Friday, August 29, 2008

Summer is screetching to a halt.Aside from the annoying tasks such as practice and farmwork, things have been pretty good. Our first scrimmage was Thursday. We lost 5-2 or something, but we played well. Scores didn't count, the purpose was to get a feel of how we're going to operate as a team, and try out new positions. Things were switched up and such, so mistakes were obviously made. I think we did all right though :), lots of communication, and we're finally not just kicking the ball, which is definitely an improvement. The biggest difference for me anyways, is not feeling intimidated. I used to be so terrified of messing up, and getting people angry with me, that I'd just screw up worse than I anticipated :P. Reaaaalllll smooth. Now though, I know it's not a big deal, it's just a game. Try your best, and well, if that doesn't work, who cares?

I almost forgot, a couple days ago I went to this working picnic at school. It was pretty interesting. Our principal, who is a pretty cool guy, puts a list of students together who he thinks would be into helping to change our school, and tells them to bring a guest if they want, and we have snacks and come up with new ideas. He split us off into groups to come up with things we liked and disliked about school, and how we could change the things in our "bad" list, haha. It was a pretty productive evening, I thought. It seems like I can really change things this year, it's a nice feeling. Ms. Way, who teaches french class talked to me about starting a school newspaper. It's like she read my mind, hahah. I've been wanting to start one pretty badly. A newspaper would be like my only way of journalism in the school system. Having one would be pretty beneficial to everyone though, too. Our town seems so boring, because noone knows about things that happen, except through word of mouth, which usually gets all confusing and misheard anyways, and the stories turn out completely different from the original. In writing, it's alot more difficult to confuse the story, unless the reporter is dishonest in the first place, which would be pretty lame if you ask me. Having something like this would make it so students could actually express their opinions about things, instead of just complaining amonst eachother. Plus it would lead to more involvement within the school, I believe, because the awareness would be raised as to what is going on. I just think it's a good idea, but that's just me.

So Shayla is off to college now :(. I miss her already, but atleast she's going to make something of herself, and get awesome new experiences. I can't wait til I go to college. It seems like alot more fun than highschool. Atleast I got to see her on her last day in our little farm town. Our friend, Derek, brought us out on the lake on his jet ski. Pretty awesome :). I rode the tube/raft/whatever thing pulled behind it. That was wicked cool, to start off with anyway. I loved hitting the waves and bouncing along the water, it was so fun. That was for the first like 30 minutes. Once that time is up, it loses its appeal, hahah. I went from feeling like I was riding the back of a magnificent sea turtle, to being a fat manatee being violently dragged behind an oil tanker. I was getting so sore, and the water splashing my face got pretty old, hahah. I kept feeling like my contacts were coming out, which would have sucked since I didn't have extras, or my glasses. At the same time, my knees were getting sore and burnt from constantly slamming against the raft, ugh, haha. Not to mention the soreness of my neck/arms. It's my own fault though, Derek and Shayla checked on me many times, but I kept thinking I could handle it :P, but it just got worse. I didn't want to get on the jetski though, and get them soaked because they kept themselves nice and dry. Those two are great :), aside from the pain I let myself endure, it was a wonderful time. Derek has a spot on this island place, so we checked it out, got some snackage, a duck bit me, and we talked about alot of things. Once it was near time to leave, he brought us for one last quick ride, and I did not get on the sea turtle again, I rode on the jet ski :P. Now, that felt like a horse, haha. Galloping across the sea, fast and elegantly. Derek brought us both home, and I helped with more hay. Later that night, Amanda and I went over to see Shayla one last time, and hung out with her and Tanner, her brother. It was a nice time :). It was so weird saying goodbye, and knowing it really meant goodbye :(, for a month atleast. If we get tickets to the CAKE concert, then we'll see her in late September, but if not, it could be months upon months.. Hopefully I pass my road test next month so I can visit her.

I went home with Amanda to stay the night when we left Shayla's, staying up to have another one of our "right before we doze off" meaningful conversations. They tend to happen frequently :P. The next day, which would be today, we went to Walmart,PriceChopper, and Aldi's. I was exhausted for some reason, and on the verge of sleeping. Amanda and I managed to find these sick Chuck Norris back to school folders, hahahaha. Oh my god, they're great. I got two with his picture that say "Chuck Norris won a staring contest with the sun" and "Chuck Norris does not sleep, only waits", hahah. I absolutely love Chuck humor. After that little adventure Amanda gave me German gnome gummies and I went home to take pictures and relax. Our last photography class was tonight :(. I'm really going to miss that place. Today we brought in a couple of our favorite pictures we've taken, enlarged, to look at. Rite Aid was super lame though, and their machine was broken when I ran in there last minute before my class, so I had to suffice with one photograph, that my instructor has already seen. Ugh, it made me mad. Atleast it was a decent one. I hope my photography skills improve alot from that class, it's nothing I think I could make a living out of, like Amanda could, but it sure would be a nice hobby :).

