Monday, December 29, 2008


It sounds like everyone's holidays were rather splendid :).
Good to hear, good to hear. If I could locate my camera cord.. I'd show you all a couple little things I got, but I'll have to hold off until later for that. I've been spending alot of time bonding with my best friends, Amanda and Julie, which has been really nice. We've always been close, but every once in awhile we just need one of those epic nights to just reconnect, you know. Sometimes we begin hiding things, or leaving things out, so it's good to get everything like that out on the table, it's refreshing. I couldn't ask for better friends.

One of these nights, just Julie and I went to the mall while Amanda was with her boyfriend Jeff, and we planned on seeing Seven Pounds, starring Will Smith. We were anticipating on having to spend nearly $10 on this movie, but when we each paid the cashier a $20 bill to cover the $9.50 ticket, he handed us each back $20.50 in change! He must have misplaced the tens with the twenties or something.. But we didn't say anything, hahah. It probably wasn't the morally correct thing to do, but hey. It felt nice to get paid to watch a fantastic movie. The next night we, along with Amanda, actually hung out with our music teacher, haha. She's really fun, and not at all creepy :P. We just wanted to drop by to give her a Hannah Montana calandar for Christmas.. hahah, and she gave us hot chocolate, cookies, and we sat around talking. She's a funny woman, it was a good time. We got her to watch bits and pieces of Coneheads.. :). She has a daughter our age, if that makes our visit any less weird, haha. It was enjoyable, especially to look through her old yearbook :P. We went back to Julie's for the night, and stayed up well into the early morning(3amish) talking and stuff. We swore we time travelled or something. The next day was spent at the movies again, seeing Benjamin Button. Now, that is a truly fascinating movie. I highly,highly suggest you get your tushie to the movie theater to watch it, asap :D. I loved it.

Soo.. boys,boys,boys.
I've basically been in love with said boy, I think you all know who I'm talking about, for four, nearly five years. Even though things offically ended between us awhile back, they haven't really. We're not much different, we just lack a title, a standing. I don't understand it. What is it that makes him not want to "date" me, while he still acts the same, is seen in public with me, and spends time with me one on one. The only significant difference is a lack of PDA and frequent iloveyou's. The rest is pretty static. Does anyone understand this? We began this whole deal as close friends, so it's not a plausible option for us to just go our separate ways, we want to be in eachother's lives. It's just a weird situation. I don't think he knows what he wants.

So what are you guys planning for New Years?

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Yes, I know I'm been slacking majorly :P
But I've been caught up trying to prepare for Christmas and such, it's been overwhelming this year. I'm guessing most of you are with family, opening presents right now. I'm waiting. Since my parents are farmers, the chores out in the barn must be done first, but once they come in, we'll open a few gifts here, and head over to my Grandparent's house next door.


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Hah. Amanda, Julie and I attempted to build a gingerbread house in our matching grandma christmas sweaters :P. But yeah, the house collapsed two seconds after it was finished.

Also, my friend that's been off at college, Shayla, came down for a visit :):):)!! I've missed her a ton, so it was really good to spend some time with her. We had an excellent day.
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So, I'm cutting my post short because my parents are in :P. I hope everyone's having a fantastic holiday, and I'll be catching up with all of you soon.

♥ Olive!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

TAG, I'm it. :P

So, I was tagged by Natalie, but I break the rules, so I'll just post 8 things about me. I'd tag people, but I think she already covered mostly everyone I talk to :P.

#1) I absolutely cannot stand it when my bangs are curly. It'll bother me all day long.
#2) Every day after school I do cow chores. Not because I get paid or I want to, just because it's my time to spend with Tom. I like being around him, laughing with him, so I put up with the annoyance of livestock and the labor. It's really not so bad though.
#3) I aspire to be an author. Truthfully though, I'm scared I'm not cut out for it. I want to be able to write like Markus Zusak, and if I can't, I'll feel like a failure. My fall back plan is journalism. Working for a magazine like Alternative Press(AP), would definitely compensate a bit :).
#4) Travel is something I enjoy :). Well, I only go as far as Iowa on an annual basis, but I like airplane flights, and I know I'd love to see different, beautiful parts of the world. Sometimes I feel like America isn't that great. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate it, haha. I just think it might be overrated. Europe seems magnificent to me.
#5) I've been best friends with the same people for over three years now. I honestly do believe that the closest friends I have now, I'll keep forever. We're all always going to be a part of eachother's lives.
#6) Intelligence is valuable to me. I'm scared of being dumb, to be quite honest.
#7) Seven is my favorite number. Yes, I'm running out of interesting things to say.
#8) I should actually be doing chemistry right now, but I chose to update my blog instead.

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So I've been kind of busy, kind of lazy lately. Sunday was one of the busier days. I spent it with my Grandma, making maple cream. I can't remember if I ever mentioned this, but we make our own syrup by tapping the trees and boiling down the sap, the whole shebang. And my Grandmother's usually the one to make cream out of it, but lately her arthritus has been escruciating, so I stepped in to help her out. It was pretty easy, just time consuming. It takes alot of time to boil and cool down, then stirred in the machine. The most 'laborous' part of it is dishing it out of the large pot into the containers we sell it in. It's not so bad though. Maple cream is quite delicious, if you haven't tried it before, I reccomend it, especially on toast in the morning.

Later on that day I spent time with Tom, Julie, and John. J00lz has been sick lately :(, so it was nice to get to see her now that she's recovered. We watched this scientific movie called Andromeda or something, it was cool :P. Plus I went to the outlets to turn in my application and buy a pair of winter boots. Monday was actually alright, considering it was a Monday. I baked two batches of ready-to-bake cookies for our Spanish class, and just to give away to friends. That certainly made some people happy :), haha. Tom hugged me all the way from my locker to math class, for giving him his own little baggie of them. So if you ever want to get on people's good side, BAKE COOKIES, hahah. The downside of the day was discovering that I'm failing Chemistry. I've never failed ANYTHING before. It's only because I owe around five lab write-ups that I fell behind on, and I didn't do extrordinarily well on the test, although I passed it. This class is getting tough. I've been staying after lately now, and trying to catch myself up, but it's hard. I honestly and sincerely cannot wait for winter break. The vacation is muchly desired.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hello, Maturity

This was my first year ever going Christmas shopping alone.
It was weird driving myself around to different places to shop. I felt like a connoiseur of the road, navigating through the bustling holiday traffic. Which I may add was crazy. I spent literally over five minutes waiting to turn out of the outlet stores. It felt nice though, taking care of all of these things myself. I got my shopping done for Tom, mainly done for Amanda, and I gathered ideas for other people. I even made my first grocery shopping expedition by my lonesome today, haha. That definitely makes you feel old, pushing around a shopping cart by yourself :P. I can feel myself growing up. I won't lose my silliness though, my immaturity :P. Oh trust me, I still have it. I don't think of maturity as being sunk deep into the rut of seriousness and always making the rational decision. Maturity to me is knowing the time and place for things, taking responsibility when it's necessary, and being chill when it's not :).

I still have quite a bit more shopping to do, but I'm hoping my parents are going to plan a little trip to some bigger shopping area, because our region is limited :P. Amanda and I hung out today, laughing about things, talking about life, as we always do. It's nice being with her :). We just 'get' eachother. I really do feel like we'll always be this good of friends. After she left, my parents and I went over to my Grandparent's house, conveniently next door, to decorate the tree. I've actually been getting alot accomplished lately, I'm on a roll. I'm sure it won't last too much longer though :P. I've been trying to clean up the house, because I want it to look nicer, and there needs to be room for the tree and such. Plus I've been busy shopping and gathering ideas, and I might be getting a job :). You see, this girl from school works at Tommy Hilfiger in the outlet store and she suggested I apply. By the time I turned it in though, the position was filled, but the manager was nice enough to refer me over to Ralph Lauren Polo, the store her husband owns. I picked up an application and met the owner, so hopefully if I get that back in there soon, I'll finally have a job :):). I certainly hope so, I'm going broke!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nifty Fifty


I have finally caught up to you all :):).
I just want to say how nice it is to actually have people that read what I have to say and always give great imput. Nicole, Natalie, Skippy, Wandering Child, Aren, thank you. And thanks to anyone new who visits, or just doesn't comment as often. It's all appreciated. :)

Words are power. I think as bloggers, we all realize that. Writing is the way we express ourselves, make sense of things. The great advantage of blogging to private journalism, is that we get to see the way other people view things. We get that insight, that new way of thinking. I'm just happy we have that chance. I've been reading, and I'm almost finished with The Book Theif by Markus Zusak. Wow, talk about an incredible book. It really makes you think about alot of things, especially the power of words. Especially for Liesel, the book theif and the word shaker. Words can inspire, words can convince, words can kill. But words can also save. It all depends on how you choose to use them. Adolf Hitler used words to march the jews straight into the ground. That doesn't mean someone else can't use them to lead us to the clouds. I'm not referring to heaven here, I'm not exactly religious :P. I'm just saying, words can do so much, in either extreme. That's why I want to be a writer, I want to be like Liesel Meminger, a word shaker.

Alright, my philosophical moment is over. I'll sink back into the rut of school and obligations. Everyone was excited today over a rumor that school was closing early. Apparently, someone's mother texted them saying the news said our school had an early dismissal. This was either faulty news, or an untrue rumor :P. I'm voting the rumor. So everyone was on edge after the announcement that today would be a regular, full day. Around ninth period though, snowflakes started falling, and by the end of the day, the ground was covered in a fresh blanket of white. I was kind of excited to tell you the truth :). I think winter's pretty. Just the cold gets to me, but I'll get myself used to it as I do every year. There's something whimsicle about winter though, when there's snow. Something that calms and soothes, but at the same time, evokes a girl to pelt a boy with a snowball on the way from one barn to the next. It makes you feel like a kid again.

