Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pass, fail, or tie?

So I didn't pass my roadtest, nor did I fail it..

I couldn't even take it :/. We drove all the way down the the location I chose to take it, atleast 45 minutes away from home, waited through three other girls, but once it was my turn, the lady nicely informed me that the inspection sticker wasn't valid. Or whatever the little sticker in the bottom left windshield is. My mom checked the glovebox for the one they mailed us, but she couldn't find it. I was devasated. So we had to turn around and go home. Surprisingly, I was calm about it, sure I was angry, but I held it inside. No yelling, no crying, just calm. On the other hand, my mom was extremely upset, because she felt like the whole ordeal was her fault, so I did the driving home while she collected herself. It's so hard trying to comfort a parent :/. You never know quite what to say to make them feel better. I kept trying to tell her that it was okay, I wasn't mad at her, and I could easily take the test next month. But it didn't help much, she was still frustrated. I'm not trying to sound conceited, but I was a little proud of myself for acting mature, and being able to safely drive us home. Just usually, I let my emotions get to me, and I do the crying when things go wrong. I'm so glad I wasn't frustrated enough to blame her for any of it, because that would've made things so much worse. People forget, mistakes are made.

October 10th is the date of my new test. I am disappointed because I was so excited to be driving now, but it's only a few weeks. Maybe I can totally master parallel parking in that time frame :P. I never went back to school, mainly because of the stress(I just wanted to chill & watch [h]ouse), and plus, I didn't feel like going back for three periods. And practice. I haven't missed a single one until today, so it was about damn time :P. Apparently though, the team decided we're wearing our SHORTS to school tomorrow. I think that is an idiotic idea, haha. It is FREEZING in the morning. I like being on the soccer team, and I like the girls, but I don't really dig wearing the clothes all of the time. The team shirts are really baggy, the uniform jersey's are too, and the shorts, are well, cold! I wasted my money on school clothes for a reason! But if the team thinks that wearing our stupid shorts is necessary, I guess I'll do it. >:[.

Tonight was alright. I was kindof on edge though, because of the situation today, and I'm totally pmsing, haha, so I wasn't in my usual silly mood, and I ended up breaking down a little since I couldn't earlier. I wanted to be calm then so my mom could feel better. But later when it was just me and Tom, it came out, and he helped me feel better, as always. I called Amanda tonight, and she caught me up to speed with everything I missed today :P, informed me about the stupid shorts, and we talked for awhile. Strange, since we both hate the phone, but at times it's necessary. Laughing along with her was a nice conclusion to my strenuous day atleast :).


Taylor-Tot said...

sry about ur drivers test :( i woulda been really mad. its nice u held it in so u could help ur mom out tho :) and that sucks about the soccer shorts, i hated wearing those 2 :P

AdnamaEslah said...

glad i made your day better :) :)
it makes me feel like i'm full of sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows reading that! :) :)

I love ya man!

Nicole Linette said...

Awww that sucks like hardcore :( Haha I've heard instances of people not being able to take the raodtest because of noninspected cars, cracked windshield's, lack of social security card, etc... Soon though, it'll be yours :)

I recieved my FIRST ISSUE of AP MAG TODAYYY! Just thought I'd let you know ;) I remember you mentioned it's your favorite magazine. AND, I started at my game last night!! It was really gratifying to hear my name called on the loudspeaker and being congratulated everytime I came off the field by my coach :))


I hope you have a great weekend.

Natalie! said...

Ugh, that sucks that you couldn't even take the test! That stupid little sticker :P At least you weren't too upset about it :/ At least you're rescheduled test isn't too far away!

The soccer team at our school always wears their uniforms too. I think it's a nice way to do stuff as a team, but it has been extremely cold out in the mornings for shorts!

Anonymous said...

Sorry 'bout your test. I don't take mine until May. I can almost promise I'll be one of the slowest teen drivers out there.

Taylor-Tot said...

haha october 10th isnt 2 far i guess...
i'm good....ish :P lol how bout u?

Nicole Linette said...

Aw I know that really does bite about the road test :( I HATE NEW YORK!!

Haha, with the announcing thing, our school doesn't have football (not enough people) so we invest our money into soccer; there's five fields, two of them are varsity-size, with lights & a PA system :P yeah. haha

But ohhhmiiigawwssshhh you're going to their concert?! Freakin' lucky I'm still begging to see FTSK in Buffalo October 7th but it's a struggle. Be sure to post about it!

You're right about the F21 dress, I should wear it to school sometime with a sweater!!


p.s. I'm going to follow your blog :D

Nicole Linette said...

Hey Olive, more fantastic news, I TAGGED YOU! :D

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chyeahhh! =]