Sunday, August 3, 2008

lots & lots of recapping

Snikeyzzz, I've been busy :P.
Actually, within the past couple days I haven't even been home, so that kinda cut into my posting time. I'll just quickly go over what I've been up to...

Friday morning was my eye doctor appointment. Ugh, I hate going in for those, expecially since my usual doctor is a jerk. Like seriously, my last appointment was three weeks ago, and he was mad at me for not still having my trial pair of contacts. Sure, I should've held onto them, but he didn't have to be rude about it. Once I finally extracted myself from that mess, Amanda and I went to Shayla's Grandma's house on the lake to swim & chillax :). That was a whole lot of fun. We went swimming, out on this little raft type thing, and took some pretty nifty pictures. I like it there, I had a blast. We had to leave after awhile for our evening photography class, so her grandma brought us back to Amanda's house.

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My mom brought us to the building, but to our surprise, his studio was empty. With the exception of his studio-mate and some other girl. They nicely informed us that our instructor was held up with something, and he left a note on the door. So our session is postponed to whenever we want I guess :P. It wasn't really a big deal, things come up. We went to the mall real quick so my mom could pick up a couple things, and then headed back to Amanda's. Later on, Julie joined us and we left for the book release party for Breaking Dawn! I've been anticipating it's release for like the past three weeks, hahah. I'm so glad we got to go to it. When we arrived at the bookstore, all these kids about our age were walking around with these brown glass bottles. Julie's like to one girl, "Is that beer?!?" Hahah, and the girl replied, "No, it's Dracula's Blood." Lol, I guess it's this strawberry flavored soda, I ended up buying one because a) I was parched, and b) Who can pass up an offer to drink Dracula's Blood? Nootttt me :). So we checked everything out, got some free pins/stickers/rings, and casted our votes for who Bella will marry. Amanda, Julie, and I ended up getting a little bored after awhile, so we took a walk to Domino's for some cheezybread, which we proceded to eat in the big gazebo in the middle of Crandall Park.

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By the time we were back to RedFoxBooks, it was almost time to begin the release. Needless to say, I was stoked. But of course we had to wait forever because the word "pre-order" never really crossed our minds. So it definitely took awhile before it got to be our turn. While sitting on the curb waiting to buy my book, this boy who looked our age asked to take a picture of my shoes, hahah. That probably sounds pretty strange, but my kicks are quite a work of art. Amanda drew them special with sharpie for my birthday in June. Here is what they look like...
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Julie's dad picked us up once it was over, and I came back home with Julie because it was like 1:00 in the morning, and I was supposed to come over for Tom the next day anyways. He wasn't even home though, so I chilled a little with Julie, and fell asleep until like 10:00am. We chilled & whatnot for awhile until Tom came home sometime after noon. The majority of our day was spent working on the fort, specifically the zipline :). I had a good time, but like I kept feeling absolutely retarded, because I kept making stupid mistakes and Tom would end up having to come and do whatever I messed up himself, so I felt useless. I'm not sure why it made me feel so upset, probably because it kept happening repetively. It was our seven month anniversary, so I wanted to enjoy it-- but it was just difficult to do when I was making so many mistakes and feeling so dumb. Blehh. I really just wanted to do something that I couldn't screw up, like watch a movie. It's not really too easy to screw that up, hahah. But I mean it was worth it in the end, I helped him(kinda), create something cool. And the zipline actually works :), it's neat. I tried it out, but like it got caught in some branches so I was hanging there until Tom came to my rescue :P.

I'd have to say the absolute worst part of the day, and anything to happen recently, was when I almost friggen ran him over with the lawnmower. Like holyshit, it was fucking horrible. I was trying to back it up to the trailer thing, but I'm not familiar with lawnmowers, I'm more used to driving cars, so when I was backing up it felt like when I back my car out of the garage kinda. When I do that, I've usually got my foot lightly on the brake, but in this case with the mower, it was the reverse pedal. So as I was backing up to him, he told me to stop because I was close enough, and for some idiotic reason, most likely the whole being used to having my foot on the BRAKE, I pressed the reverse harder. Oh my friggen god. Once I realized what I was doing I stopped, but shit-- I was so close to like running him over. Just thinking about hurting him or anything like that scares me so bad, I even started crying hahah. What a woosie I am. Tom wasn't mad or anything, but I still felt extremely guilty, and started tearing up all over again every time he made a joke about it. Gahh, it was bad. We spent the rest of the night inside, watching tv and hanging out, y'know. Then we eventually just went to bed.

