Monday, September 5, 2011

Change of the Seasons

Summer is gone and it's been almost a month since I've updated, again! But I am pleased to at least note that a lot has happened since I last wrote a blog post. I made a trip to New York City to visit my college friends, I bid farewell to Polo Ralph Lauren (until winter break perhaps,) I went job hunting and succeeded, and I have started my sophomore year of college. Alright, it doesn't seem like much, but I've been feeling pretty busy.

This is already starting off to be an amazing year at college. My suitemates are all just so chill this semester. Last year I dormed with a group of girls from Long Island who had all carefully chosen eachother beforehand, and my roommate and I were just the extras they were stuck with, ha ha. We didn't really click with their group because they had different friends and things going on through their sorority experience, but me and my roommate basically went together like peanut butter and jelly. And we chose to be roommates again this year :). For our suitemates we chose girls we met during freshman year that we had a lot of fun with, and felt the closest to, so now we have a pretty sweet suite. Our rooms are actually smaller in this building, but we compensate by actually using our space. Our common room last year housed everyone's desk, and that was all. And if the other girls were getting ready to go out, the common room felt off limits because who wants to sit and work at their desk in a room that's blasting music with hair straighteners and blow dryers going? Needless to say I did a lot of homework on my bed last year. This year, my desk is in my room, and so are a few of the other girls', so we had room to purchase a cute futon and set up a little living room area. It's so much cozier to be able to sit out there with the girls and watch bad tv together(before them I never watched an episode of Millionaire Matchmaker or Real Housewives.) My classes are pretty good this semester too; Abnormal Psychology, Environmental Science, Childhood Development, News Writing and Reporting, and Film in Contemporary Latin America.
Cozy right? Makes it awfully hard to get up and leave the dorm though, haha.

New York City was a lot of fun too. It was in the middle of August so I can't remember all of the details, but I'll recount what I can :). We went to Coney Island, Central Park, St. Mark's Place, and saw the Metropolitan Museum. I think I was actually getting the hang of the subway system after awhile. The night we went to St. Mark's we almost saw Johnny Knoxville!! We were walking past Union Square and these guys were like "Hey! Hurry up and go to Ray's Pizza, Johnny Knoxville's over there!!" I mean yeah... maybe they were lying, but it could definitely be credible--it's NYC. I could imagine a drunk Johnny stopping in a pizza place at 1 AM, it seems pretty plausible. But once we hurried over there, there was no Knoxville in sight...sigh.
 Coney Island was pretty cool :D. I've never been to an amusement park so close to a beach before, I thought it was cool the way the structure of the rides contrasted with the beach scene. We were kind of broke that day so we only paid to go on one ride (they're like $7-8 a pop!) and we walked along the water. Of course neither Tom or I had bathing suits with us. We also saw the original Nathan's Hotdogs stand--pretty epic I suppose :P.
 This little boy was ADORABLE! I can't believe I caught him just as he was trying to join in on the fun, with dad desperately reaching to pull him back, haha. They incorporated him right into their thing though, it was so cute to watch this todler teeter after these gigantic bubbles. I must've taken like...15 pictures of him, I feel like a creep. But I couldn't help it, it was adorable.
 I found Waldo ;).
I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but one of the things Tom and I like to do together is play chess. He basically taught me everything I know--I didn't know any of the pieces or have a clue how to play before him. So it was pretty cool when we went to Union Square and came across these chess games. How it works is if you win, the other guy gives you $5.00, and if you lose, he gets your $5.00. Usually Tom's pretty boss at chess, I've only beaten him a couple of times out of all the times we've played--but that night wasn't his night :P. He said he made a silly mistake, and I can't blame him, it's a little nervewracking to play in front of and against strangers, but it was still cool to watch.
One night we devoted primarily to hookah. It was actually during Ramadan, so a lot of the hookah spots were setting up for buffets after sunset, so we had to find one that wasn't going to be so crowded. We talked forever and had a contest for who could blow the most smoke, and tried making smoke rings. The fresh fruit hookah was really good, definitely worth the few extra dollars. Again, my nights in the city are al jumbled together and I can't really remember that much, but it was definitely a good time.

Back to the present: I did a little job searching at the end of the month and landed a job at Fossil! If you aren't familiar with them they sell vintage items ranging from leather bags to really nice watches, sunglasses, and charms. I went through two interviews with different managers and filled out all of my employment paperwork, so I'm just waiting for them to give me my employee number and start me in on training :). I'm pretty excited. The brand is something that's a little more "me" than Polo, although they were great to work with, I feel like this is going to be a good experience for me.
I kind of really want one of these watches already...yupp, there goes my paycheck!

I hope everyone is doing well, I'll be catching up on blogs really soon. The transition back into fall has been busy,  but I intend on posting a lot more frequently.
♥ Olive