I know I'm not ancient, I'm only sixteen. But I can feel myself growing up, I can give you a prime example from Spanish class. Our teacher has a young daughter, whose artwork decorates the walls of our room in parts, and I noticed this 3-Dish drawing, but it looked like it was made of foam. I had never seen anything like it. I asked, and apparently this new substance is called "puffy paint". How did I ever miss the invention of puffy paint?! I mean, where in the world was I? Plus Christmas has lost some of it's magic. I remember being younger, counting down the weeks and weeks until the big day. Now it's less than two weeks away and I haven't even given my Grandma my list, and I haven't gone shopping for anyone. Where has the time gone? I just want to flip a switch and freeze everything, so I can catch myself up . I'm hoping this snow will last and I can feel the holiday spirit. A snowday for tomorrow better be in the works :), I desperately need one.

Well, Happy Fiftieth to me, and happy blogging everyone :P

Monday, December 8, 2008


So I like fell off the face of the earth for awhile, right?

:P. It's true though, I haven't updated in forever! I feel so.. unbloggworthy, I guess is the best way to put it. While I was in Iowa, I didn't have enough computer time to keep up with everything, and then coming home I was just overwhelmed with schoolwork and going places, and never got the chance to update on all of the things I've been up to. Sorry about that. I'll catch you all up to date now, and try to return comments and such. I'm so behind!

Iowa, was good. It's quiet there, and perhaps a bit boring to the average teenager, but I like the relaxation. I could just sit around in pajamas, watch my house seasons, and spend time with family. I love my grandpa, he's freaking hilarious. I love the way older people interact with eachother, it's amusing. Like we'll walk into the restaurant for lunch like we do every day we're there, and his buddies will be like, "Oh here comes Glen..." And they'll just harass eachother back and forth. I hope when I'm older I still have a sense of humor in me. I think the elderly THRIVE in Iowa. The downside to going there for me is not having anyone, literally anyone, my age to hang out with. Everyone's older, and by older, I mean over 70. There's a few 50 something year olds here and there, but the majority is elderly. It's cool, but at times I missed just being able to chill with people my own age :P. Overall though, it was a nice trip.

I like planes :), especially the window seat. It's so cool, taking off, watching the buildings and landscape below you slowly shrink. It's wicked cool at night, the lights make me think of switchboards and Christmas. Every time I take my annual flight, I think about how much I want to travel to cool places, Europe particularly. I can't wait until I can actually go.
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So things around here have been hectic, but they're slowly calming down. I missed out on some work at school, plus I've been doing things for clubs, and blahblahblah. Busy. Then when I'm not truly busy, I'm exhausted. I'm going to find a way to fix this problem though :P. Plus I've been making up for lost time with friends. They all had way too much fun back here without me, haha. Going out for black friday, hanging out for Thanksgiving. I missed out. I haven't had much time lately by myself to blog, but I'll change that :). Alot more has been going on than I've written about, but I'll quit my ramblings here and check in on what everyone else has been up to.

♥ Olive :D:D

Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm going to Iowa for a week!

I know what you're thinking, what is there to do out there?! Quite frankly, not much :P. It's very chill though, so I spend time reading, thinking, and just relaxing. We're visiting my grandpa out there for Thanksgiving, so I get to miss a couple days of school, yippee :). I really do enjoy going there though, because otherwise I never see those family members, and I like having a week of peacefulness. Away from all of my obligations around here :P. So, I might be able to post a bit, if I get on my uncle's computer, but if not, my apologies. Enjoy the vacation!

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So that's my friend Jenna, me, and the vocalist of Hey Monday :D, she was awesome.

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Carolina Liar, Hey Monday, and William Beckette, of course.
Amanda took the black & white ones because she's a good photographer, and likes to take my camera from me and show me up, haha.

Nooooott at the concert...

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Hah, John and I. He's like a little brother to me :). But he's a filthy rat. Inside story, haha.

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Dakota, he's moving :(. But only a town away, so that's not so bad.

Hokay Folks..
It's almost one thirty, so I've gotta be leaving for the airport :P. I'll try to post, and reply to comments at some point this week, but I'm not giving any garentees. Have a happy Turkey Day everyone, and enjoy the break from school. Peace out girl scouts!

♥ Olive

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I have alot of catching up to do :P.
Gah, I don't know what my problem is, I guess I've just been busy, then I come home and be lazy. But I'm going to check up on everyone's blogs to see what's been going down :), and return any comments I haven't already.

The most exciting thing I'd have to say I've done recently, is go to The Academy Is concert with Hey Monday, Carolina Liar, and We the Kings :). It was such a good show, really. I reccomend going if it comes to your area. I've always liked TAI, but the band that really blew me away was Hey Monday. So much enthusiam, the girl was amazing. She had so much energy, a crazy-good voice, and the rest of the band was good as well. I went to this with Amanda and my friend Jenna, by the way. We were actually pretty close, which was quite exciting :). Very cramped and sweaty, but exciting nonetheless. I love that about concerts. Under very few other circumstances would you actually like being smushed in between so many other sweaty, sometimes loud and obnoxious people. But the music connects you, and suddenly those annoying factors diminish. So overall, the concert was amazing, and I can't really accurately describe it, because things like that, you just have to experience for yourself. After the show was over though, we got to meet Hey Monday because they were walking around the venue talking to people, it was awesome. We talked to them for a bit, got some signatures/pictures, and headed back to our boring little hometown.

Other than that, things have been going alright. I've had a few minor issues going on, but I've dealt with them, and hopefully things get better :). I've been driving all over, and I love it, minus the price of freaking gas. Tonight I went over to Tom and Julie's house, well Bob and Cathy's actually, to celebrate their birthday a day early. I got Julie this funny poster that I've known she wanted for the longest time, and both Amanda and I contributed to this winter hat from Zumiez since she's going snowboarding this year. Then I got Tom an Avenged Sevenfold cd because he loves that band. So yupp, they enjoyed it :P. We all had a good time hanging out, like always, and the food was delicious. I got to experience zebra cake again, mmm. One of Julie's presents was a ukelele, how cool is that?! Plus she got moccasins, I want some, they're so simple and comfortable. I know I've skipped over alot, but I'll try to get better at this.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ah, Success.

This morning was my second crack at taking my roadtest. I went to the site early to practice driving around the area, knowing so well how much I didn't want to fail, again :P. My efforts paid off, and despite jittery nerves, I passed my test. Since it was early in the day, after quickly stopping back home, I drove MYSELF to school. It felt pretty cool :). I'd have to say one of the nicest parts is being able to listen to my music, and sing along, obnoxiously. The rest of my day at school was alright, nice and short. Then I drove Tom and myself home and began chores. I took him home after too, which was a little more nerve wracking, because it was dark out, and raining. I didn't make any mistakes though :P, and we all made it home in one piece.

I think I'm going to be risky and actually talk about a general topic today, instead of being all about me, hahah. Shocking? Quite. Independence is something I think we all crave, and if you don't now, you will sooner or later. It's that feeling that the world's just tugging at your hand, begging you to join in on the fun. You want to have new experiences, see new things, and most of all, do it yourself. Our parents have done so much for us, but there comes a point where you want to do things for yourself, and be out on your own. Free to decide things on a whim, discover new things about the world, and about yourself. I think this whole process really escalates when you're given the freedom to drive. Now you can go places and do things as you please, giving you a little more leash to deal with. College, I think, will be amazing. Of course I'll miss people, including my parents, but the new independence will most likely knock the wind right out of me. Living on your own, making rules for yourself, it just seems phenomonal. Not right now, of course. I've still got growing up to do, but when the time comes, it'll be a bittersweet relief. Moments are flying before my eyes, and I'm starting to realize how short this life actually is as your grow older. Remember being five? Christmas vacation felt like a lifetime. How about now? Not so much. I can recall one moment when I was twelve, ending sixth grade. I thought about how I was halfway through school and four years away from driving, but I thought it was forever away. Now I realize I'm graduating next year, living on my own, and I just got my license today. Time's a crazy, twisted thing. I sound kind of contridictary :P. But what I'm trying to say is, live it up, enjoy the present. At the same time though, realize how many awesome things are headed your way. Just don't let yourself get stuck in just one of them, including the past. Some people are just so overwhelmed in the past, and how great things were then, that they lose their ability to enjoy the present, while others are so content with the present, they don't prepare for the future. Balance is key.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Get Smart.

So, I'm in this extracirricular thing called Answers Please, or Academic Bowl, whichever you prefer, and my first match was tonight. For those of you who are clueless to what I'm talking about, it's basically a competition with two teams of four students at a time, trying to buzz in with the correct answer first, and there are multiple rounds. It was pretty fun actually. We rode this midget bus to another school, watched one of the matches before ours, then competed ourselves. I'm a rookie, so I wasn't in much, but it was cool. Our advisor and global teacher last year cracked me up so bad.. hahah. I can't even describe it since you don't know her, but her peptalk killed me. We lost, badly. This one girl seemed to know EVERY answer, and buzzed in before the host even finished reading the question, but whatevs, I went for fun.

