Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Goodbye Summer.

Well, it's official. Today was the last day of freedom.

Meaning tomorrow is the first day of school, and no, I am not bursting at the seams with excitement :p. Sure I like to learn, but days spent at school just drag on for what feels like a lifetime, and it cannot be escaped. It probably wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't on the soccer team, so I could actually go home at 2:45. But instead I continue to choose to stay another two hours running around on a field :P, or staying out til nearly 7 or 8, sometimes later, playing games at other schools. It is good exercise though, keeps me from being lazy. Plus in general, I like the sport, and most of the girls on the team are pretty cool, so I play. I just get annoyed with the lack of freedom at times. Once October passes, it'll be all over anyways, so it isn't too bad. I'm just ranting because I can. And because we practiced in extreme heat today, like we will every non-game day until the weather realizes that it is autumn.

Yesterday I brought Amanda to a different fair :P. I had a pretty good time. This hypnotist put on a show, it was obviously fake, but entertaining nonetheless. My favorite was Bridgette, this woman obviously much older than the teenagers on the stage, and I don't know, something about her just made me laugh. This boy was funny too, he was hypnotized to think he was three supposedly, and was playing with this "Susie-poops-alot" doll he was given. Quite dumb, but you couldn't help but laugh at the stupidity. A highlight of the fair for me is always cider slush. Mmmmm. And cider doughnuts, delicious. We watched these square dancers for the longest time, hahah. Rides are so expensive, it's insane. We did go on the ferris wheel though, and this spinny thing, haha, but that's about it. Amanda and I always have a good time when we're together.

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So the anniversary is on a raincheck, haha. I think Tom and Julie are home now, but it was too late for us to get together. I did however, receieve a happy anniversary phone call :). I know that sounds blatently obvious, but Tom and I don't do phones. We perceive them as evil, and only necessary during an emergency :P, haha. Well, aside from texting. I just don't like sitting down and actually talking usually, because of the awkward silences and how you feel obligated to come up with something interesting to say. Internet, gives you time. But he called me :), and we actually could carry on a 15minute+ conversation since we haven't talked in like a week. He's so sweet, I miss him. I'll see him tomorrow though, so I guess that is something to look forward to :P.

Alright. Well I don't have anything else to write about really. Boring, I know. I'm sure I'll have plenty to say tomorrow though, so I'll update then :).


AdnamaEslah said...

haha you can't forget about all the things that pops into my mind when i think of the fair..like dirty feet,poop,fupas,fried food, fat people, retarded games that steal your money, cheap rides that are holding up because of ducktape,germs,dirty people,smouldering heat,hoes, oh the list could go on and on ;)

I had a great time thoughhh :D
FUCK.i dont want to go to school tomorrow..it just doesn't feel..normal. i was getting used to a carefree life with no responsiblities :( oh well.at least we get to see sexay mrs.close with her petite voice and white bowlcut :P see you in sk00L tomorrow woman.

Taylor-Tot said...

i promise 2 read that post 2morrow, but i just got off my retarded horse after about 3 hours of riding anf i'm so tired!!! and i wanna talk 2 my sis, havent seen her in a month!!! so yes i love house very much!!! <3
the rodoe team is an organiization formed by people at my school, all of the student members have practice every week and compete 2gether on weekends, its fun. the 1st practice was 2day. just got back :) and external PE is wen you have over 15 hrs a week in a sport outside of school, i have more than that, so i dont have to be in a sport @ school, so intead of going 2 gym, i leave at 2:30 and go ride. :)
and yes, lets deal with it wen the time comes. :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck at school! What grade are you now? And I actually like fairs. I'm actually going to a medieval fair in a few weeks. Yay.

BAMF :) said...

soccer team? belive me it's worth it :)
betches will be jealous of her legs and boys will want to own your glutes XD
nice blog.

☆natalie☆ said...

I enjoy playing soccer, but I wouldn't want to stay an extra two ours running around kicking balls after school. I like to be able to go home and just relaxxx. But it is good exercise after all, and like you said, it's only until October. Hang in there!

Great pictures from the fair! I wish they had fairs around here, that would be something to do. And hahaha, the Susie-poops-a-lot hypnotist act sounds hilarious (:

Taylor-Tot said...

omg!!! i just finnished typing my comment and it erased it all!!! ugh omfg!!! i wrote alot 2!!! ok starting over! ugh! ya skool sucks!!! i read, write, draw, txt, talk, and stare at the walls and the classes still seem 2 drag on 4ever :( the only good things are rodeo, orch, and freinds :) i never see my freinds during the summer!!! :( it sucks!!! so i miss them alot, but its nice 2 have time 2 urself 2. and its great u went 2 the fair!!! i havent gone in 4ever, but i think we've gone in2 that b4 lol :) i'm glad amanda is back.
ya, i'm fine now :) most of the worst side effects wont show up for about 30 days, so i'll see if i get really sick then, i cant believe they served me half cooked chicken, and i cant believe i didnt notice!!! i knew it tasted funny tho, but i should have noticed that!!! how obvious, it was half RAW!!! i should have realized something like that!!! *ROLLS EYES* anyway, i love Muse, they're in my top 2 fav. bands ever!!! that sucks about the concert!!! i would have been sossoossosoosososoo so so SO pissed!! but anyway, ya, external PE is great, instead of getting out at 4:05 i get out at 2:30!!! :)which makes me sososososososososo happy!!!

Taylor-Tot said...

cool pics bty :)

Anonymous said...

You're not going to be a bad junior. You're very smart and funny and charismatic (sp?) and it's just high school.

I don't know if he actually used it. I didn't think it would be appropriate to ask. lol

Taylor-Tot said...

i no!!! i hate computers wen they do that!!! i wrote like 3 chapters in my book and it didnt save!!! oh my fucking god!!! i was so beyong pissed off!!!
and ya, i start drivers ed next year :( taking 4ever. *rolls eyes* but ya, i want at school, i'm not gonna sue, 2 much work :P and yes i wa very hungry, very VERY hungry

Skippy said...

I love the ferris wheel, it's my favorite ride. I like feeling tall for once.