So Tom and Julie are off to their cousin's house, a couple hours away, until school starts. I'm going to miss them too, ugh :(. Everyone keeps taking turns at leaving, haha. When is someone going to be able to take me along?!?!? Hahah, kidding, but it has been forever since I've left this sad little town for more than an evening or afternoon. My family hasn't taken one trip all summer, it's disappointing. Usually, we go down to Syracuse for a few days, but nothing was appealing there this year, so we spent the summer here, the whole time. I can't wait until I have a car and license, so I can take myself all over the place :D!! I'm really too excited for my own good.


Nicole Linette said...

Haha I hate it so much when everyone leaves and I'm left it my boring little town. A lot of my friends (not me though) were close to the class of '08.. and now that's they're leaving for college, a ton of them are depressed so I kinda understand. Thank goodness for technology, eh?

Hahahah Chuck, it never gets old :P Those folders are going to be a HIT! When I was in Myrtle Beach at Planet Hollywood, I found handprints signed Chuck Norris & I freaked out and made my friend take a picture of me with them XD! hahaa it was great.

Hmm... yeah tubing, I kinda have a love/hate relationship. Sure, it's exhilairating (<< that may be spelt wrong HA) but it takes a TON of strenghth ... god, never get on a banana boat, trust me on that one ;) Sounds like the outing was fun though. It's been chilly here... really damp and in the 60s. Lameee!

That's really great that you feel comfortable enough with your team to be vocal and confident in what you're doing. I was like that last year. But now, like in 9th grade, I feel intimidated once again by the seniors, since I'm yelled at a lot. Most of the time I really know what I'm doing, I just have to work on applying those skills so my FEET know what they're doing ... eugghh :\
Oh god, and the first round of our own tournament yesterday? Yeah, we lost. 2-7!!! D: We were tied 1-1 at half then after that everyone just lost it, their marks, exhaustion, the other team had stellar corner kicks ... pretty sad. I only played 15 minutes of that half though. So for me, the loss isn't too terrible because I didn't contribute much :{

I hate feeling inferior! :\


p.s. Sorry, I didn't mean to leave a ranting comment..!

Wandering Child said...

i hope you have a good year at school. summer's already over for me, so enjoy what time you have left.

Skippy said...

A school newspaper sounds fun. I'm sure if you love writing you'll do well. Plus if journalism is your thing you'll kill it. AND its good practice if you really want to have a job in journalism. I'm sure you'll be a kick-A reporter.

Personally, I prefer writing as in book/story writing. now blog writing.

☆natalie☆ said...

Good luck with soccer! It's great that you have such a good attitude about it. "It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game" is what my old coach always told us.

It would be awesome to work in the school newspaper. In middle school there was one that would come out every so often, but it was run by the somewhat stupid people that had a free period because they didn't want to take any creative arts classes. It had so many spelling mistakes D: There isn't one in high school though. At least yet. It's such a great feeling to be able to change the way that your school is run though!

I can't believe I haven't been tubing! I'll have to try it sometime. It sounds like it would be really fun, until it started to get that painful. That's so nice of you to stay in there just so no one else would have to get wet (:

Haha, Chuck Norris phrases are hilarious. Those folders sound beast :D I wish that my high school had a photography class... the closest thing is yearbook staff; they get to take pictures at the football games and such. Maybe I'll do that?

Yeah... this comment turned out longer than I meant it to, haha (:

Taylor-Tot said...

im very sry but i dont have time 2 read ur post rught now, i'll come back went i get back here i'm about 2 leave, but from ur comment, no i havent read it, i've done the same as u, i keep 4getting 2 grab it at the store, i see them all the time, but just dont get it, idk y. but ya, ur right, nobody wants 2 just disappear 2 be forgotten in the long term, nobody wants their life 2 end and that just be it, they're over, its sad, but i don't really believe in the afterlife, well i kinda do, but kinda not. crap gotta go, comming back!!! again i'm sry i couldnt read!!!