Sunday, August 10, 2008


Weird title, huh? :P I'm listening to that song by The Cranberries, I like it. Plus I kind of feel like a zombie right now. I'm so worn out, work kicked my ass today. Like seriously, I'm not used to being that busy, hahah. Usually we get a couple rushes, but the majority of the time there's only a few shoppers in and out, and I get to sit and read in my books alot. But today I was on my feet like the entire time. I didn't mind too much since the time flew by much faster, but dang, I'm pooped.

It's been a couple days since I've updated, so let's recap. Yesterday was quite boring. I mainly just worked, then came home pretty tired, and did the same today. I finally went back to school shopping for supplies today. I decided to be an early bird & went right when the mall opened up. I've been annoyed with my dead ends so I broke down and went to Regis for a trim. Meh. I don't really like it at this length, but it'll grow. A whole two inches of my hair was dead, that's pretty bad hahah. Haircuts aren't really a priority for me, as you can tell. Maybe I should shape up :P. I found some deals on notebooks,folders, the works, ate at Panera's (asiago cheese bagel + broccoli cheddar soup = love) and headed home. I loveee driving. My mom actually talked to me about using some of my savings bonds to put towards a car :):)! The whole "summer job" thing hasn't really made me much money, so I'll need a better start if I want a vehicle sometime this year. I'll use ours until then though, my mom said she can do without for awhile.

I'm thinkinggg about one of those limited junior licenses. That way, I'm allowed to drive to school and home by myself, and by December(six months from my permit) I'll be able to drive with a junior license, meaning with two friends to any location before nine o' clock. Sounds like a good deal to me :).

Okay, so I hear CAKE is coming near where I live this September. I'm siked! It's such a cool band, I think my favorite song by them is "Short skirt long jacket" and "Italian Leather Sofa", War Pigs is good too, but I'll stop there. Counting Crows and Maroon 5 are coming too, in like two days but the tickets for good seats were over $100, so I just said "Fuck it". Way too much money for me to shell out right now.

note to readers:
I can't even begin to say how friggen thrilled I am that people actually read my silly rants and ideas, I appreciate it, alot :). I'm going to try to be on alot more so I can keep up with what everyone else is posting about to. But yeah, thanks a bunch :D.

So I feel like my posts are a bit naked without any pictures :(. So I'll display a couple I've taken recently.
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Duck :). I think this is a kinda cool picture, just because you can see the duck so well, and the water looks pretty cool. Cameras do funny things sometimes :P. We spent so much time photographing those friggen ducks, it was rediculous. Atleast I got something out of it though.
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This is that elevator in the old factory building where I take my photography class. It almost killed me that one time, haha, but it's neat. They also have this bathroom there with THREE toilets, but no stalls. How weird is that?! You're like supposed to go to the bathroom with other people two feet away from you. I couldn't believe it :P, there are other bathrooms though.
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And this is a HUGE spider we saw our day at the lake. It was ginormous I tell you.

I'm feeling pretty sleepy.. I think I'll retire off to bed and write another post tomorrow if I have the time :).


☆natalie☆ said...

I really have to get a trim to cut off the dead ends too. Although last time I went for just a trim the lady ended up cutting a few too many inches off, so I'll have to be very clear this time...

The asiago cheese bagel and broccoli cheddar soup sounds oh-so delish! Dang, now you've got my stomach rumbling, haha.

I love the photograph of the duck! The water looks really pretty. I could never go to the bathroom in the one with three toilets all next to each other! At least there's another bathroom. And I don't think I would go into that elevator either, especially with that spider around. Eeeeek! I'm not really afraid of spiders, just the really big creepy ones, like that one.

That sucks about the seats for the concert being so expensive, but good luck with getting your junior license! :D

DeAtH Pr!nCeSs said...

wo..that spider pik is nice !! hehe..
nice blog

Nicole Linette said...

Haha, I loved your comment; so long & fantastic to read :D
Yeah... I don't really give to much effort to maintain my hair either. I know it's kind of awful, but I seriously cut my hair like once every two years HAHAA! My most recent was back in April during spring break, had like twelve inches cut off and donated (before that it was 17"!). Ahh, Panera in itself is ♥♥♥! You're so lucky you're driving and such. I can't wait for my birthdayyy. Good luck with your license!

Haha.. the water in that duck picture is so awesome. Ducks are oddly mesmerizing hahaha, I totally understand why you took so many photos =P


AdnamaEslah said...

hah at least you don't cry like a woosie everytime you get a haircut.. and screw maroon 5 >:( we're not even in love with the band so it's not worth spending $100 on.. that ws so fun in that building with the three bathrooms. "what if somone is done before the other person is done?

i like going to new places with you :) and i'm glad that zack was there this time.

Skippy said...