I had a good time, chillen' with Zack, listening to music. I'm horrible at actually answering the questions so far, but hopefully I improve with time. It seemed like whenever I was out, they asked all of the questions I knew the answers to >:[. Rediculous. Tomorrow is my road test again, I really hope I pass this time. I'm going to try my best, but we'll just have to see. So much freedom comes along with driving, and I want to capture it so bad. To be quite honest, I don't have much to write about, but I felt like updating. Howeverrrr, I should really get to bed so I can be refreshed tomorrow, and pass with flying colors.. :). Wish me luck.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Frightfully Splendid

Things have been going really well lately :). Like most of you, I made the best of my Halloween weekend. Thursday was an extensive trip to town at night to try to score a cool costume with Amanda and Julie. We scrounged about, finding nothing but ordinary, lame costumes with high pricetags. However... when we were almost ready to throw in the white flag, I stumbled across three Elmo costumes. These were TODDLER sized, mind you, and they were meant to be a dress, but on us, the result was a bellyshirt. For the price of about $12, we felt like they were a pretty sick deal. I mean who doesn't want to be a part of an elmo gang? The whole night was pretty fun, and here are some pictures from it :).

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Yeah, we have too much fun :P! The next night we were planning on seeing Saw V, but we couldn't get there in time. Instead we drove around Glens Falls. It was Julie, Amanda, John, Jenna(we kidnapped her along the way!), and Amber. She's this wicked cool girl from where Greg, Julie's older brother, goes to college. Afterwards we all stayed over at Julie's house to hang out. That was pretty fun :). Fright Fest was on the agenda for Saturday, which was the same crew of us, plus Greg, Tom, and his two friends Zack and Wormy. I had a good time, I was with Amanda, Amber, John, Greg, and their older half sister, Kratia for most of the time. Amanda, Amber and I walked around holding hands most of the time, because we're cool like that :). I love all the rides, except for when we got stuck on this one roller coaster, that scared me. Luckily it was only for 10 minutes, maybe less, and we went on it all over again later, hahah. Lot's of laughs and good times there :). Hopefully I can remember to upload some pictures later, but Amanda currently has my camera.

I spent my Saturday night at their house again, which was fun, again :P. I love being with friends. Sunday I left though, to practice driving for my roadtest. Tom accompanied me and my mom, and we went to the mall for literally 10 minutes, haha. School wasn't so bad today, it kinda flew. I'm really liking the feeling of not having to go to soccer :P. It gives me so much more time to enjoy my day. I spent the rest of it working with Tom, it was a good day.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Creativity Calls

I've been thinking, and the conclusion I have reached is to take this time to do great things for myself. With more time comes more opportunity. I can read more, explore more, photograph more. Just see the world in new ways.
Tonight was the end of the varsity soccer season. We made it to our second sectional game, and we played it well and hard, but lost 1-0. Noone was disappointed with our efforts. Some things got a little out of hand :P, and there was almost, almost, a fight, haha. Yeah, it was snowing too! I could barely feel my hands all game and I was constantly shivering. I missed having Amanda there :/. Talking to other girls on the team was nice though, and the connections I made tonight kind of made me sad that it was over. But atleast now I have more free time to be creative and do the things I love.
I've barely had time for reading aside from school assignments. I had started two books, and never got to finish them once classes began. The Memory Keeper's Daughter was one, and another was extremely short and I was close to finishing, What Ever Happened to Cass McBride. But it's been so long I may have to re-read them both in order to remember the details. I haven't taken pictures for artistic reasons in ages either, and I want to get back into that. I feel like I missed capturing the beauty of fall on film because the leaves are all fallen now, but maybe I'll still get the chance. Music is fun. I used to play the piano as a youngster :P, but I grew out of it, and now I want to get back in. I may invest in a keyboard so I can get myself back into it. There's a world of things I can busy myself with now that my afterschool schedule is cleared from soccer while my craving for creative distraction is going strong.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Things are looking up, buttercup.

So it's time I hold my head up high, and take whatever comes at me.
Nothing scares me too much anymore, I'm realizing I can handle things better than I thought. It's a good lesson, but I'm still learning. A love like this is not something I'm willing to throw away. Honestly, I don't care who thinks since we're teenagers, we must not have the slightest idea what love is, because we do. Oh trust me, we do.
Unless something happens to where he completely alienates himself from me, we're always going to be there for eachother, intertwined in eachother's lives, so to me, this is worth it. We aren't your typical boy&girl scenerio. The chemistry between us could probably cause a rather large building to spontaneously combust, and that's quite a feat :P. In case you haven't figured it out, we've been talking through things alot, and that's a huge help. I'm beginning to understand, and make myself understood. I like how we can always talk, instead of shutting ourselves down. One of my greatest beliefs is that best friends make the best lovers. I'm not talking your "bestie", hahah, but whoever you become closest to, of the gender you're interested. Especially if you grow up together. That's why Tom and I can't have a 'normal' breakup. We're still best friends, always have been, probably always will be, and that holds us together.

On a lighter night, oh my god! Did anyone see House kiss Cuddy tonight?! Shitttt son! That was crazy, hahaha. I love that show :). And don't worry, my posts will probably not be centered around my love life anymore, I'll find more interesting things to talk about, just give me time.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cause I'm broken

When I'm lonsesome.
And I don't feel right, when you're gone away.. :/

The past few days have been torturous for me. I won't go into many details, cause the whole thing is pretty personal and, I don't know, it just hurts. Tom hasn't been feeling "right" about us lately, so he decided to break it off.. Me on the other hand, I don't get it at all. Everything felt so happy and right to me, and now it's all turned upside down, twisted and contorted, and I haven't the slightest idea what to do with myself. I just feel like I've lost a huge part of me, and I can't regain the balance. I didn't see this coming.

We're still friends.. but it's awkward. I always start crying, I feel like my questions make things worse, but there's so much I don't understand. I guess the main thing is, I don't see how this could feel "right". It feels terribly wrong to me, and I would imagine it isn't blissful for him either, especially watching me get all emotional, in turn making him emotional. It's awful. It doesn't seem necessary. This life is too short to be depressed. I just feel like I'm falling apart.

I can't do anything to fix it either, because he says it's not me at all.. it's just us being together no longer feels right. It frustrates me that he isn't trying harder to make this work, but maybe it can't be fixed to him.. I don't know. It just feels so wrong to me and there's nothing I can do to make it better.

*** I also want to make it very clear that he's not an asshole, haha. I don't hate all men, I don't want a voodoo doll copy of him to poke and prod with needles. Even though I can't stand this feeling and situation, I know his intentions aren't bad. He didn't want to continue on with the feelings he had, and end up hurting me worse.. I just wish he would attempt to sort out the confusion with how he feels, but I'm not him. Maybe there's nothing he's able to sort out, human emotions are a funny thing. I should provide a little background information I suppose. I began liking him four years ago, and we became practically best friends, but there was always a little more to it. Reading between the lines, there were obviously alot of feelings jumbled between us, and I admitted to them in.. eighth grade I believe, but he didn't return them. Later on down the road I found out he did start to get feelings for me as our friendship grew closer, but he didn't start dating me because he was afraid this would happen. As time went on, we got closer and closer, and finally he decided that we should be together. Almost ten happy months passed, and I can't even describe how good they were. But now, I'm here, and I've definitely lost my direction. I just want those good feelings back so badly.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Naturally helping is what we do best!

I am a broken record.

Always apologizing for my lack of time to blog, and then promising to improve, with the same results :P. So pathetic.

The whole "natural helpers" trip went well. Having Amanda there made it great :), but I made better friends with other people in the process. Like this Andrew kid. Before that trip, we never spoke, but since we were partnered, I found out he's a funny guy. And Kate, she's pretty nice :). I also met an assortment of n00bs to the highschool scene, that I never knew had existance. Overall, we did alot of roleplay, games, and had lectures. Definitely better than spending the whole day in classrooms, that's for sure. Plus I feel like I actually learned from it, like it gave tips on how to be a better listener/helper to people. I don't mind tips on how to do what I'm doing, better, but I do mind when people try to tell you exactly how to do something. I'm not 100% sure where I'm trying to go with that statement, hahah, but I felt like it needed to be said. Oh yeah, I was "Outstanding Olivia" for the day, we were given these alliterative nicknames. Like I named Andrew, Awesome Andrew. This counselor guy was Jamboree Jon... hahah.. But yeah, I liked the trip, it was an interesting experience.
Thanks to our little exclusion from school, the week whizzed by like nothing. Friday was the day we came back, at the very end, and then it was our last game. Unfortunately, we had alot of problems, like hurt players, and people who couldn't play due to failing grades, so we couldn't play to our full potential. Translation, we lost. Oh well though, I mean you win some, you lose some. Soccer is notttt my life. I spent the weekend trying to catch up on the things I've been neglecting, like organizing my room. It was messy, haha, and that irks me at times. I should've updated this, but no, I'm not smart enough to do THAT :P. I spent half of my Saturday with Tom, at his aunt and uncle's house. Even though I was just watching video games, I still enjoyed myself. Especially the zebra cake after dinner.. mmm. If you've never had it, I highly reccomend that you give it a shot. Sunday I actually went to work for the first time since... well, summer. The tournament park was hosting a series of games, so I got to go work in the store. It wasn't too bad. Monday was the way that Mondays are, slow and annoying, but I made it out alive! Today was alright despite the massive homework I've been given. This math has completely baffled me, and I'm really not sure if I know at all what I'm doing. I hate rational expressions >:[. Tuesdays are never bad though, because they're [H]ouse nights :P! I'm so obsessed..
In Holocaust we're reading The Book Theif. I'm actually excited because I've been meaning to get ahold of that book, and now it's an assignment :P. So it all works out for me. I kind of have a situation. I'm not sure if any of you have heard about Rachel's Challenge, started by friends/family of a girl who died in Columbine, but our school has a club for it now, and after the assembly I signed up and everything, because I thought the whole "being kind" theory behind it was a nice concept. However, now I'm kinda undecided. Like the theory is nice, and the girl had alot of good ideas, but organizing kindness seems contridictary. A truly "nice" person would do these acts of kindness, as they're called, naturally. I don't really believe in assigning roles for people to show compassion. Having the "duty" to be nice takes away the sincerity. I just don't think being a good person is something that should be organized and planned. I'm not quite sure what to do though because I was appointed a 'leader' of it, through some method of selection, and I feel like if I were to try to get out of it, I'd get criticized as not being compassionate, when that's totally not the case. I just like to be nice naturally. Any thoughts?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Update Time!

Took me long enough, right?

It's just that I've had so much going on, and during my "downtime", I was too exhausted to put together a decent post. So now I'll recap on what's been going on, but I'll spare most of the details so this entry doesn't go on for miles :P.

Firstly, Rise Against was amazing!!! So, so, worth missing practice. It was Tom, Derek, Aaron, Amanda, and me. Plus we met up with Zack, Tyler, Jared, their friend Jules, and surprisingly Tom's cousin who lives two hours away was there! It was pretty neat to have so many friends there :P. We worked so hard to have a good standing place, and our effort paid off :). I love the energy that concerts radiate. Everyone's just so into the music, it's such a cool feeling. The only downside is when drunken girls spill their beer on you, and then when others proceed to rub their butts against you for like 10 minutes. Quite annoying, yes? Otherwise it was great. I loved having Amanda there because we always go to concerts together, and we always stick together, holding hands :P. I don't really care if some stranger thinks we're gay, haha. Having Tom there was a nice change too :). Although he spent most of his time in the "mosh pit", while I held onto his glasses, hahahah, I still liked sharing the experience with him. Will, Tom's cousin, was lucky enough to get past security, and ON STAGE, where he proceded to high five the lead singer of Rise Against, oh man was I jealous. So basicalllyyyy, the show was great, and I loved it :).

That's me (smiling :D), Tom, and Amanda. I absolutely love those two.

Failure hit me Friday. Needless to say, I did not pass my road test as I had hoped :/. Honestly though, I think the whole thing was quite rediculous. For starters, the biggest thing I did wrong was speed (23mph) in a school zone. But the freaking school zone sign was covered with vines and tree branches, my mom checked afterwards. So even when the tester told me it was a school zone, I couldn't find the sign. Then the other thing I know I goofed up on was my right-of-way. I guess I slowed down too much when I made my turns, which "impeded traffic", but I was only trying to be cautious since I was taking a test. Ugh. So yeah, but I didn't think I made that many mistakes, but the guy sure thought I did. He wasn't the nicest dude around either. He had a mustache, that's your number one cue that someone is evil, hahah. I'm retaking my test next month at a different location.

Friday night, after hanging out with Tom at my house, he invited me back to their house to hang out with him and Julie for the weekend :). I've really missed their house, and it was nice to be able to spend so much time with him. I was gone most of the day Saturday because of a soccer game, but Sunday I stayed their as well. Monday I went grocery shopping, ran onto Amanda, and then caught myself up on homework. Plus I tried returning your comments :). Thanks for them, by the way. I feel so bad that I can't keep up well with updating. It's depressing. Amanda slept over Monday night, so we chilled & such. There isn't much to say about today, but I have a feeling I'll be getting sick soon, since Tom came down with something. Tomorrow and Thursday I get to miss school to go on this "Natural Helpers" retreat, where people who students chose as reliable people to talk to about problems, go to improve their skills. Amanda's going too, so it should be pretty fun :). I'll write all about it once I get back Thursday night. I think my update is done, so I'll go work on homework, and all of that unimportant junk :P. Adios!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Wow, that's all I can say for tonight :P.
Our soccer game was amazing, like we seriously have never played so well. We were up against our "rival school", who have not been beaten in a league game in two years. Our coach gave us a wicked motivational peptalk, and made us all promise to do everything we could to win the game. So our focus was crazy. Once we got out on the field after warming up, we did great. This is a team that usually walks all over us, but not this time. We gave it our all, and the result was a tie. But yeah, it was all pretty intense, like all of the energy and stuff. I think every girl on the team was giving it their all.

Okay, so recap time :P. My movie night weekend was pretty nice. I chilled with Tom beforehand, and up until it was time to go out and get the chinese food. Jenna brought us and Amanda to Chopsticks, where we bought a shitload of food. I think the bill totaled to like, $50, for five people :P. Us four hung out and began watching Superbad until Julie got out of work and switched places with Tom. I call it the good old twin switcheroo :P. We actually didn't watch many movies, it was kinda pathetic, haha. Just Superbad and Killer Tomatoes Strike Back. I was kinda hoping to see a movie I hadn't watched before, but whatevahhh.

Julie and Amanda both feel asleep fairly early. It was fun hanging out while we were all awake though :). Jenna drove herself home around 1, and then I went to bed. Julie had to work the next day, so it was just me and Amanda chillaxing until the late afternoon, when Jenna brought us to see Nick&Norah's Infinite Playlist. Ah! I loved it! I reccomend watching it, it was adorable.
Monday was well, Monday. I played a soccer game, we won, and then I came back to hang out with Tom. He's so tired lately, it sucks :(.

Today was just... intense, hahah. Besides soccer, I can't think of anything to discuss really. However, I am PUMPED for Thursday, the Rise Against concert!! I haven't been to a show in forever, so I'm really looking forward to it. Then Friday I get to retry the whole roadtest process, I sure hope I pass. This post sucked :P, but whatever. It's time for me to watch [H]ouse, and try to finish chemistry WITHOUT my book. Ughhhh.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Check yes, Juliet.

Lately, is nice :).

I'll give the recap. Tuesday, I'm not so sure about. Oh wait, it's coming back to me.. Tom and I watched Bridge to Teribithia after practice and chores, hahahha. We're so cool, right? I found parts of that movie quite depressing :(. We didn't intend to watch this, by the way. It was just a product of nothing being on, channel surfing, and Tom's issue with having to finish a movie once he starts watching it. Wednesday was even better. Our anniversary is kind of confusing, because nine months ago he basically told me we were dating, over myspace. I don't know why he didn't wait until he saw me face to face, but this is the situation :P. But I didn't read the message until a day later, so he swears the first is our day, while I believe the second. This week however, I had an away game scheduled for Thursday, so I broke down and we celebrated on the first.

Our date of choice was Aimee's Dinner & a Movie :). I thought it'd be empty, but instead it was friggen packed. Who knew anyone other than Tom hadn't seen The Dark Knight yet, I figured he was the only one, hahah. But it wasn't so bad, our waitress was nice. Tom sounded confused, so she was like "You high son?! Just kidding, just kidding" We found that amusing :P. And she was nice enough to relocate us to a booth when I asked her if one was open, because when you go to the movies with your boyfriend, it's a given that you want to snuggle. I strongly dislike sitting in separate chairs 3 feet apart, so you can't even talk. The food was good, too :). I already saw the movie, as I told you guys before when I asked for your opinions on it, and the Dark Knight is definitely worth watching twice. When it was over, Tom's dad called us and told us to meet him in the basement of the theater. I was kind of weirded out by that, thinking "What could possibly be in the basement..?" But my questions were beyond answered when I walked down the stairs.

There was a model railroad train club in the basement!! Hahah, it was unlike anything I had ever seen! There were tables set up all over with these elaborate towns and villages, with working model trains, it was insane. Plus the people working on this stuff were a bunch of 50+ year old men in sweaters, hahah. It was great. Tom and I were so out of place, but they gave us their card and told us we were welcome to join :P. Tom wasn't sold on the idea, even when I bribed him with the thought of matching conductor hats & whistles. Like the whole thing is "dorky", but it's actually kind of neat. Up close, the plaster mountains look realistic along with the plastic towns and lakes. Definitely alot of time went into these. Maybe not my hobby of choice, but I can definitely appreciate how much work goes into it. Needless to say, that definitely topped off our anniversary well :P.

Thursday was okay, we had an away game, which we lost. But we played well, and that's all that matters really. I can definitely feel the effects of fall when I'm out there in the harsh wind, wearing shorts and a jersey top. I wish I invested in under armor like all the cool cats on the team. Amanda came over afterwards :). I helped her with math and we chilled for awhile. Today, which is Friday, has been pretty awesome. I officially own a car! Yes, I bought that one I posted earlier, well technically my dad bought it, and I'm now in debt to him, haha. But yeah, I'm super excited. Maybe I'll post some pictures later? I feel weird because I have the urge to go sit in it, hahaha. I just can't wrap my head around the fact that I actually own my own car. Since I went to buy that, I missed practice, and came home early to help Tom finish chores :). Once we got inside, he fell right asleep though, so I spent awhile just chillaxin with myself, until I decided to wake him up and turn on some [H]ouse. Well, I think I'm all caught up now, my movie night is tomorrow :D. So yes, exciting times lately.

Oh wow, I almost forgot, Tom cut his hair. Hahah, big deal, I know. But let me elaborate.. He let one of the "cosmotology" students cut it on the busride back to school from BOCES, hahahah. So when I waited for him at the lockers, I see him coming towards me with this new bowlcut!, I definitely didn't expect that :P. From the looks of it, I don't think the girl is going too far in her field.., but I love how spontaneous he is. Most girls would actually be mad if their precious boyfriend came to them with an awful haircut, or something by choice, but not me. I think it's awesome that he can say he got his haircut on the back of a schoolbus :P. Yeah, the haircut's goofy, but whatever. I couldn't care less, plus I like how many people he made laugh from looking at it. They laugh because it's Tom being Tom, and there's noone else who does things quite like him :). We're dorks. It's just how we are, and I love every minute of it.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Shut Up & Drive

Yeah, that's a pretty lame song, but guess who went car shopping today?!
Oh yeah, you guessed it, this guy, right here :P. It was pretty interesting, but I'll recap on the past couple of days before I get too into it.

Sunday was Taste of the North Country. Basically, it's a big gathering in a park where all of these restaurants get together and sell samples of some of their dishes, and a bunch of people come to "taste" the variety. I'm in Kiwanas, or key club, so I volunteered at the ticket gate. I spent two hours wrist-banding people :P. Atleast I had Amanda right there with me, so it wasn't too bad. Time actually flew, it was nice. Afterwards, we checked it out for ourselves, then went to this cute little coffeeshop we like. Actually, we hate coffee. But butterscotch chai tea,.. that stuff is yummy :). So we got that, and walked around town for a bit. We don't live in this town, we're stuck in a rural village, that basically serves as a gas station. Noone "goes" to our town. It's just a little blip on a busy road. If some travellers need gas from Cumberland Farms, that's the only reason they're going to lay down the brakes.

On my way home from that, I dropped Amanda off at Jeff's, and picked up my own boyfriend for some chillaxin' :). We didn't really get to hang out that long, but still, it's always nice to be with him. Later that night after he left, I went to my Grandma's for my Uncle Ron and Grandpa's birthday dinner. Family time wasn't so bad. I wish my Grandma still had the health and ambition to make her amazing home cooked meals, but I can understand why she can't. But dang, her cooking is good. Atleast she makes me Au Gratin potatoes when she feels up to it :).

So I said earlier how my dad was all mad that my mom wanted to buy a new car, so instead of her getting a new car, he decided I should get a used car. It's no use to argue with him, so we went shopping today, and Amanda tagged along :). This Saturn Ion was the best thing I found throughout the day, and remarkably, it was at the first place I went, and the first car I looked closely at. It's priced at like $7,500, but it has a downfall. 71,000 miles. Holy shizam, that's kind of alot. I have the feeling that I'm going to be doing alotttt of driving, so I'll have to decide if I really want a car with so many miles behind it. Everything else about it is pretty nice though. What do you guys think?

I have so much homework that I've procrastinated on. I spent most of tonight writing up a chemistry lab report, starting my english essay, which needs to be finished, and working on a math packet. Plus I still have 40 pages in Anne Frank to read. Oh shit, son. :(. Atleast I had a good day though, after car shopping, Amanda and I rode bikes to the village and chilled on the playground with Jenna, just talking about stuff. I'm planning on a movie night next weekend, with Chinese take out! I can't wait.

♥ Olive :)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

seize the day

I'm loving the feel of the weekend :).
Especially since we have Monday off too, for some superintendent's day or something--sweet! This Friday I was conned into going to the dance with Amanda, because her boyfriend Jeff wanted a chance to see her. Although I'm not a huge fan of school dances anymore, I went anyways, because they're cute :). It wasn't all so bad though. Aside from them, Julie, Jenna, and Johnny Boy were all there. We only stayed in the school for like, 45 minutes. Then we played on the playground for awhile. After like 30 minutes, Jenna brought Amanda, Jeff, and I out to Dunkin Donuts for some delicious white hot chocolate :D. Too bad it burnt my tounge, which still is feeling the effects at this very moment. Our last stop was Walmart, then it was off to bring Amanda and Jeff home. I waited at Jenna's for my mom to come pick me up, then I got myself some much needed shut eye.

I enjoyed today too :). Around 1:00ish Tom came over to snuggle and chill. While we did that, my mom went and test drove a car she wants to get. She told my dad later and he was pissed. The thought of a second car seems insane to him, I guess. But sharing a car between me and my mom is not going to fly with us. Seriously. We both have too many different places to go. The car she choses won't be personally mine, it's going to be her new car. But while I'm still driving, she'll hold onto her old one and trade it in after I'm gone away to college. After hanging out at my house, my mom brought us over to Tom's because he had some things to take care off. He stays at his aunt's and uncle's, along with the rest of the kids and their dad, for the time being. None of them want to stay at the house with their mom, so he hasn't checked things out there in awhile. We looked at his fort and walked around out back checking up on things. His bed is at his relatives now, so we sat in his little mostly empty room, listening to music, and finding all sorts of weird ways to entertain ourselves---not pervertedly, haha. I like how connected I feel with him, it's kind of indescribible :).

ps. The title is referring to the song in my head today, that I really like alot, Sieze the day by Avenged Sevenfold. Everyone just needs to seize the day, especially the weekends when freedom is available :D.

Okay quick question!: I know alot of you bring your lunches to school, and I complained about our lunches way back in a post, and I was curious, what do you guys like to pack? I just want suggestions so I can go grocery shopping with some GOOD ideas, hahah. And not just get things I will be sick of.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Here are the Rules:

1. Link the person who tagged you.
2. Mention the rules in your blog.
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged bloggers’ blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.

Thank you Nicole :)

My Quirks:

1) Okay, this is pretty weird, but I always, always chew on my juicebox straws, which are usually those mott's apple juice ones. And once I've finished destroying the straw with the teeth, I shove it back into the box, and then throw it away. I have no reasoning behind it whatsoever :P.

2) I'm a big old packrat when it comes to memories. I hate throwing away sentimental things, and my walls are covered in drawings from Amanda, dated over two years ago. I use memories as decorations :). And I like keeping little trinkets, too. But I guess this one's pretty common. Wow I'm so unoriginal, haha.

3) The future occupies alot of my thoughts. Sometimes I get myself lost in "what if" scenerios. Alot of the time, they're positive :D, like thinking about opening up my own bookstore, creating bestselling stories, and living a happy life. But sometimes, my imagination runs wild, and I think up the worst thoughts I can muster. That can get annoying.

4) I really, really wish Hogwarts was real. I would love to go to a school for magic :).

5) People and their ways of thinking fascinate me. I like trying to uncover their motives, and just see things in different perspectives. I believe it's the future authoress in me, hahah.

6) I fill out like a million myspace surveys, but I rarely post them, so it's a gigantic waste of time. However, I continue to do it anyways.

I was delighted to not have soccer practice today :). I did however, work with Tom and Nick. No offense to Nick, but I get annoyed when I'm not alone with Tom. It's just not the same, because when it's just us, I feel completely myself. But other people crashing out alone time sucks, haha. Oh well, there was alot of work to do, and we get alot of snugglage by ourselves in later on in the evening. So it all worked out :).

Answers Please was today. It's a team where the contestants compete against other schools to answer the most questions correctly. During lunch on Wednesdays, we have practice. I only got a measely half of the page right. There were 20 questions, and I missed like 10 :P. Oh well, I hope I improve. I guessed correctly on some of them, which was pretty cool I must admit.

So Rise Against comes to a location about an hour away in early October :):). I'm really hoping I'll get to go. First step is convincing the parental unit, then it's off to FYE to buy tickets. It's been forever since I've gone to a concert, so I'd really like to squeeze some in every once in a while. Basically, I have nothing else to say. I'm just trying to keep up on the whole posting thing, so that is about it :P.

I really, really,really need to improve my blogging :(
Once soccer's over it'll be better I swear, scout's honor!

♥ Olive!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oh no, it happened again.

I just can't seem to keep up.

Like, seriously. It's been nearly a week since I've posted, again. I absolutely hate it :(. By the time I'm home from soccer practice, I'm so burnt out that all I want to do is finish my homework and sleep. Me time seems to be nonexistant, until today. I've had games since Thursday, and the weekend kept me fairly busy. Saturday was spent working, unloading hay. But then later that night was Cody's bonfire/Jeff's surprise birthday. It was pretty chill :). I hung out with Jenna and Amanda mainly, but there were alot of cool people there. Those guys, 'the punk trio', are all so funny. I like their friendship, and how they're not afraid to just be like "I love you man", and stuff. Cool dudes, cool dudes :P. Now Amanda's dating Jeff, I'm happy for her, they're cute. I've been missing my own boyfriend. Until tonight, it's been forever since I spent more than, gym class every other day with the boy. I hated it. But tonight was nice :). Anyways, Sunday was good. After sleeping over at Amanda's, Julie took us to Walmart so she could develop her senior pictures, then her dad took her to work, and us back to the house to entertain John. We made cotton candy! Hahah. That kid is so freaking cool. Jenna randomly texted me later on asking if we'd like to go out for coffee, so she took the three of us to this cool little coffee shop in one of the nearby cities. Well, it's more like a town than a city, but it's a city in comparison to my little farm town. Honestly, I hate coffee, but I think next time I'll definitely be able to choose something delicious. The place seemed really nice, and the woman who waited on us was wonderful. She gave us this pastery thing for free, just because she didn't feel like eating it herself :D. So we talked about things, and tried to figure out how to handle a couple problems, then walked around to the park. Amanda found brand new timberland boots sitting on top of a dumpster, so she claimed them, and we headed off to see a movie.

But we didn't end up watching a movie, nothing was playing. Instead we wandered around the mall, went into the Halloween store, just random stuff like that. Amanda came home with me that night and slept over, and school was the next day. I was all moody at first, probably because I missed Tom, but I straightened myself out. Our game was over an hour busride away, again proving that I have no life. Today was better, though. Just a short practice, which wasn't as short as I expected, but whateverr :P. Atleast he's giving us tomorrow off because he has a meeting. I was thrilled to actually spend time with Tom today. Even if it was doing calf chores, hahah. Just being able to be alone with him feels so good. When I'm around others, I have to be all conscious of how I'm acting, like the gym teacher separates us during class >:[, or he tries I mean, haha. And my friends don't really want to see us being all flirty. So it's nice to be able to just be ourselves in the quiet of my home, haha. He missed me too, so he stayed until nine so we had plenty of time to snuggle :). I love that boy.

So yes, I'm sick of being overwhelmed with school and soccer, but I'm going to continue to try my hardest to keep this up :P. I love blogging, and I can feel myself writing horribly. and I apologize. I'm exhausted, but I felt like I needed to post, because, c'mon. I hate going for MORE than a week without writing anything.

ps) I'll follow most of you, and post my quirks very soon. I'm just exhausted :P.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pass, fail, or tie?

So I didn't pass my roadtest, nor did I fail it..

I couldn't even take it :/. We drove all the way down the the location I chose to take it, atleast 45 minutes away from home, waited through three other girls, but once it was my turn, the lady nicely informed me that the inspection sticker wasn't valid. Or whatever the little sticker in the bottom left windshield is. My mom checked the glovebox for the one they mailed us, but she couldn't find it. I was devasated. So we had to turn around and go home. Surprisingly, I was calm about it, sure I was angry, but I held it inside. No yelling, no crying, just calm. On the other hand, my mom was extremely upset, because she felt like the whole ordeal was her fault, so I did the driving home while she collected herself. It's so hard trying to comfort a parent :/. You never know quite what to say to make them feel better. I kept trying to tell her that it was okay, I wasn't mad at her, and I could easily take the test next month. But it didn't help much, she was still frustrated. I'm not trying to sound conceited, but I was a little proud of myself for acting mature, and being able to safely drive us home. Just usually, I let my emotions get to me, and I do the crying when things go wrong. I'm so glad I wasn't frustrated enough to blame her for any of it, because that would've made things so much worse. People forget, mistakes are made.

October 10th is the date of my new test. I am disappointed because I was so excited to be driving now, but it's only a few weeks. Maybe I can totally master parallel parking in that time frame :P. I never went back to school, mainly because of the stress(I just wanted to chill & watch [h]ouse), and plus, I didn't feel like going back for three periods. And practice. I haven't missed a single one until today, so it was about damn time :P. Apparently though, the team decided we're wearing our SHORTS to school tomorrow. I think that is an idiotic idea, haha. It is FREEZING in the morning. I like being on the soccer team, and I like the girls, but I don't really dig wearing the clothes all of the time. The team shirts are really baggy, the uniform jersey's are too, and the shorts, are well, cold! I wasted my money on school clothes for a reason! But if the team thinks that wearing our stupid shorts is necessary, I guess I'll do it. >:[.

Tonight was alright. I was kindof on edge though, because of the situation today, and I'm totally pmsing, haha, so I wasn't in my usual silly mood, and I ended up breaking down a little since I couldn't earlier. I wanted to be calm then so my mom could feel better. But later when it was just me and Tom, it came out, and he helped me feel better, as always. I called Amanda tonight, and she caught me up to speed with everything I missed today :P, informed me about the stupid shorts, and we talked for awhile. Strange, since we both hate the phone, but at times it's necessary. Laughing along with her was a nice conclusion to my strenuous day atleast :).

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yikes, I'm really bad at updating.

Fortunately, I haven't been up to very much, so this will be short :P. Yesterday was probably the most enjoyable. After a killer practice(ugh, way too much running..) I went back to Amanda's house with her and Julie to help her, being Julie, with a senior photo. She figured having best friends into photography would be cheaper than a true professional, and result in a picture she actually liked. Julie's one of those 'all natural' kind of girls, who doesn't have to wear makeup to not feel repulsive. Lucky :P. But yeah, so trying to do hers was a challenge because the whole black-stuff-around-her-eyes was a new concept. It wasn't overdone though, just a little liner and mascara, and we straightened her hair. I think she was satisfied in the end. We took alot of pictures outside until we captured "the chosen one", hahah. I think it turned out great, but it's on Amanda's computer, so I can't upload it.

Both her and Amanda came over to spend the night, which resulted in alot of friendship bonding, but I forgot most of my homework. It was worth it though, I love those guys :). I finished it all the next morning/at school anyways. The three of us always have so much fun together, it's crazy. Oh yes, so I'm no longer sick, by the way :P. I got over it by Monday, but it sucked how I missed out on two get togethers over the weekend. I suppose feeling well is worth it though. Our soccer game was today, and it was actually pretty intense. I have a feeling the opposing team hated us, haha. There was alot of pushing/fouls like that by both sides. I never do any of that though, if I even bump someone, I'm like "Oh god, I'm sorry!", I just feel so guilty.

However, we won after overtime. I hate when games run late, I like being home and clean haha. But I've always played soccer, and I do like it all together, I just have things about it I dislike. Tonight was alright though, because after I came home and showered, I got some snugglage in with the boyf :). OHMYGOD, I had the most delicious pie last night. Tom's aunt made it, and wow., it was amazing. It's like maple flavored, but it's super light and fluffy in your mouth, with a grahmcracker crust, and mm. I may post a recipe at some point if anyone would like to try. I honestly don't have much to say tonight, and this was a pretty random post. Well, I'll update tomorrow on whether or not I failed my road test!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sick, Sick, Sick

Don't resist.
Sick, sick, sick. Don't resist.

Ah, that would be a Queens of the StoneAge song, but truthfully, I am sick :(. I felt funny since last night, but today while I was out shopping/practicing for my road test, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Lucky for me, not until the end of my day though :P. I kindof successfully parallel parked twice, I suck though, and did a three point turn, but I'm so nervous about Wednesday. I know people who have failed it, and I don't want to have to redo it :(. I just wanna driveeeee. So, wish me luck?

I managed to snag a couple buys at Forever 21. Nothing major though, just a tshirt, camisole, thin little bomber-style jacket, and a bracelet. I wasn't feeling well enough to shop to my full potential, which probably isn't a bad thing since I haven't worked in over a month. Chyeah. After that I stopped by Target, realizing just how shitty I felt, and picked up some medicine and other things I've run out of. Oh, I forgot to mention on the way down, we looked at a car. I'm not buying one, so don't go thinking I'm all lucky :P. My mom just wants an extra vehical since I'm going to be driving solo soon, and I think honestly, she wants an excuse for a better, newer car. I don't blame her, and I'll gladly drive the 'extra' around until I go to college. Not a problem at all. I mean sure, I'd like my own personal car, but I'll get that once I'm on my own, and can afford a nicer one than my budget would allow for at the time being.

It sounds so strange to say, but I hope I'm better come Monday. I want to go to school so I don't fall behind because I've been doing well at actually keeping up lately. Especially chemistry, I need all of the understanding on that subject I can get. Our test is the day after tomorrow too, so I probably shouldn't miss out on that. So, my forehead feels all sweaty, and I've currently got a fever of 101+ degrees, so I'm gonna get myself a nice bowl of icecream and lay in bed, engulfing myself in [H]ouse. :). Great plan, yes? I'm like fanning myself with an issue of TeenVogue, it's time for me to sign off of this thing.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

& Then it hit me.

School is the biggest consumer of time on the whole food chain.

Okay, maybe I exaggerate, but seriously. I haven't been on here in days, almost a week. That is not like me :P, I'm a blogger. But... thanks to school at eight, then practice til 5, and chores/homework, by the time I'm finished it's time for me to plop down on my bed and pass out. For any of those who truly enjoy reading my little rantings and silly ideas, I apologize for the lack of effort :P. But, using the word Nicole likes, HOT DAMN, school sure does take its toll on me.

Let's start with a little thing I like to call extracirricular activities, the center of my life at the moment :P. I love being involved, I really do. Making a difference is what I'm all about, but I can't even think clearly enough to know off the top of my head, exactly how many activities I'm participating in. First sign of a problem.. hahah. Well there's varsity soccer, key club, student council, answers please, newspaper, spanish club, friends of rachel, prom commitee, and I'm sure there are more to come, haha. I'm excited to make changes, but really, it's alot of work. So far there are less than five members in newspaper club, so I'm going to have to work pretty hard to help put it together. Luckily, I'm a writing geek, and have a bunch of little ideas floating around in my head. The advisior for it, also the french teacher, wants me to do a story on Rachel's Challenge. I have no idea if any of you have heard about it, but it's this program based on one of the Columbine Shooting victims, Rachel Scott, who was notorious for her kindness towards basically everyone she came in contact with. It's said she went out of her way to help people, and we watched an assembly about it the other day. It was pretty touching. Now our school's getting involved in a club to help students be more like that, to impact the rest of the school/community. I kind of want to research her whole story more, it's intriguing. Especially how the shooter's supposedly sought after the people who put them through the worst, and since Rachel seemed so kind.. it's kind of twisted. Maybe since they were obviously unstable, they just tweaked and shot her, but I'm curious as to if there's more stories on it. I'm like that :P, I like to get all viewpoints in order to truly "get" things. The way she predicted she'd have an early death made me feel strange too, it's just alot to absorb, and it shocks/confuses me. Enough about that though.

Wow, I'm writing like a madwoman, sorry. It's been a week though, and alot can go down within that time frame :P. I'm sure I'm leaving alot of stuff out that I would mention if I wrote here each day, but whatev, whatev. So for all who are intersted.. my detachment from my lover has been fixed, haha. I see him nearly every night when he comes over to work on the farm, and we have gym together, every other day. Woohoo,. it's a start. Plus we've spent weekend time together. Last Friday he brought me along to this car parade with his family, consisting of Julie, his Dad, and his Aunt Cathy and Uncle Bob, plus their college-age son. It was a pretty nice time :). I got to know the new(to me) relatives better, turned on the old charm, haha kidding. But I think they liked me alright. Cars aren't my favorite thing, but it was cool enough to walk down the sidewalk at night and watch them all, especially the bright ones with those cool neon lights underneath. Then we walked along the beach and stuff too, which is always fun. We spent time together on the weekend too, but that would be boring to ramble on about.

School is becoming so routine for me now. I guess it's a good thing, but at the same time, it's depressing. I already miss the carefree aire about summer. The freedom of waking up whenever you please, and feeling so in tune with yourself. Now I'm absorbed in duties, and constantly busy. In fact, I have a little stack of homework sitting in front of me as I type, but I can postpone it. I refuse to get out of the hang of writing :P. No way, Jose. Right now is the crucial time for me. I figure so long as I pay close attention and make sure to understand the basics, hopefully I won't struggle so much. Chemistry is my biggest fear right about now. Significant Figures... oh man. I barely grasped that concept, but after a little internet research on it, I'll see my results on the homework in a few days. Honestly, I'm tired as hell right now even. But I need to finish this, then move on to the rest of my chem work, US History, and a little light reading for my english classes.

The other night was Johnny Boy's(Tom and Julie's younger brother) birthday! Truthfully he's fifteen. But I met him when he was young, and in my eyes, he's never grown up :P. So we celebrated his 12th birthday instead, and we refuse to let him age to thirteen until he's really 21. It's kind of amusing :P. We made a cake with 12 candles, and I got him one of those Happy 12th Birthday cards. It was pretty great. I'm glad we made his birthday more enjoyable than last year :).

I think I've basically caught myself up to schedule now, and hopefully I can get back into writing daily, I can't let myself slip so much. It's embaressing :P. But really, I'll try. I wrote a shitload, so don't feel obligated to comment on everything, I just wanted to sum up what life has been like for the past week, and the key word would be dreadfully busy.

♥ Olive

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'm too cool for school :P

First day;

Wow, this day was kind of annoying :P. The first bad thing to happen was my ipod freezing on the bus, so I was forced to listen to the country music on the radio. So not my cup of tea.. Luckily, I'm one of the last ones to be picked up though, so it was a short ride. I was happy to have Amanda in alot of my classes :D, and even Julie is in some of them too. Meaning, I get to spend each day with my best friends. The only downside to it is I don't see Tom at all. Briefly in the halls, maybe, but that's it. He may have to drop BOCES in order to take Global, but I don't know. I want him to be able to go and do something that he finds interesting, but I miss him alot :P. Guess who got voted to be class treasurer!? Me! Hahah. I like being on student council, I think I was secretary last year though. Planning prom is going to be killer, especially since all of the teachers are too chicken to be our class advisor, noone will step up. Most of my classes are nice :), except for studyhalls. You're not allowed to go ANYWHERE really, without a presigned pass from a teacher. So you're forced to sit in this crowded, sweaty room, doing nothing. The hot, sweaty weather has been driving me insane. Isn't it supposed to be autumn now? After school I went to practice, excruciatingly hot of course, and home afterwards. I was kind of disappointed that Tom didn't come over, but we wouldn't have had much time together anyways, and I guess it was good that I got to absorb the first day and stuff. I'm really not excited to be back, to tell you the truth.

day two;

I felt much better today. I'm not sure what it was, maybe routine setting in, but I wasn't as on edge about things. One teacher wrote out this whole sheet where we're supposed to fill in notes about proper trash disposal, kleenex, writing untensil borrowing, and a bunch of other procedures. Everything was simple though, like normal actions you would expect, like "raise your hand first", and "get up when noone's in the middle of speaking", and "politely ask to borrow". She seems like a decently nice teacher, maybe, but the whole sheet was kind of strange :P. This year they shortened up our normal eight periods, to give us an 11 period day, but two are combined for lunch, it's different. I'm so used to less, and more lenghty classes. I like having lunch with my friends though :), especially since Jennna sits with us now, and Johnny Boy! He's Tom and Julie's younger brother, and he's wicked cool/funny. He's always saying "You crazy kids..", when he's the younger one :P. Our first game was tonight, we won 3-2. I feel like we played well, even though it nearly killed me. The heat was unbearable, and I had to do alot of running as a midfielder. We did well though. I'm exhausted, so it's time for me to head to bed. Sorry if this was extremely boring, I've been too worn out to write interestingly. My apologies, I'll try to improve soon :).

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Goodbye Summer.

Well, it's official. Today was the last day of freedom.

Meaning tomorrow is the first day of school, and no, I am not bursting at the seams with excitement :p. Sure I like to learn, but days spent at school just drag on for what feels like a lifetime, and it cannot be escaped. It probably wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't on the soccer team, so I could actually go home at 2:45. But instead I continue to choose to stay another two hours running around on a field :P, or staying out til nearly 7 or 8, sometimes later, playing games at other schools. It is good exercise though, keeps me from being lazy. Plus in general, I like the sport, and most of the girls on the team are pretty cool, so I play. I just get annoyed with the lack of freedom at times. Once October passes, it'll be all over anyways, so it isn't too bad. I'm just ranting because I can. And because we practiced in extreme heat today, like we will every non-game day until the weather realizes that it is autumn.

Yesterday I brought Amanda to a different fair :P. I had a pretty good time. This hypnotist put on a show, it was obviously fake, but entertaining nonetheless. My favorite was Bridgette, this woman obviously much older than the teenagers on the stage, and I don't know, something about her just made me laugh. This boy was funny too, he was hypnotized to think he was three supposedly, and was playing with this "Susie-poops-alot" doll he was given. Quite dumb, but you couldn't help but laugh at the stupidity. A highlight of the fair for me is always cider slush. Mmmmm. And cider doughnuts, delicious. We watched these square dancers for the longest time, hahah. Rides are so expensive, it's insane. We did go on the ferris wheel though, and this spinny thing, haha, but that's about it. Amanda and I always have a good time when we're together.

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So the anniversary is on a raincheck, haha. I think Tom and Julie are home now, but it was too late for us to get together. I did however, receieve a happy anniversary phone call :). I know that sounds blatently obvious, but Tom and I don't do phones. We perceive them as evil, and only necessary during an emergency :P, haha. Well, aside from texting. I just don't like sitting down and actually talking usually, because of the awkward silences and how you feel obligated to come up with something interesting to say. Internet, gives you time. But he called me :), and we actually could carry on a 15minute+ conversation since we haven't talked in like a week. He's so sweet, I miss him. I'll see him tomorrow though, so I guess that is something to look forward to :P.

Alright. Well I don't have anything else to write about really. Boring, I know. I'm sure I'll have plenty to say tomorrow though, so I'll update then :).

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wow, this is it.

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It's August 31, which means there are two days before the first day of school, Wednesday the third. Ughhh :(. It's so depressing. Atleast I have ambitions for the year, they should keep me busy. Plus I have tons of classes with my bestfriendizzle :P, Amanda. Having her in my class always seems to make whatever subject it is fly by faster.

On the downside, I think Tom's going to boces, unless he keeps forgetting to hand in the paperwork, har har. But if he does go, then I'll barely see him, because he'll be taking half of his classes in a different town. I miss him, he's been gone for too long. Hmmph >:[. Our eight month anniversary is Tuesdaaayyy. I hope he's home by then.

I haven't been doing much exciting these past couple of days. Yesterday I sat around reading :), interesting to do, but not interesting for me to ramble on about, and I watched some of my [H]ouse seasons. I'm seriously in love with that show, is anyone else?!? I think it's genius. Later on that evening, Jenna told me that Cody was having another bonfire, so I headed off to that around eight o' clock. It was a strange crowd. People who I usually don't see outside of school with eachother were sitting around the fire talking, and I got along with everyone. I was especially happy with Jenna showed up, because she's just freaking awesome and hilarious. She was the main person I talked to, but not the only. Steve picked up this cute little dog, and a little poop smeared on his white tshirt, and he continued to wear it! Hahah, wow, that guy is crazy. I'm sure Cody would have let him wear something, but Steve's just too cool :P. I went home a little past midnight, and watched [H]ouse until I felt like sleeping.

Today was annoying as hell. Something happened to my mom's toe, she like jammed it under the door, so I've been on beck and call for all of my dad's little favors. So I've been doing chores since nine thirty this morning. I don't mind helping, but ugh. Every time I would sit down to use the computer or something, he would come wandering in with some new project. Hot damn!. But I sucked it up and did whatever he asked, including unloading three wagons of hay today. So if my writing seems a bit tired and sloppy, it's because I'm freaking worn out and want to go to bed, haha. Or atleast sit in my bed and watch something on television. So, goodnight :P.

Oh, & I've been browsing colleges I might like, and SUNY Syracuse is one of them :).
Where do you guys plan to go/major in when you get there? I'm thinking English.

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Summer is screetching to a halt.Aside from the annoying tasks such as practice and farmwork, things have been pretty good. Our first scrimmage was Thursday. We lost 5-2 or something, but we played well. Scores didn't count, the purpose was to get a feel of how we're going to operate as a team, and try out new positions. Things were switched up and such, so mistakes were obviously made. I think we did all right though :), lots of communication, and we're finally not just kicking the ball, which is definitely an improvement. The biggest difference for me anyways, is not feeling intimidated. I used to be so terrified of messing up, and getting people angry with me, that I'd just screw up worse than I anticipated :P. Reaaaalllll smooth. Now though, I know it's not a big deal, it's just a game. Try your best, and well, if that doesn't work, who cares?

I almost forgot, a couple days ago I went to this working picnic at school. It was pretty interesting. Our principal, who is a pretty cool guy, puts a list of students together who he thinks would be into helping to change our school, and tells them to bring a guest if they want, and we have snacks and come up with new ideas. He split us off into groups to come up with things we liked and disliked about school, and how we could change the things in our "bad" list, haha. It was a pretty productive evening, I thought. It seems like I can really change things this year, it's a nice feeling. Ms. Way, who teaches french class talked to me about starting a school newspaper. It's like she read my mind, hahah. I've been wanting to start one pretty badly. A newspaper would be like my only way of journalism in the school system. Having one would be pretty beneficial to everyone though, too. Our town seems so boring, because noone knows about things that happen, except through word of mouth, which usually gets all confusing and misheard anyways, and the stories turn out completely different from the original. In writing, it's alot more difficult to confuse the story, unless the reporter is dishonest in the first place, which would be pretty lame if you ask me. Having something like this would make it so students could actually express their opinions about things, instead of just complaining amonst eachother. Plus it would lead to more involvement within the school, I believe, because the awareness would be raised as to what is going on. I just think it's a good idea, but that's just me.

So Shayla is off to college now :(. I miss her already, but atleast she's going to make something of herself, and get awesome new experiences. I can't wait til I go to college. It seems like alot more fun than highschool. Atleast I got to see her on her last day in our little farm town. Our friend, Derek, brought us out on the lake on his jet ski. Pretty awesome :). I rode the tube/raft/whatever thing pulled behind it. That was wicked cool, to start off with anyway. I loved hitting the waves and bouncing along the water, it was so fun. That was for the first like 30 minutes. Once that time is up, it loses its appeal, hahah. I went from feeling like I was riding the back of a magnificent sea turtle, to being a fat manatee being violently dragged behind an oil tanker. I was getting so sore, and the water splashing my face got pretty old, hahah. I kept feeling like my contacts were coming out, which would have sucked since I didn't have extras, or my glasses. At the same time, my knees were getting sore and burnt from constantly slamming against the raft, ugh, haha. Not to mention the soreness of my neck/arms. It's my own fault though, Derek and Shayla checked on me many times, but I kept thinking I could handle it :P, but it just got worse. I didn't want to get on the jetski though, and get them soaked because they kept themselves nice and dry. Those two are great :), aside from the pain I let myself endure, it was a wonderful time. Derek has a spot on this island place, so we checked it out, got some snackage, a duck bit me, and we talked about alot of things. Once it was near time to leave, he brought us for one last quick ride, and I did not get on the sea turtle again, I rode on the jet ski :P. Now, that felt like a horse, haha. Galloping across the sea, fast and elegantly. Derek brought us both home, and I helped with more hay. Later that night, Amanda and I went over to see Shayla one last time, and hung out with her and Tanner, her brother. It was a nice time :). It was so weird saying goodbye, and knowing it really meant goodbye :(, for a month atleast. If we get tickets to the CAKE concert, then we'll see her in late September, but if not, it could be months upon months.. Hopefully I pass my road test next month so I can visit her.

I went home with Amanda to stay the night when we left Shayla's, staying up to have another one of our "right before we doze off" meaningful conversations. They tend to happen frequently :P. The next day, which would be today, we went to Walmart,PriceChopper, and Aldi's. I was exhausted for some reason, and on the verge of sleeping. Amanda and I managed to find these sick Chuck Norris back to school folders, hahahaha. Oh my god, they're great. I got two with his picture that say "Chuck Norris won a staring contest with the sun" and "Chuck Norris does not sleep, only waits", hahah. I absolutely love Chuck humor. After that little adventure Amanda gave me German gnome gummies and I went home to take pictures and relax. Our last photography class was tonight :(. I'm really going to miss that place. Today we brought in a couple of our favorite pictures we've taken, enlarged, to look at. Rite Aid was super lame though, and their machine was broken when I ran in there last minute before my class, so I had to suffice with one photograph, that my instructor has already seen. Ugh, it made me mad. Atleast it was a decent one. I hope my photography skills improve alot from that class, it's nothing I think I could make a living out of, like Amanda could, but it sure would be a nice hobby :).

So Tom and Julie are off to their cousin's house, a couple hours away, until school starts. I'm going to miss them too, ugh :(. Everyone keeps taking turns at leaving, haha. When is someone going to be able to take me along?!?!? Hahah, kidding, but it has been forever since I've left this sad little town for more than an evening or afternoon. My family hasn't taken one trip all summer, it's disappointing. Usually, we go down to Syracuse for a few days, but nothing was appealing there this year, so we spent the summer here, the whole time. I can't wait until I have a car and license, so I can take myself all over the place :D!! I'm really too excited for my own good.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Holy Smokes We're Missing The Fair!

Saturday was a good night :).
Even though he absolutely hates it, Tom came along with me to the fair. Ah, I'm getting ahead of myself, Friday was good too. I brought, and by brought I mean drove(with my mom), Julie and Amanda to the mall with me. It's the biggest one within an hour's distance, so we were pretty excited. Unfortunately, we could barely find anything, and left without many bags, but we had a good time anyways, and that's what counts.

It was a little scary driving on the highway for so long, but you get used to it. I just don't like it when I'm sandwiched between cars, or trucks especially, it makes me nervous. But I think I did okay, nobody died :P. It was nice chillen' with Julie after so long, I mean I see her quite often, but usually it's at her house, after she's been working all day, so she's worn out. The three of us have so much fun together though, it's insanity. We even have this "jam band" called 'The Fat Betches', where we just try to play stupid songs and be funny, but we haven't made a video in forever.. That should change.

Alrightyo, onto Saturday. Tom came over during the day, so we just snuggled and hung out until it got later, we checked everything out. He forced me into the poultry barn, I hate that place, hahah. And I took a video of this scary goose thing that kept HISSING at me, ugh haha. I ate some yummy fried bread dough, and cider slush, my favorite edibles at the fsince we haven't seen eachother for a week, and we wanted to go at night before it's cooler, and less crowded. So we went, and walked around alot, hahah. There weren't many people we knew there, so we mainly just did our own thing. It was fun though :), watched all these funny old people square dancing, went on ONE ride (tickets were $1 a piece, outrageous! and I bought 10 for us, so we rode the zipper which cost us eight) and air :). I'm so glad he went with me, and only said "I wanna go home" once, when I allowed him three opportunities to say that :P, it's his phrase whenever he's bored. Carnies are so annoying, hahah. But I will give them credit for being able to make up phrases off the top of their heads to try to convince you to play their game. Like this one was like "Hey buddy, you gonna give your girl anything besides sore feet tonight?", so Tom gave me a piggyback ride the next time we passed that guy, saying "Her feet got sore", haha. It's just so nice being able to go places with him. I'll shutup now though, because I know how annoying people in love get, and I don't want to be like that, hahah.
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ahhhh, love that boy, haha :) <3

Lately, I've been working for free on my farm, unloading hay since it's finally stopped raining. If you're curious, the way we do it, is this big wagon of hay pulls up by the barn, and we unload it onto this elevated conveyor thing, which transports it to the top of the barn, where people inside the hay mow stack it, in order to keep it stored for the cows during the winter. It's an annoying process that results in being all itchy and having blisters. I've stopped trying to be tough, and taken up wearing a pair of gloves. The next step is a light over-shirt :P. Tom and Nick are the ones getting paid to do this, but I usually help because it makes the process quicker, and I feel guilty if I just sit around the house while they work.

Sunday was my dad's birthday, so we went out to breakfast at this golf course nearby, it was pretty good. I got pancakes with strawberries/whipped cream, and a side of bacon. We had a little lunch too, in the afternoon. Little sandwiches, fruit, and cake, done by my grandma. I love my family, but our get togethers are always so awkward.. I'm not even sure why, just noone really talks much, and when they do, it's farming related. So it's not very interesting to me. Usually though, I'm thankful to have Amanda to whisper to and stuff :P. But since she was gone, Tom accompanied me, and made it alot less awkward. Except when he joked about barbequing a cat, and my grandma's eyes got huge, hahahah. That was pretty funny though.. :P. I like how we somehow just fit into eachother's families. Tuesday is my grandma's birthday, but I don't think a celebration is planned. I'm going to visit her and give her a book I bought though, so hopefully she will enjoy that.

Shayla, my good friend who just graduated, is off to college this Friday. I was supposed to go down with her to drop her off, but since there won't be enough room, I'll just have to spend as much time as I can with her this week :):). She gives such amazing insight, and always knows what I'm talking about, and I'm really going to miss it. Luckily, there is internet. It can't beat our late night talks though, where we stay awake til like four in the morning, just talking away haha.
I miss Amanda, it's only been one soccer practice without her, but when I'm with myself, they drag on forever. Sure I get along with the other girls on the team, but none of them constitute as my 'best friend' :P, so yeah. Not cool. I'll make it though, not a biggie.

I'm wicked tired out, so my words aren't flowing very nicely, and I feel like I'm rambling on, so I should probably get some sleep. I keep messing up everyting I'm trying to type, hahah,. The backspace is being put to good use right about now. I did however finish Breaking Dawn the other day though, it was amazing! I suggest it to anyone who hasn't gotten on the bandwagon and read it already. Stephanie Meyer is a great author. I hope to one day be able to write half as good as she can. Trust me, it'll sure take some work. Now I'm reading this book my coworker/elementary teacher let me borrow, The Memory Keeper's Daughter, it's different than most books I read, since it's about adults, in their thirties, but it's starting off really well, and I don't mind switching things up. I'm sure it'll be a great read. Okay, seriously now, it's time for me to hit the hay. Har har, just some farm humor. Goodnight!.