I just still can't get over how easily I could've injured him. I'm never driving that stupid garden tractor again, forgettttt that. We didn't do too much the next day, which happens to be today. Julie and I have been reading in our Breaking Dawn's, and my mom came to get me around 1:30. I thought I had work at 4, but when I showed up one of the head honchos told me the park was basically empty, so I could just go home. News like this is usually good, except for the burning hole in my wallet >:[, and the fact that I have no alternative plans for the night. I suppose I'll just get cozy with a good book :), that's never a bad idea.


Nicole Linette said...

Ahhh! Your pictures on that dock are freakin' sweet! Especially the ones in motion, god it's so cool XD. Bahaha, my picture in the road. My friends and I were feeling 'adventurous' and figured that would be a cute place for a picture :) A lady was watching us through a window though cause I think she saw the flashes.. it was funny.
Yeah the eye doctor is retarded, I hate it when I'm trying a new pair of contacts and they end up burning or something stupid like that. Lamee.

Those sneakers are rad. I wish my friends were creatively inclined to do something like that for my birthday, but I still love them hahahaa =]
Dude, I need an argyle pair of sneakers. =P Yeah that would be great.

Aww and sorry to hear about your lawn mower fiasco :{ Must have been scary. God, sounds like my hammock disaster. Well, not really. But shit happens. At least you two are happily alive & together for seven months :D

Finally, yeah I went to France for ten days the beginning of March. I lived in Rennes with a family for eight days, then our class went to Paris to stay in a hostel for two days. No killers spotted :) Paris is amazing, but it would have been better without the rain, wind, and cold. I recommend going in August of the fall probably. Or anytime during the summer! Vive la France!

=] peace&love

Hannah said...

I love the pictures of you girls jumping - so cute! Especially the one that looks like one of you is kicking another one haha.
And I agree - sweet sneaks! Personalized things like that are just way cooler cuz they're not like anyone elses!

AdnamaEslah said...

d0000d, Shayla's dock was so much fun jumping off of! :) and that book release party was so fun. hah at the kid in the vampire cape " no one in the book even WEARS a cape.." and in the gazebo in the park when the 2 boys talked to us " We thought you guys were doing Yoga or something.." "SHE DOES YOGA..WITH HER MOM!!" good times man good times.:D

PS i finished repainting your sneaks so you can pick them up at any time. :)

PSS next time you come over here help me with this website..i have no idea how it works D:<

AdnamaEslah said...

PSSS i look totally hot in the gazebo pictures.

☆natalie☆ said...

Those pictures from the dock are awesome. I love that first one, it's definitely a keeper (:

AHH I still have to get my copy of Breaking Dawn! I have been so busy I still haven't been able to make a trip to the book store, and it's killing me. And I accidentally came across some spoilers on the internet that kind of ruined it for me :P

And those are some pretty sweet sneakers, if I may say so myself (:

Skippy said...

Very cute pics, it looks like you and your friends had fun. And with shoes like those, you shouldn't even be shocked when someone asks to take a pics of them. LOL

Hannah said...

I love those pictures on the dock! They're so cute :D

I really, really wish I had gone to the BD release, but I thought that if I went the next day to Barnes&Noble it would be fine...WRONG! They were sold out. Crap. But, I'm supposed to be notified within the next week when a new shipment comes in, and in the meantime, I can just re-read the series...again! Hahaha

I love those shoes! They're so neat :D You have some creative friends! Hahah

I would have cried, too, if I had done that. It sounds like something I would do, too! Except, with my luck, I probably would have actually ran someone over... :/ lol! It's really good that that didn't happen, though :D

Have a good time reading your book! I'm about to go read Eclipse :D Thank you for stopping by, come again sometime!


Nicole Linette said...

Hahaha aaahh, the hammock disaster. It was a sort of a 'had-to-be-there' incident, but if you'd like to read about it, the link is here:

:D peace&♥.

Wandering Child said...

I really like those pictures! Especially the black and white ones and the shoes. It seems like you were having a lot of fun.

Nicole Linette said...

Hahaha yeah the hammock bizz was interesting. No scar though, it's totally lame :( hehe

Chemistry, well ... I'm not going to butter it up, it was probably the class I had to put the most effort into =:X Haha, I don't even know what to tell you :\ Basically, ask for extra help when you need it, and know you're reference tables (yes ... they're back after e-sci ugh haha). And you will learn to hate reduction-oxidations (redox).
Good luck!!! :D

Haha yeah Panera Bread kicks ass. Everyone keeps saying the sandwich looks good but that's only a chicken salad on seasame haha... that was the only decent pic I could find of the salad haha. The Mediterranean one comes on tomato basil bread (it's orange)!

AAAHHH and I just realized the main reason I was commenting back was because I subscribed to Alt Press yesterday! XD They made the Warped Tour programs and I found a subscription card in it so I stuck it in the mail ... after my Mom looked through an issue at Border's and deemed it "appropriate". Psht, parents.

And thank you, I like my shirt too :D

=] ♥