharpie for my birthday in June. Here is what they look like...
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Julie's dad picked us up once it was over, and I came back home with Julie because it was like 1:00 in the morning, and I was supposed to come over for Tom the next day anyways. He wasn't even home though, so I chilled a little with Julie, and fell asleep until like 10:00am. We chilled & whatnot for awhile until Tom came home sometime after noon. The majority of our day was spent working on the fort, specifically the zipline :). I had a good time, but like I kept feeling absolutely retarded, because I kept making stupid mistakes and Tom would end up having to come and do whatever I messed up himself, so I felt useless. I'm not sure why it made me feel so upset, probably because it kept happening repetively. It was our seven month anniversary, so I wanted to enjoy it-- but it was just difficult to do when I was making so many mistakes and feeling so dumb. Blehh. I really just wanted to do something that I couldn't screw up, like watch a movie. It's not really too easy to screw that up, hahah. But I mean it was worth it in the end, I helped him(kinda), create something cool. And the zipline actually works :), it's neat. I tried it out, but like it got caught in some branches so I was hanging there until Tom came to my rescue :P.

I'd have to say the absolute worst part of the day, and anything to happen recently, was when I almost friggen ran him over with the lawnmower. Like holyshit, it was fucking horrible. I was trying to back it up to the trailer thing, but I'm not familiar with lawnmowers, I'm more used to driving cars, so when I was backing up it felt like when I back my car out of the garage kinda. When I do that, I've usually got my foot lightly on the brake, but in this case with the mower, it was the reverse pedal. So as I was backing up to him, he told me to stop because I was close enough, and for some idiotic reason, most likely the whole being used to having my foot on the BRAKE, I pressed the reverse harder. Oh my friggen god. Once I realized what I was doing I stopped, but shit-- I was so close to like running him over. Just thinking about hurting him or anything like that scares me so bad, I even started crying hahah. What a woosie I am. Tom wasn't mad or anything, but I still felt extremely guilty, and started tearing up all over again every time he made a joke about it. Gahh, it was bad. We spent the rest of the night inside, watching tv and hanging out, y'know. Then we eventually just went to bed.

I just still can't get over how easily I could've injured him. I'm never driving that stupid garden tractor again, forgettttt that. We didn't do too much the next day, which happens to be today. Julie and I have been reading in our Breaking Dawn's, and my mom came to get me around 1:30. I thought I had work at 4, but when I showed up one of the head honchos told me the park was basically empty, so I could just go home. News like this is usually good, except for the burning hole in my wallet >:[, and the fact that I have no alternative plans for the night. I suppose I'll just get cozy with a good book :), that's never a bad idea.