Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oh no, it happened again.

I just can't seem to keep up.

Like, seriously. It's been nearly a week since I've posted, again. I absolutely hate it :(. By the time I'm home from soccer practice, I'm so burnt out that all I want to do is finish my homework and sleep. Me time seems to be nonexistant, until today. I've had games since Thursday, and the weekend kept me fairly busy. Saturday was spent working, unloading hay. But then later that night was Cody's bonfire/Jeff's surprise birthday. It was pretty chill :). I hung out with Jenna and Amanda mainly, but there were alot of cool people there. Those guys, 'the punk trio', are all so funny. I like their friendship, and how they're not afraid to just be like "I love you man", and stuff. Cool dudes, cool dudes :P. Now Amanda's dating Jeff, I'm happy for her, they're cute. I've been missing my own boyfriend. Until tonight, it's been forever since I spent more than, gym class every other day with the boy. I hated it. But tonight was nice :). Anyways, Sunday was good. After sleeping over at Amanda's, Julie took us to Walmart so she could develop her senior pictures, then her dad took her to work, and us back to the house to entertain John. We made cotton candy! Hahah. That kid is so freaking cool. Jenna randomly texted me later on asking if we'd like to go out for coffee, so she took the three of us to this cool little coffee shop in one of the nearby cities. Well, it's more like a town than a city, but it's a city in comparison to my little farm town. Honestly, I hate coffee, but I think next time I'll definitely be able to choose something delicious. The place seemed really nice, and the woman who waited on us was wonderful. She gave us this pastery thing for free, just because she didn't feel like eating it herself :D. So we talked about things, and tried to figure out how to handle a couple problems, then walked around to the park. Amanda found brand new timberland boots sitting on top of a dumpster, so she claimed them, and we headed off to see a movie.

But we didn't end up watching a movie, nothing was playing. Instead we wandered around the mall, went into the Halloween store, just random stuff like that. Amanda came home with me that night and slept over, and school was the next day. I was all moody at first, probably because I missed Tom, but I straightened myself out. Our game was over an hour busride away, again proving that I have no life. Today was better, though. Just a short practice, which wasn't as short as I expected, but whateverr :P. Atleast he's giving us tomorrow off because he has a meeting. I was thrilled to actually spend time with Tom today. Even if it was doing calf chores, hahah. Just being able to be alone with him feels so good. When I'm around others, I have to be all conscious of how I'm acting, like the gym teacher separates us during class >:[, or he tries I mean, haha. And my friends don't really want to see us being all flirty. So it's nice to be able to just be ourselves in the quiet of my home, haha. He missed me too, so he stayed until nine so we had plenty of time to snuggle :). I love that boy.

So yes, I'm sick of being overwhelmed with school and soccer, but I'm going to continue to try my hardest to keep this up :P. I love blogging, and I can feel myself writing horribly. and I apologize. I'm exhausted, but I felt like I needed to post, because, c'mon. I hate going for MORE than a week without writing anything.

ps) I'll follow most of you, and post my quirks very soon. I'm just exhausted :P.

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Taylor-Tot said...

wow, u seen really busy. i'm glad u got 2 spend some time with tom ^_^

and i have totally 4gotten evry thing else, i'll finnish my comment 2morrow sry, i'm exhausted :P