Wednesday, August 20, 2008

wowsummerfeelslikeit'sgone :(

Yay, soccer has begun.
I'm kind of unsure about it.. This will be the third day of practice(yes, I'm sitting here ar 6:46 in the morning, I'm so not used to this) & I'm still not really enjoying it. Like, I've got Amanda and everything, but both of us are unsure. It's just, soccer was so much more fun back when all our good friends played, like Shayla, Binkie, and Julie. But the two seniors graduated, and Julie just has no desire to play. It's not like I hate the rest of the team, but they're just soccer buddies, most of them anyways, we'll be friends during soccer, but once it's over the talking stops. I prefer to play with the people I hang out with in and out of soccer. But if I quit, everyone's going to keep asking me why, and try to get me back on the team. So I suppose I may as well stick it out and maybe some new friendships will form.

Monday afternoon, Amanda and I went shopping down at one of the better but farther away malls in the area. I got myself new jeans, Amanda and I always do the "two for $50" or whatever deals, so we each get a pair and split the price :P, and a cool jacket from Zumiez. It's one of those wintertime hoodies, with the really smooth exterior and fleecey inside :), I like. I got some shirts too I think. So we made off pretty well. Clothes are the only thing exciting about winter for me, since I don't snowboard, and I'm not a fan of the cold. Well, hot chocolate and lots of snuggling are on top of the list as well, but clothes are pretty neat :).

After I got home and settled, I headed over to Julie's to return her wallet that she left in my bag the day of the amusement park. She wasn't home though, and John was the only one in the house so I had to go outside to try to find Tom. He had told me I could stay over, but my mom said I couldn't unless I could assure her I had a ride to practice in the morning, meh.. mothers :P, always planning ahead. I kept getting so frustrated because I couldn't find him anywhere, so after like ten minutes, and called John from my cell at the house to see if Tom had snuck past me up there :P. Lo and behold, he was the one to answer the phone, I was pissed, haha. To give you a better understanding, his "backyard" is huge, it's a bunch of fields with trees and paths, so I did walk quite a distance in my search efforts. I was relieved to find him though, until he told me that my mom's car was gone! She had left before I could tell her whether or not I could stay! I was so mad.. especially since I left my bag of everything I needed there, in the car. So we didn't have the happiest phone conversation, hahah, but I guess she got tired of waiting, and just took off. She wasn't more than 3 miles away though, so she brought back my stuff and I stayed there and hung out with Tom and John.

We mainly worked on the fort, well John and I mainly watched and talked :P, but that's what we did. It's turning out pretty cool, he's making a porch for it right now, and he already made a bar, hahah. When we went inside, he made me this burrito thing with eggs,broccoli,onions,peppers, cheese, and bacon. I love how he cooks for me :), I'm totally making him move in with me during college. So yep, we just chilled amongst ourselves doing boyfriend/girlfriend things for the rest of the night, and then I had to awake at 5:00 in the morning to be ready for practice. I had to catch a ride with Greg on his way to work, which meant we left the house at 6:30. It was pouring out, so I was not looking forward to it at all, but I toughed it out. Luckily, Tom's dad, Mark, offered to let me come along to drop off Greg, so I wouldn't have to wait at the school :). He even let me drive his truck back to the school, it was great. To my surprise, practice was still on, but moved to the indoors in the gym. We did have to run 10 laps around the whole parking lot first though, since the rain cleared up. Our fields were still destroyed of course, though. Amanda and I ran together like always. I'm glad I have her, if I didn't, I wouldn't play at all. She's always keeps me entertained and laughing :).

Afterwards, her mom dropped us off at home, and we went with her German Grandparents to walmart :D. I love how enthusiastic her grandpa, or opa as it's called in Germany, is. He can't speak any english, but he's so nice and friendly. Her opa and oma spoke alot of german to eachother in the car, and I kinda tried to pick up on some of it, but it didn't work well :P. Once we got there, they told us to meet at the entrance at 12, which would be two hours later. Yikes! Two hours in Walmart is waayyy too much for either of us. So once we were alone, we decided to walk to the mall instead for more clothes and the new Academy Is cd. It's not that we wanted to 'sneak off', but if we tried to explain what we were doing, they would've gotten very confused, since Oma speaks some English, but it's still not too easy for her. We called Amanda's mom to make sure it was okay to do, and she approved, so we walked/jogged our way to the local mall :P. It's pretty nearby our Walmart, only took us like 11 minutes. More 2/$50 pants for us :D, and I got like 3 cheap but nice shirts at Old Navy. I finally got myself a decent sweater, I've been wanting one of those. They have really cool striped ones in PacSun, but for $40-50 a piece, noottt worth it. Whatta bunch of crap. I'll have to check the outlets.

We made it back to our meeting zone safely, and even bought picture frames on sale at Walmart. Then we headed back home to chill & whatnot. The rest of our time consisted of watching The Office, what a great show :D, talking about random stuff, visiting with her family, playing rockband, and complaining about being bored, hahah. Then my mom picked us up and we chilled in my room while I organized some things, watched tv, and eventually went to bed, at like 10:00. But now it's like 7:20 in the morning, and practice is in 40 minutes, so I think I'll wake up sleeping beauty upstairs :P, and we'll head off for some torture.


Nicole Linette said...

HOLY SHIT you were up early hahaha. Excuse my Finnish (I speak French :P). That whole first paragraph, I'm sort of in the same situation. I only have one or two really good friends on the team because my other three quit for this year.. and it's not as horrible as I originially thought but it still takes a ton of effort, ya know? But that's good that you're stickin' it out. I just want to be in shape haha XD. Oh yeah, I'm going into 11th tooo :) YAY class of twentyten!

Haha I love the snowboarding brand sweatshirts, they are amazing quality-wise and I would totally buy one if I didn't spend my cash on other things. Hahahah that's so funny about wal*mart with German grandparents :P I wish my mall was a ten minute walk from wal*mart!

Ha anyway... maybe one day I'll update my blog but for now I'm sore and doing other stuff so happy soccer (pshttt haha) and talk to you laterr :]


☆natalie☆ said...

Whoa, you were up really early! Argh, I'm really not looking forward to getting up that early D: That's too bad about not as many of your friends doing soccer this year, I had the same problem last year with track. At first EVERYONE was doing it, but eventually it wound down to just a few of us :P I hope you still manage to have a fun time! (:

I always split the two for $50 jeans deal with my friends too, hehe. Winter is a great time to wear all of those really warm fuzzy sweatshirts and stuff (:

You're lucky that you're WalMart is close to the mall! My mom always takes forever in there, so it would be awesome if I could walk to the mall while she's there... but alas, all that there is near WalMart is a Best Buy and a Jo Ann Fabrics ): I really want the new The Academy Is CD! And $50 for one sweatshirt is ridiculous, even if they are super duper looking (:

Wandering Child said...

I know what you mean. School starts Tuesday for me and I STILL haven't finshed all my homework.

Taylor-Tot said...

haha sounds like fun, kinda, xept 4 the torcher part, lol

and ya, sometimes i get things a bit confused, but the 3 stories are so completely different i get it right after reading wat i wrote already. so its all good, and i love writing all of them, such different people, but all have so much in common, and my freind pointed out what i had never noticed. its that they all have alot of me in them, same habbits, i didnt mean to write them that way, but thats just how they are, o well i like them all, not meaning 2 brag, there not even good, but when ur writing it yourself, its hard not 2 get caught up in the story,

Skippy said...

I think I'm dead at five in the morning. I have respect for you, getting up so early. I don't think I don't think I could do it, unless I was getting up for something fun.