Monday, September 29, 2008

Shut Up & Drive

Yeah, that's a pretty lame song, but guess who went car shopping today?!
Oh yeah, you guessed it, this guy, right here :P. It was pretty interesting, but I'll recap on the past couple of days before I get too into it.

Sunday was Taste of the North Country. Basically, it's a big gathering in a park where all of these restaurants get together and sell samples of some of their dishes, and a bunch of people come to "taste" the variety. I'm in Kiwanas, or key club, so I volunteered at the ticket gate. I spent two hours wrist-banding people :P. Atleast I had Amanda right there with me, so it wasn't too bad. Time actually flew, it was nice. Afterwards, we checked it out for ourselves, then went to this cute little coffeeshop we like. Actually, we hate coffee. But butterscotch chai tea,.. that stuff is yummy :). So we got that, and walked around town for a bit. We don't live in this town, we're stuck in a rural village, that basically serves as a gas station. Noone "goes" to our town. It's just a little blip on a busy road. If some travellers need gas from Cumberland Farms, that's the only reason they're going to lay down the brakes.

On my way home from that, I dropped Amanda off at Jeff's, and picked up my own boyfriend for some chillaxin' :). We didn't really get to hang out that long, but still, it's always nice to be with him. Later that night after he left, I went to my Grandma's for my Uncle Ron and Grandpa's birthday dinner. Family time wasn't so bad. I wish my Grandma still had the health and ambition to make her amazing home cooked meals, but I can understand why she can't. But dang, her cooking is good. Atleast she makes me Au Gratin potatoes when she feels up to it :).

So I said earlier how my dad was all mad that my mom wanted to buy a new car, so instead of her getting a new car, he decided I should get a used car. It's no use to argue with him, so we went shopping today, and Amanda tagged along :). This Saturn Ion was the best thing I found throughout the day, and remarkably, it was at the first place I went, and the first car I looked closely at. It's priced at like $7,500, but it has a downfall. 71,000 miles. Holy shizam, that's kind of alot. I have the feeling that I'm going to be doing alotttt of driving, so I'll have to decide if I really want a car with so many miles behind it. Everything else about it is pretty nice though. What do you guys think?

I have so much homework that I've procrastinated on. I spent most of tonight writing up a chemistry lab report, starting my english essay, which needs to be finished, and working on a math packet. Plus I still have 40 pages in Anne Frank to read. Oh shit, son. :(. Atleast I had a good day though, after car shopping, Amanda and I rode bikes to the village and chilled on the playground with Jenna, just talking about stuff. I'm planning on a movie night next weekend, with Chinese take out! I can't wait.

♥ Olive :)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for all your happy thoughts, I wish them right back.

Oh my god I drove for the first time ever yesterday. I killed a lot of poor flowers when I tried to back up out of the driveway and ran over my mom's garden. :-(

And yes, my teacher is unreasonable.

Kaatie said...

nice blog :]

Skippy said...

That is a nice starter car, not too fancy yet not to...yes I do actually drive that piece of junk. That's a whole lotta miles on it tho...kinda a huge downfall.

Chillaxin' I will definitely have to use that word! It just gets the point across so well.

Nisey♥Liite said...

i love cars
i hate to b materialistic and all but i absolutely love cars :D

Nicole Linette said...

Hahaha no one comes through my town either, but there's these Chinese people that are opening a RESTAURANT in town and I'm so freakin' excited, just thought I'd let you know because of your take-out idea... HAHA!

My school doesn't have Key Club! What is it, excatly? Hmm..

Haha I am so ridiculously ignorant when it comes to cars! Mileage I care about but I don't really think about previous miles a car has racked up.. but other than that, it looks cute =]

I've been trying to get ahead on my assignments because I have to go to Ohio for the weekend. Good luck :\


Natalie! said...

My one grandma makes the most delicious Italian food ever, but then again my other grandma makes the most disgusting food ever. Luckily the one with the awesome food lives abut 5 hours closer, sooo we eat there more often (;

We have Key Club in my school and I was thinking about joining, but unfortunately I missed the sign ups so thats kind not an option anymore...

I think that looks like a good starter car, not that I know anything about cars really, haha. It looks pretty decent, even with the all those miles on it.

Darling Dears. said...

sweet car! at least you can get one :) keep blogging!

Natalie! said...

Haha yeah, grandma's cooking is usually the best (: I don't know, I think I could still join the club now if I really wanted to, but I think they wanted us to sign up beforehand so idk :P And good luck with the car and everything!

I am good thanks, and youu? (: I'm just trying to keep up with all of this school work and whatnot. Nothing worth blogging about has really happened to me this week, but I'm going to a friend's quinceaƱera tomorrow, so I should get about a post about that soon!

Natalie! said...

I know, school is just plain... BLARG! We already slave away in school itself doing work the entire day, and then we have to slave away the rest of our day as soon as we get home in order to get everything done. Can't they cut us some slack? /:

And this is my first quinceanera too (: Thanks, I'm betting it will be a blast! And I'll be sure to take lots of pictures for my next post!