Hair cuts are important to me...I just like my hair looking all shinny and pretty(it's the only thing I actually spend a lot of time fixing). But trims are not so fun. Early brid...what's that? I heard there are killer deals though. So that's good.

I like the duck pic!
One time I was trying to help a baby duck, because he looked lost and really sad. Then out of no friggin' were the mommy duck tried to attack me!!! All I was trying to do was help the baby, I wasn't even going to touch the thing. Just tell it to go into the lake. Then the mommy duck went all rambo and stuff, thinking I'm trying to hurt the baby. Luckly I was faster then she was.
I still like ducks tho, they just kinda scare me a little bit now.

Taylor-Tot said...

ya, i don't really bother with my hair either, well not during the summer anyway. i like the pics!!!! but i HATE SPIDERS!!! they probly scare me worse than anything else!!! isnt that just sad, a tiny little spider!!! *ROLLS EYES* i feel so stupid after i freak, but i always do, and i CRINGE at the sight of them!!! but i like pictures of them, less scaring, not gonna bite me. anyway i'm Taylor, and i'm Tired, i was out in the barn at 6 15 to 3 45 went back out at 6 30is and got back home at 9. and i'm so tired this is my last comment!!! and lucky for me i have to get up and trailer my horse again 2morrow so i gotta get up at 6 AGAIN!!! this lesson lasts 4 hours and then i gotta trailer home (45 min.) and ride my other horse!!! and then ride both of them everyday till school starts!!! yay!!! sry, i'm ranting, i love riding, but i'm tired!!! grrr, and now i'm typing way 2 much sry, hit me back if u want! nice blog!!!

~Jay~ said...

I love the cran. one of my fav. song by them is Linger u should check that song and video out~

Hannah said...

Hahaha yeah, haircuts aren't very important to me, either. My hair is like supppppperrrr curly, so you can't really even tell when my ends are dead since they're all curled up :D Hahha but, I just got one, and I got it cut to my shoulders. Before that, it was almost past my mid-back :O I was shocked. lol:]

I love the pictures, by the way :]


Taylor-Tot said...

thanks!!! and WAT?!!! U LIVE ON A FARM!!!! LUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKYYYYYY!!!!(lucky) jeez!!! i'm the only 1 in my family who rides!!! well my moms gonna start soon but ya anyway. ya 2day i was i the barn MORE!!! from 5 30(wen i got up) to 130ish(wen i got home) and then at 3 30 to 5 10ish i rode my other horse and i'm getting up early 2morrow... about 6, and then i gotta give him a bath and so on and so on. then i gotta ride Dolly my other horse, and so on and so on then i go online 4 a while and then i go back out and ride my rodeo horse again(if needed) and this goes on until the 1st day of school, and i fall asleep a little bit faster now!!!! yay 4 me, used 2 take me about 3 hours of staring @ the cieling now only 1!!! anyway i'm tired nite!!!

RAWR! [It's Aren!*] (: said...

Thanks for commenting. (:

And AHA I feel like a zombie these days because of the lack of sleep and work I have to put in because of soccer.

I love Panera's too. XD Haha; I just started driving; so I've got a ways to go before I get my license. Blah.

I really like the photo's. Especially the one of the elevator shaft. It has a vintage; rustic esque to it! XD And I really hate spiders. Haha. I screamed bloody murder while I was cleaning out my basment yesterday because my family's re-doing it as a surprise for my mom.

Keep in touch!

RAWR! [It's Aren!*] (: said...

Oh, and thanks for adding me on your blog roll. But jsyk; I deleted my "The Story Voiced by Aren"; and now am using my main blog; "Raining Lemon Gumdrops". :)

CANTIS said...

I really like the elevator shaft. It has a "vintage" look to it. Keep it up.

Taylor-Tot said...

cows??? i always wanted a baby cow!!! are they cute??? do you have baby cows??? dairy? does that mean goats??? idk, but i had goats, wanted a calf, and a penguin, but the penguin is way off subject, sry. ya its nice 2 spend time with them, i'm workin on a half- pass!!! um ya... not goin so well :( but thats ok, we get it someday!!!! he'll never get a passage, but thats ok with me, thats such an advanced move that theres no need, i wouldn't even no where to begin 2 teach him that, and he's a barrel horse!!! he doesnt need 2 no dressage!!! but i LOVE the way dressage looks, the horses r so graceful, and beautiful, its like the horse and rider aren't a team anymore, but connected, like they're the same, minds connect, bodies connect, and it flows... proffesional dressage is just... just... there r no words 2 describe it wen u get a perfect match, its... flawless? i guess u could say.

put that in the url wen you get the chance, watch the video, u'll see wat i mean.
heres another amazing pair, the best i've seen

stacy westfall is my hero, well 1 of them, wat she does on this horse, keep in mind while watching, is that this takes years for both horse and rider 2 acomplish WITH equipment.