Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Wow, that's all I can say for tonight :P.
Our soccer game was amazing, like we seriously have never played so well. We were up against our "rival school", who have not been beaten in a league game in two years. Our coach gave us a wicked motivational peptalk, and made us all promise to do everything we could to win the game. So our focus was crazy. Once we got out on the field after warming up, we did great. This is a team that usually walks all over us, but not this time. We gave it our all, and the result was a tie. But yeah, it was all pretty intense, like all of the energy and stuff. I think every girl on the team was giving it their all.

Okay, so recap time :P. My movie night weekend was pretty nice. I chilled with Tom beforehand, and up until it was time to go out and get the chinese food. Jenna brought us and Amanda to Chopsticks, where we bought a shitload of food. I think the bill totaled to like, $50, for five people :P. Us four hung out and began watching Superbad until Julie got out of work and switched places with Tom. I call it the good old twin switcheroo :P. We actually didn't watch many movies, it was kinda pathetic, haha. Just Superbad and Killer Tomatoes Strike Back. I was kinda hoping to see a movie I hadn't watched before, but whatevahhh.

Julie and Amanda both feel asleep fairly early. It was fun hanging out while we were all awake though :). Jenna drove herself home around 1, and then I went to bed. Julie had to work the next day, so it was just me and Amanda chillaxing until the late afternoon, when Jenna brought us to see Nick&Norah's Infinite Playlist. Ah! I loved it! I reccomend watching it, it was adorable.
Monday was well, Monday. I played a soccer game, we won, and then I came back to hang out with Tom. He's so tired lately, it sucks :(.

Today was just... intense, hahah. Besides soccer, I can't think of anything to discuss really. However, I am PUMPED for Thursday, the Rise Against concert!! I haven't been to a show in forever, so I'm really looking forward to it. Then Friday I get to retry the whole roadtest process, I sure hope I pass. This post sucked :P, but whatever. It's time for me to watch [H]ouse, and try to finish chemistry WITHOUT my book. Ughhhh.


Nicole Linette said...

OHHH I finally had time to check up on blogger and I saw you updated this, three minutes ago :D CONGRATS ON YOUR GAME! Hahaha I wish I could say the game. I was out until 9:30 last night and we were pounded in to the 35-degree weather. Shucks :\ But that's stellar that you beat your rival! XD

AHHHH what the heck is Killer Tomatoes Strike Back?! XD That sounds so freakin' stupid/amazing! Hahaa Superbad is good. Jeez i want to see Nick & Norah a ton too. It's like the next Juno or something! :)

Ahhhhhhhhh, it sounds like your life is going fantastic (besides chemistry homework haha). You're ridiculously lucky to be able to go to your concert Thursday. Tonight ... right now... FTSK and Cobra Starship are rockin out and making girls scream in Buffalo for the Sassyback Tour. And I, apparently, am not there :{
Major bummer to say the least! But I won't continue this rant on this already too-long comment.

nicole =]

Anonymous said...

Aw . . . the only thing exciting about my week will be when I get my wisdom teeth out friday.

Wanna switch?

Skippy said...
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Skippy said...

You are going to see Rise Against ...lucky. I haven't been to a concert in forever too...that is never a good sign. You mention House all the time...gotta love his one liners! That and he calls everyone morons a lot, love it!

That's good you kicked serious A at soccer, although you didn't win, tying is just as sweet.

Natalie! said...

That's awesome that you tied with your rival school, even if you didn't win. Our soccer team lost against our rival school :P The movie night sounds like it was fuuun! I haven't had one of those in quite a long time ): Oooh, I was thinking about going to see Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, glad to hear that it was good. Aw man, I missed last nights House episode cause I was doing algebra homework and lost track of time ): Maybe it will be online somewhere or something? *shrug* Have fun at the Rise Against concert!

Roxy Motion said...

i like your blog.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and i now look like a chipmunk and HAVE for 4 days. Also, the antibiotics they put me on are making me vomit and faint.

i think i'd rather have my wisdom teeth.

Natalie! said...

My town may not be in the middle of nowhere, but my house is :P

And yeah, everyone does always say that. It's still surprising to hear little kids speaking some obscure language (that I practically forgot existed.)

Glad you liked the pictures! I wanted to try one of those clone pictures you had a while ago but no one would cooperate :P :)