Saturday, September 27, 2008

seize the day

I'm loving the feel of the weekend :).
Especially since we have Monday off too, for some superintendent's day or something--sweet! This Friday I was conned into going to the dance with Amanda, because her boyfriend Jeff wanted a chance to see her. Although I'm not a huge fan of school dances anymore, I went anyways, because they're cute :). It wasn't all so bad though. Aside from them, Julie, Jenna, and Johnny Boy were all there. We only stayed in the school for like, 45 minutes. Then we played on the playground for awhile. After like 30 minutes, Jenna brought Amanda, Jeff, and I out to Dunkin Donuts for some delicious white hot chocolate :D. Too bad it burnt my tounge, which still is feeling the effects at this very moment. Our last stop was Walmart, then it was off to bring Amanda and Jeff home. I waited at Jenna's for my mom to come pick me up, then I got myself some much needed shut eye.

I enjoyed today too :). Around 1:00ish Tom came over to snuggle and chill. While we did that, my mom went and test drove a car she wants to get. She told my dad later and he was pissed. The thought of a second car seems insane to him, I guess. But sharing a car between me and my mom is not going to fly with us. Seriously. We both have too many different places to go. The car she choses won't be personally mine, it's going to be her new car. But while I'm still driving, she'll hold onto her old one and trade it in after I'm gone away to college. After hanging out at my house, my mom brought us over to Tom's because he had some things to take care off. He stays at his aunt's and uncle's, along with the rest of the kids and their dad, for the time being. None of them want to stay at the house with their mom, so he hasn't checked things out there in awhile. We looked at his fort and walked around out back checking up on things. His bed is at his relatives now, so we sat in his little mostly empty room, listening to music, and finding all sorts of weird ways to entertain ourselves---not pervertedly, haha. I like how connected I feel with him, it's kind of indescribible :).

ps. The title is referring to the song in my head today, that I really like alot, Sieze the day by Avenged Sevenfold. Everyone just needs to seize the day, especially the weekends when freedom is available :D.

Okay quick question!: I know alot of you bring your lunches to school, and I complained about our lunches way back in a post, and I was curious, what do you guys like to pack? I just want suggestions so I can go grocery shopping with some GOOD ideas, hahah. And not just get things I will be sick of.


Anonymous said...

Um, I usually have just a bag of crutons. But recently I've discovered texas toast which is just basically garlic bread in wonder bread form. If you're going to bring a sandwich, make sure you bring all the parts seperatly so the sandwich doesn't get soggy.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we do have a really good relationship. I like the new teal layout.

Nicole Linette said...

And I quote, and finding all sorts of weird ways to entertain ourselves---not pervertedly, haha. (endquote) hahahaha that's fantastic :D As a sidenote I also read what you commented on Hannah's blog about the awkward turtle and I seconded that motion, hahahaa I am probably the only person in my whole school that does it then when I DO, everyone finds it amusing :P

ANYWAY, school dances can be lame. I go anyways though because we only have Homecoming.. and then Prom this spring! :D Haha I hate ordering hot drinks from coffee shops because they are scalding! I hate that tongue-burning effect :(

Ohhhh and lunch! Don't even get me started :) Well, you did so ... I make these wonderful sandwiches (or wraps0 everyday. Usually wheat/multi-grain bread, tomato, romaine lettuce, pepper turkey, & hot sauce. I also bring an apple or peaches if we have them, a granola bar or two (save one for afterschool before soccer) anddd 100-cal pack snacks just because they're easy to grab and shove into my lunch purse/bag. I like pudding cups toooo =D Good luck with the shopping!


p.s. The new layout is great! I was pleasantly suprised. Ohhh and if you decide on Chewy Bars, the dark chocolate cherry are seriosly the best.

Natalie! said...

Yeah, school dances can get pretty dull. I only go just for the heck of it, cause I don't have anything else to be doing anyway. Plus I just like to have an excuse to buy a dress (: But playing on playgrounds is so much more fun!

Let's see, lunch. Usually I either have a classic PB&J sandwich or some kind of turkey wrap, along with yogurt or fruit cups. There are also these variety packs of little chip bags and muffin snack things that are good, and plus you can have a different one each day so you don't get sick of it.

And hey! Everything is blue now! I like it (: