Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Creativity Calls

I've been thinking, and the conclusion I have reached is to take this time to do great things for myself. With more time comes more opportunity. I can read more, explore more, photograph more. Just see the world in new ways.
Tonight was the end of the varsity soccer season. We made it to our second sectional game, and we played it well and hard, but lost 1-0. Noone was disappointed with our efforts. Some things got a little out of hand :P, and there was almost, almost, a fight, haha. Yeah, it was snowing too! I could barely feel my hands all game and I was constantly shivering. I missed having Amanda there :/. Talking to other girls on the team was nice though, and the connections I made tonight kind of made me sad that it was over. But atleast now I have more free time to be creative and do the things I love.
I've barely had time for reading aside from school assignments. I had started two books, and never got to finish them once classes began. The Memory Keeper's Daughter was one, and another was extremely short and I was close to finishing, What Ever Happened to Cass McBride. But it's been so long I may have to re-read them both in order to remember the details. I haven't taken pictures for artistic reasons in ages either, and I want to get back into that. I feel like I missed capturing the beauty of fall on film because the leaves are all fallen now, but maybe I'll still get the chance. Music is fun. I used to play the piano as a youngster :P, but I grew out of it, and now I want to get back in. I may invest in a keyboard so I can get myself back into it. There's a world of things I can busy myself with now that my afterschool schedule is cleared from soccer while my craving for creative distraction is going strong.

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Natalie! said...

That's great that you're planning on using your free time doing creative things instead of just wasting it being lazy like me, haha.

Nice job at your last soccer game, even if you didn't win, but it still sounds like you played hard. In snow too, brrr! It snowed here yesterday, but it melted almost instantly so I guess that doesn't really count...

I love taking pictures, but I barely ever take it for artistic reasons. Anytime I see anything worth taking a picture of, it never looks as pretty on camera as it does in real life, so then I just delete it because it's not the same :P

And I can't wait until next weeks episode of House! :D