Sunday, August 17, 2008

Let's begin from Friday :P.
I went to my photography class, and we looked at pictures we've taken that aren't so great, and found ways to improve them. Afterwards I dropped Amanda off and headed over to Tom's to hang out. He had some friends over, we chilled by the fire & whatever, and then went to bed :).

Great Escape was the next day, so Julie and I got dropped off at Amanda's and left. Shayla came along too :). It was a pretty fun time, it's like Six Flags, only tinyier and not so cool, haha. We enjoyed ourselves anyway though. I loved how we went on this mechanical balloon ride like a million times, since noone was in line for it. Julie kept saying after every time, in a british accent, "May we have another go?" And he let us stay on, until we felt kinda sick :P. Ahh, let's see, what else.. There was this pirate show going on by the performance pool, so we sat on the bleachers to watch--- but those jerks dumped buckets of water on us >:[. Like, it's understandable since it's a show, but they did it as I was obviously trying to leave to avoid it, since I had my camera case out in the open, but they did it anyways! Luckily the water didn't soak through the case very much, so my baby was safe. Still, it made me mad-- I'm joining the Ninja side from now on. The whole day was pretty fun :), I liked how Julie could get us discounts since she worked there. We got to meet all her foreign friends who work there too, like Ina! Hahah, she was great. I think she's from Taiwan. Julie took her hat & was like "Hey look, I'm Ina" and she started laughing and was like "Julie stop, you not Ina!"
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Afterwards, Amanda brought me and Shayla back to her house to eat some delicious German chocolate, and meet her grandma :). Both of her grandparent's are visiting from Germany, for about a month. It's pretty cool, I'm sure the language will rub off on Amanda, and then hopefully she can teach me >:]. I kind of want to learn alot of languages in my lifetime, so I can go to alot of places, and actually understand what's going on around me. I've taken spanish for the past four years, but I need to be more fluent, then I'll learn french, and so on, and so forth.
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Sunday morning, this morning, was boring. I felt all grumpy for some reason, so I spent my day doing the equivelent of nothing. Once 2:00 rolled around, my supervisor, Charette called me into work early if I could make it. So two hours early I went in, helped Erica out with inventory and such, and it was a sluggish day. Luckily Jared came to my rescue and talked with me for awhile so I wasn't quite so bored. He even offered to fetch me food from up at his house, but then the clouds looked like it was going to storm, so I resorted to a choco taco from the machine instead. Something that baffles me is how much I love books and reading, but how horrendously I explain the plot when people ask me. For instance, I was reading Breaking Dawn at work tonight, and the photography of the games, Ian, asked me what it was about. I was like "Well this girl falls for a vampire, and has to become one in order to be with him. And vampires stay the same age forever." That's like all I could muster, even though the book is so much more than that. Wow, I definitely need to practice my explanation skills :P.

Speaking of skills, tomorrow is the first day of soccer, yay! Hahah, forget the enthusiam. Well I'm a bit excited since I like soccer, but it's so much work, and I know what it's going to be like. Especially since Amanda's the only one I have this year, none of my other close friends are on the team :(. Shayla and Binky graduated, and Julie doesn't want to play, so it's just the two of us. Hopefully we'll meet some new friends this way, but meh, soccer was always better with the four/five of us.

I finally finished the book Water For Elephants today :). If you haven't read it, I highly suggest it, it's amazing to say the least. It's about a college aged boy who loses his parents in an accident, and runs off and joins the circus, where he falls in love and ends up in a dangerous situation, in which he acquires help from an unlikely source to solve. But the perspective switches from his young self, to his present condition as an old man in a nursing home. It's a really interesting read. Now I have like 10 chapters of Breaking Dawn to go, and I'm excited for the ending :), whatever it may be. But it's getting late, and I have to be up and at 'em early tomorrow morning for soccer, so I suppose it's time to end this.


Taylor-Tot said...

sounds like fun :-P!!! thats totally me with the explaining thing, but ur last description of um' water for elephants' i thinkl was the name was good, i know pretty much wat its about. Breaking Dawn is amazing, i would say more, but i don't thinki should, don't want 2 spoil it 4 u!!! like 1 of my freinds did 4 me!!! KENNA!!! grrr jk, she just told me 1 part lol.
ya i think pretty much anything baby is adorable, except 4 baby food. that stuff is GRRROOOSSSSS!!!! eww just thinking about it... *SHUDDER* lol.
and thanx, i hope my books turn out good, i'm starting another soon, probly wen i get off blogger but i have riding lessons in the morning so i wont get far *wrinkles nose* i want 2 go 2 riding but i also want 2 stay up late and write!!!

☆natalie☆ said...

The little amusement park place sounds like fun! It's always awesome when there aren't any lines and you can just go on the rides over and over again. Great pictures too! That's cool about your friend's grandparents; hopefully you can learn some of the language. I've attempted to learn German before, but I never really got the hang of it :P And I'm not very good at explaining books or movies right either, without them sounding either stupid or boring. Have fun at your first soccer practice, and if I'm at the library I'll be sure to look for Water For Elephants; it sounds like a good read! (:

Wandering Child said...

I like those pics! I can't totally tell which one you are. And I hope you can learn a lot from your friend's grandparents. I speak a lot of French myself but I can't understand it unless it's in heavily accented American. *shrugs* And that books sounds cool! I'll have to look it up.

Taylor-Tot said...

haha, same here with the explaining thing, i vote its a disease!!! lol and ya it sucks 2 get a book spoiled!!! i no all about it!!! grrr, lol, tell me wen u finish!!!! and ya good idea, i posted my rough version of the 1st chapter of my 1st book, In Someone Elses Eyes, its not the way it is now, its quite different actually, not the same car either, still looking 4 a car, going 2 a dealership soon. cant find 1 online *rolls eyes* but ya if u want 2 read it its there, i might post the new version, but my laptop is stupid, it randomly decides it wants to turn off, and not turn back on... ugh!!! its really irritating!!! the battery charger thing, where u stick the plug in is bent, so it wont charge, but if u plug it in it works, but shuts off... anyway, i got a new book idea, some of wat happened 2 me a few years ago some of wat i was reading on another blog and she said i could use it... mixed in with some other stuff, its a love story... yada yada yada, i dont no the rest, i hope 2 start writing it 2nite!!! now that i've brainstormed a few days!!! i hope it turns out good!!!

☆natalie☆ said...

Thanks a lot for the layout and picture compliments (: I really appreciate them! And yes, any times with friends are almost always a blast. Summer is such a great time to be with them, I'm sad it's coming to a close. ): And I hope one day your dream of getting a trampoline comes true (: