Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Update Time!

Took me long enough, right?

It's just that I've had so much going on, and during my "downtime", I was too exhausted to put together a decent post. So now I'll recap on what's been going on, but I'll spare most of the details so this entry doesn't go on for miles :P.

Firstly, Rise Against was amazing!!! So, so, worth missing practice. It was Tom, Derek, Aaron, Amanda, and me. Plus we met up with Zack, Tyler, Jared, their friend Jules, and surprisingly Tom's cousin who lives two hours away was there! It was pretty neat to have so many friends there :P. We worked so hard to have a good standing place, and our effort paid off :). I love the energy that concerts radiate. Everyone's just so into the music, it's such a cool feeling. The only downside is when drunken girls spill their beer on you, and then when others proceed to rub their butts against you for like 10 minutes. Quite annoying, yes? Otherwise it was great. I loved having Amanda there because we always go to concerts together, and we always stick together, holding hands :P. I don't really care if some stranger thinks we're gay, haha. Having Tom there was a nice change too :). Although he spent most of his time in the "mosh pit", while I held onto his glasses, hahahah, I still liked sharing the experience with him. Will, Tom's cousin, was lucky enough to get past security, and ON STAGE, where he proceded to high five the lead singer of Rise Against, oh man was I jealous. So basicalllyyyy, the show was great, and I loved it :).

That's me (smiling :D), Tom, and Amanda. I absolutely love those two.

Failure hit me Friday. Needless to say, I did not pass my road test as I had hoped :/. Honestly though, I think the whole thing was quite rediculous. For starters, the biggest thing I did wrong was speed (23mph) in a school zone. But the freaking school zone sign was covered with vines and tree branches, my mom checked afterwards. So even when the tester told me it was a school zone, I couldn't find the sign. Then the other thing I know I goofed up on was my right-of-way. I guess I slowed down too much when I made my turns, which "impeded traffic", but I was only trying to be cautious since I was taking a test. Ugh. So yeah, but I didn't think I made that many mistakes, but the guy sure thought I did. He wasn't the nicest dude around either. He had a mustache, that's your number one cue that someone is evil, hahah. I'm retaking my test next month at a different location.

Friday night, after hanging out with Tom at my house, he invited me back to their house to hang out with him and Julie for the weekend :). I've really missed their house, and it was nice to be able to spend so much time with him. I was gone most of the day Saturday because of a soccer game, but Sunday I stayed their as well. Monday I went grocery shopping, ran onto Amanda, and then caught myself up on homework. Plus I tried returning your comments :). Thanks for them, by the way. I feel so bad that I can't keep up well with updating. It's depressing. Amanda slept over Monday night, so we chilled & such. There isn't much to say about today, but I have a feeling I'll be getting sick soon, since Tom came down with something. Tomorrow and Thursday I get to miss school to go on this "Natural Helpers" retreat, where people who students chose as reliable people to talk to about problems, go to improve their skills. Amanda's going too, so it should be pretty fun :). I'll write all about it once I get back Thursday night. I think my update is done, so I'll go work on homework, and all of that unimportant junk :P. Adios!


Willy said...

Hello! Im willy from Argentina. I have a question. Why did you called you blog "life inside the olive jar"? Its interesting because there is a nice history of the WW2 of a woman who saved a lot of lifes using jars.
(you may pardon my english i havent spoken since 2001)

Nicole Linette said...

Your concert sounds amazing, faaabulous, soo so glad you had a blast :) Those are the memories that stay with you for a while. Haha, my friends and I still reminisce about Warped =] Lucky lucky LUCKY! Haha but something good finally happened to me -- my NOVEMBER AP issue with FTSK on the cover arrived! I screamed with happiness :D Oh, and my team won our last league away game. I almost scored, except I was knocked on my back :P Haha whatever though I played tough.

Thanks for checkin in on my blog!


p.s. Interesting comment above.. hahaha :P

ericka lee said...

The concert sounded amazing and good to hear that you've caught up homework and stuff: )

♥ d.

Skippy said...

Info overload!!!

Mosh pit...um that's interesting. It's never appealed to me, the whole rolling around in mud just isn't my thing.

Yes a lot of people with mustaches are evil...not all, but most. Totally understandable with the whole sign thing, I mean it was covered in vines what could you do? But you shouldn't give up, next time you take it I'm sure you're going to ace it!!

Natalie! said...

The Rise Against concert sounds awesome! And Tom's cousin is so lucky that he actually managed to get on stage and high five the lead singer! I would be jealous too (: But it sounds like it was a blast!

That sucks about that stupid school zone sign during your driver's test! Hopefully next time it your test will be somewhere where the signs are visible and the instructors don't have evil mustaches (:

RAWR! [It's Aren!*] (: said...

Hehe. I've been a busy bee lately and the reasons would take a very long time to state. But I'm glad to see you're doing well - that sounds so odd. But I'll go with it. Lol.

Ah, yeah that's the downside of concerts. The people who've had a bit too much to drink can get a bit crazy and irritating. But I'm glad you had a grand o'll time just as well!

That sucks you failed your drivers test. At least you get to re-take it, I'm assuming. No worries, I'm not a good driver either, a horrible one rather. I once crashed my dad's car into our mailbox.

It's great to have friends you can trust!

Adios, chica.

Wandering Child said...

Sneaking backstage rapscallion. Pssh . . .


Nicole Linette said...

Olive, you have the best insight ever! Thanks for your words :)