Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Here are the Rules:

1. Link the person who tagged you.
2. Mention the rules in your blog.
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
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Thank you Nicole :)

My Quirks:

1) Okay, this is pretty weird, but I always, always chew on my juicebox straws, which are usually those mott's apple juice ones. And once I've finished destroying the straw with the teeth, I shove it back into the box, and then throw it away. I have no reasoning behind it whatsoever :P.

2) I'm a big old packrat when it comes to memories. I hate throwing away sentimental things, and my walls are covered in drawings from Amanda, dated over two years ago. I use memories as decorations :). And I like keeping little trinkets, too. But I guess this one's pretty common. Wow I'm so unoriginal, haha.

3) The future occupies alot of my thoughts. Sometimes I get myself lost in "what if" scenerios. Alot of the time, they're positive :D, like thinking about opening up my own bookstore, creating bestselling stories, and living a happy life. But sometimes, my imagination runs wild, and I think up the worst thoughts I can muster. That can get annoying.

4) I really, really wish Hogwarts was real. I would love to go to a school for magic :).

5) People and their ways of thinking fascinate me. I like trying to uncover their motives, and just see things in different perspectives. I believe it's the future authoress in me, hahah.

6) I fill out like a million myspace surveys, but I rarely post them, so it's a gigantic waste of time. However, I continue to do it anyways.

I was delighted to not have soccer practice today :). I did however, work with Tom and Nick. No offense to Nick, but I get annoyed when I'm not alone with Tom. It's just not the same, because when it's just us, I feel completely myself. But other people crashing out alone time sucks, haha. Oh well, there was alot of work to do, and we get alot of snugglage by ourselves in later on in the evening. So it all worked out :).

Answers Please was today. It's a team where the contestants compete against other schools to answer the most questions correctly. During lunch on Wednesdays, we have practice. I only got a measely half of the page right. There were 20 questions, and I missed like 10 :P. Oh well, I hope I improve. I guessed correctly on some of them, which was pretty cool I must admit.

So Rise Against comes to a location about an hour away in early October :):). I'm really hoping I'll get to go. First step is convincing the parental unit, then it's off to FYE to buy tickets. It's been forever since I've gone to a concert, so I'd really like to squeeze some in every once in a while. Basically, I have nothing else to say. I'm just trying to keep up on the whole posting thing, so that is about it :P.

I really, really,really need to improve my blogging :(
Once soccer's over it'll be better I swear, scout's honor!

♥ Olive!


Skippy said...

I chew on my juice straw too!!! I usually do it out of boredom most of the time, or just plainly to teach that straw a

Wandering Child said...

I think a lot of the future, too. The only bad thing I guess is it doesn't stop. I'll relax when I'm dead.

Natalie! said...

Oh my, I haven't been keeping up on blogging very well either, at least returning the comments part of it. I love to keep little sentimental things too (: I have drawers and drawers filled with drawings, stories, and whatnot from when I was younger. It's just so fun to look back and see what you were like back then. Aww, I wish Hogwarts was real too! When I turned eleven, I kept waiting and waiting to get that Hogwarts letter, but it never came ): And I do the same thing with the MySpace surveys! I waste so much filling them out and then I never post them... Oh well, haha (:

Nicole Linette said...

Quirks 2 through 6 I share with you!!! I have a whole wall filled with pictures since seventh/eighth grade of everyone and the top of my closet is packed with school memoirs from forever! I never thought of it as a quirk! Soccer is eating you life? Sameeee. Then after it's over, cheerleading for four months XP!

Haha, have a fabulous weekend

p.s. I am following you.. <-- yeah that's definitely sketchy D:

Wandering Child said...

I never thought of that! Hmm . . . *thinks Sweeney Todd*

Just kidding, I would never do something like that.