Friday, October 3, 2008

Check yes, Juliet.

Lately, is nice :).

I'll give the recap. Tuesday, I'm not so sure about. Oh wait, it's coming back to me.. Tom and I watched Bridge to Teribithia after practice and chores, hahahha. We're so cool, right? I found parts of that movie quite depressing :(. We didn't intend to watch this, by the way. It was just a product of nothing being on, channel surfing, and Tom's issue with having to finish a movie once he starts watching it. Wednesday was even better. Our anniversary is kind of confusing, because nine months ago he basically told me we were dating, over myspace. I don't know why he didn't wait until he saw me face to face, but this is the situation :P. But I didn't read the message until a day later, so he swears the first is our day, while I believe the second. This week however, I had an away game scheduled for Thursday, so I broke down and we celebrated on the first.

Our date of choice was Aimee's Dinner & a Movie :). I thought it'd be empty, but instead it was friggen packed. Who knew anyone other than Tom hadn't seen The Dark Knight yet, I figured he was the only one, hahah. But it wasn't so bad, our waitress was nice. Tom sounded confused, so she was like "You high son?! Just kidding, just kidding" We found that amusing :P. And she was nice enough to relocate us to a booth when I asked her if one was open, because when you go to the movies with your boyfriend, it's a given that you want to snuggle. I strongly dislike sitting in separate chairs 3 feet apart, so you can't even talk. The food was good, too :). I already saw the movie, as I told you guys before when I asked for your opinions on it, and the Dark Knight is definitely worth watching twice. When it was over, Tom's dad called us and told us to meet him in the basement of the theater. I was kind of weirded out by that, thinking "What could possibly be in the basement..?" But my questions were beyond answered when I walked down the stairs.

There was a model railroad train club in the basement!! Hahah, it was unlike anything I had ever seen! There were tables set up all over with these elaborate towns and villages, with working model trains, it was insane. Plus the people working on this stuff were a bunch of 50+ year old men in sweaters, hahah. It was great. Tom and I were so out of place, but they gave us their card and told us we were welcome to join :P. Tom wasn't sold on the idea, even when I bribed him with the thought of matching conductor hats & whistles. Like the whole thing is "dorky", but it's actually kind of neat. Up close, the plaster mountains look realistic along with the plastic towns and lakes. Definitely alot of time went into these. Maybe not my hobby of choice, but I can definitely appreciate how much work goes into it. Needless to say, that definitely topped off our anniversary well :P.

Thursday was okay, we had an away game, which we lost. But we played well, and that's all that matters really. I can definitely feel the effects of fall when I'm out there in the harsh wind, wearing shorts and a jersey top. I wish I invested in under armor like all the cool cats on the team. Amanda came over afterwards :). I helped her with math and we chilled for awhile. Today, which is Friday, has been pretty awesome. I officially own a car! Yes, I bought that one I posted earlier, well technically my dad bought it, and I'm now in debt to him, haha. But yeah, I'm super excited. Maybe I'll post some pictures later? I feel weird because I have the urge to go sit in it, hahaha. I just can't wrap my head around the fact that I actually own my own car. Since I went to buy that, I missed practice, and came home early to help Tom finish chores :). Once we got inside, he fell right asleep though, so I spent awhile just chillaxin with myself, until I decided to wake him up and turn on some [H]ouse. Well, I think I'm all caught up now, my movie night is tomorrow :D. So yes, exciting times lately.

Oh wow, I almost forgot, Tom cut his hair. Hahah, big deal, I know. But let me elaborate.. He let one of the "cosmotology" students cut it on the busride back to school from BOCES, hahahah. So when I waited for him at the lockers, I see him coming towards me with this new bowlcut!, I definitely didn't expect that :P. From the looks of it, I don't think the girl is going too far in her field.., but I love how spontaneous he is. Most girls would actually be mad if their precious boyfriend came to them with an awful haircut, or something by choice, but not me. I think it's awesome that he can say he got his haircut on the back of a schoolbus :P. Yeah, the haircut's goofy, but whatever. I couldn't care less, plus I like how many people he made laugh from looking at it. They laugh because it's Tom being Tom, and there's noone else who does things quite like him :). We're dorks. It's just how we are, and I love every minute of it.


Wandering Child said...

Aw, dork dates are the BEST dates. Not that I would know, never having been on one. But I've read articles . . .

Young love *sigh*. That sounds like a really good time. Batman does have that ability to bring people together.

Skippy said...

This date sounded so awesome! It's glad to hear you had a good time.

YAY FOR GETTING A CAR! I hear it's not a good thing to particpate in street races, but I'm sure they were lying! Lol...j/k, first you have to soup up you ride[whatever that means], THEN you go enter a street race. Haha.

And I would so join that train club, I mean hell-o matching whistles and hats, I'm sooo in.

Wandering Child said...

Thanks for thinking I'm smart.

Knife throwing dates . . . haha, wow.

AdnamaEslah said...

I still say you should have joined that underground train club.. :P

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh you OWN A CAR YOU LUCKY BETCH!:D:D:D:D:D It's a pretty good started car. It was fun picking them out, haha we are such girls "i don't like that's colour is ugly.." "i would not be driving that, it's such an ugly tan!" "ohh this one's nice! i really like the colour of it!" >:P
so don't mind me calling at like..11 o'clock at night just because i'm cravin' a lil' white hot chocolate from dunkin'donuts ;P

Natalie! said...

I read the book Bridge to Teribithia, but I never got around to seeing the movie. Your anniversary date sounds like it was awesome (: And yes, the Dark Knight definitely is worth watching twice! The model train club thing sounds interesting. At the children's museum here I remember that there's a huge model of Pittsburgh with trains that's really cool. It must take a really long time to make all that stuff with so much detail.

And that is AWESOME that you actually own your own car, you lucky duck! (: I'll be looking forward to seeing some pictures of it!

Wandering Child said...

I finished a short story on Reading Corner and I would really appreciate it if you read it and tell me what you thought. I hope this doesn't sound pushy. :/

Nisey♥Liite said...

ya photography is great and good luck with that tight budget thing saving up is the key

Skippy said...

Haha you say great taste, I think I'm just really picky with the photos I chose. But no, I do not take any of the pictures on my blog...well I did take the one of my dog. That was a while ago. The pictures are just result, of too much time on my hands, and the lovely Internet, lol!

I just happen to have a great appreciation for great photography. After all, a picture says a thousands words, I just happen to snatch one word and run with it.