Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Things are looking up, buttercup.

So it's time I hold my head up high, and take whatever comes at me.
Nothing scares me too much anymore, I'm realizing I can handle things better than I thought. It's a good lesson, but I'm still learning. A love like this is not something I'm willing to throw away. Honestly, I don't care who thinks since we're teenagers, we must not have the slightest idea what love is, because we do. Oh trust me, we do.
Unless something happens to where he completely alienates himself from me, we're always going to be there for eachother, intertwined in eachother's lives, so to me, this is worth it. We aren't your typical boy&girl scenerio. The chemistry between us could probably cause a rather large building to spontaneously combust, and that's quite a feat :P. In case you haven't figured it out, we've been talking through things alot, and that's a huge help. I'm beginning to understand, and make myself understood. I like how we can always talk, instead of shutting ourselves down. One of my greatest beliefs is that best friends make the best lovers. I'm not talking your "bestie", hahah, but whoever you become closest to, of the gender you're interested. Especially if you grow up together. That's why Tom and I can't have a 'normal' breakup. We're still best friends, always have been, probably always will be, and that holds us together.

On a lighter night, oh my god! Did anyone see House kiss Cuddy tonight?! Shitttt son! That was crazy, hahaha. I love that show :). And don't worry, my posts will probably not be centered around my love life anymore, I'll find more interesting things to talk about, just give me time.


Natalie! said...

I hate when everyone says "Oh, your just teenagers, you can't possibly know what love is." Sure, there are a lot of people who break up after less than a week, but definitely not in your case. That's great that you two sorted everything out and can still be best friends, I'm really glad that you're feeling somewhat better (:

And ohh yes I saw House last night! Ooh la la ;D And thanks so much for the compliment on my profile picture, I've always thought that yours was really gorgeous (:

Lonely Heart said...

Wow. So I wanna know how you make the post best friend breakup work so well? I dated one of my best guy friends, and once we broke up things haven't really worked out so well. But then again I guess it depneds on the two poeple.

OMG! I can't believe I missed it! I love House; it's a great show.

Nicole Linette said...

Sooo, sooo cuteee ♥

peace & love
nicole :]