Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Naturally helping is what we do best!

I am a broken record.

Always apologizing for my lack of time to blog, and then promising to improve, with the same results :P. So pathetic.

The whole "natural helpers" trip went well. Having Amanda there made it great :), but I made better friends with other people in the process. Like this Andrew kid. Before that trip, we never spoke, but since we were partnered, I found out he's a funny guy. And Kate, she's pretty nice :). I also met an assortment of n00bs to the highschool scene, that I never knew had existance. Overall, we did alot of roleplay, games, and had lectures. Definitely better than spending the whole day in classrooms, that's for sure. Plus I feel like I actually learned from it, like it gave tips on how to be a better listener/helper to people. I don't mind tips on how to do what I'm doing, better, but I do mind when people try to tell you exactly how to do something. I'm not 100% sure where I'm trying to go with that statement, hahah, but I felt like it needed to be said. Oh yeah, I was "Outstanding Olivia" for the day, we were given these alliterative nicknames. Like I named Andrew, Awesome Andrew. This counselor guy was Jamboree Jon... hahah.. But yeah, I liked the trip, it was an interesting experience.
Thanks to our little exclusion from school, the week whizzed by like nothing. Friday was the day we came back, at the very end, and then it was our last game. Unfortunately, we had alot of problems, like hurt players, and people who couldn't play due to failing grades, so we couldn't play to our full potential. Translation, we lost. Oh well though, I mean you win some, you lose some. Soccer is notttt my life. I spent the weekend trying to catch up on the things I've been neglecting, like organizing my room. It was messy, haha, and that irks me at times. I should've updated this, but no, I'm not smart enough to do THAT :P. I spent half of my Saturday with Tom, at his aunt and uncle's house. Even though I was just watching video games, I still enjoyed myself. Especially the zebra cake after dinner.. mmm. If you've never had it, I highly reccomend that you give it a shot. Sunday I actually went to work for the first time since... well, summer. The tournament park was hosting a series of games, so I got to go work in the store. It wasn't too bad. Monday was the way that Mondays are, slow and annoying, but I made it out alive! Today was alright despite the massive homework I've been given. This math has completely baffled me, and I'm really not sure if I know at all what I'm doing. I hate rational expressions >:[. Tuesdays are never bad though, because they're [H]ouse nights :P! I'm so obsessed..
In Holocaust we're reading The Book Theif. I'm actually excited because I've been meaning to get ahold of that book, and now it's an assignment :P. So it all works out for me. I kind of have a situation. I'm not sure if any of you have heard about Rachel's Challenge, started by friends/family of a girl who died in Columbine, but our school has a club for it now, and after the assembly I signed up and everything, because I thought the whole "being kind" theory behind it was a nice concept. However, now I'm kinda undecided. Like the theory is nice, and the girl had alot of good ideas, but organizing kindness seems contridictary. A truly "nice" person would do these acts of kindness, as they're called, naturally. I don't really believe in assigning roles for people to show compassion. Having the "duty" to be nice takes away the sincerity. I just don't think being a good person is something that should be organized and planned. I'm not quite sure what to do though because I was appointed a 'leader' of it, through some method of selection, and I feel like if I were to try to get out of it, I'd get criticized as not being compassionate, when that's totally not the case. I just like to be nice naturally. Any thoughts?


Nicole Linette said...

Okay, so since I'm sorrrrt of dumb.. what does n00b mean?!?! D: Ack, FTSK uses it allll the time and I feel ridiculous because I don't get the name. Haha.

Ahh, so lucky you were able to get out of school for a bit. That's great you met some new people that you normally wouldn't talk with.

HAHAHA, and I am happy to say that soccer is now done in my life as well. We lost first round sectionals last night :P Ohhh well. You summed it up: soccer is not life!

The Holocaust is probably my favorite unit to learn about. I don't know why, it's horrible... but I love any and every book on the Holocaust. Except Anne Frank.

We had Rachel's Challenge come to our school. I agree with what you are saying about 'organizing kindness'. We shouldn't have to get people to sign a poster or join a club and pledge to be nice to another person. And seriously, how long will it last? The effects wear off pretty quickly :( I can see why you wouldn't want to take part in that ... ehh, but I'm not sure what you should do. Sorry!! :\


Anonymous said...

I love Iceland! I really want to visit the ice hotel.

Natalie! said...

Haha, I love all of your alliterative nicknames! The trip seems like it was fun, especially since you got to miss school ;D

"You win some, you lose some" is right. It's good that you don't let soccer overtake your entire life, like some girls at my school do. They take losing waaay too seriously. But you can't win 'em all!

The zebra cakes I've had were these little mini frosting-covered, cream-filled chocolate thingies, which I'm guessing aren't the same as what you had since mine were out of a vending machine... but still, it sounds yummy (:

I agree with you about the Rachel's Challenge thing. It kind of defeats the purpose of being nice if you're forced into it. Hmmm, urgh! I don't know what I would do in your situation... maybe if you really want to get out of it you can just explain it to everyone so they see what you mean? *shrug* :P

Anonymous said...

Olive, nice to hear from you! XD

Ahh, the "natural helpers" trip sounded like it went well then. And having your friend besides you always makes it more fun. :)

Haha, soccer gets in the way of life things at times. And I need to tidy up my room soon. It's a mess. Lol. And yes, Mondays tend to be slow going and the minutes seem to take ages to tick by.

I've never read the Book Theif but I should, it sounds like a good story. It has an era and topic I'm interested in. :)

And for driving, I'm used to small towns because I'm used to it. But the big, big cities are the thing I'm scared off!

Natalie! said...

Mmmm, the zebra cakes you described sounded really good! Much better than the vending machine ones. I'll have to try one, they sound really really goood (:

Yeah, e-mailing the teacher in charge sounds like a good idea. Hopefully she'll understand and everything will work out in the end :P

Haha, I'll definitely add fuzzy socks to the list. My friend has a pair, and I've always been jealous of her toasty warm feet (;

Nisey♥Smooches said...

i love how u and ur friend look so natural in the pic it is great :)