Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sick, Sick, Sick

Don't resist.
Sick, sick, sick. Don't resist.

Ah, that would be a Queens of the StoneAge song, but truthfully, I am sick :(. I felt funny since last night, but today while I was out shopping/practicing for my road test, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Lucky for me, not until the end of my day though :P. I kindof successfully parallel parked twice, I suck though, and did a three point turn, but I'm so nervous about Wednesday. I know people who have failed it, and I don't want to have to redo it :(. I just wanna driveeeee. So, wish me luck?

I managed to snag a couple buys at Forever 21. Nothing major though, just a tshirt, camisole, thin little bomber-style jacket, and a bracelet. I wasn't feeling well enough to shop to my full potential, which probably isn't a bad thing since I haven't worked in over a month. Chyeah. After that I stopped by Target, realizing just how shitty I felt, and picked up some medicine and other things I've run out of. Oh, I forgot to mention on the way down, we looked at a car. I'm not buying one, so don't go thinking I'm all lucky :P. My mom just wants an extra vehical since I'm going to be driving solo soon, and I think honestly, she wants an excuse for a better, newer car. I don't blame her, and I'll gladly drive the 'extra' around until I go to college. Not a problem at all. I mean sure, I'd like my own personal car, but I'll get that once I'm on my own, and can afford a nicer one than my budget would allow for at the time being.

It sounds so strange to say, but I hope I'm better come Monday. I want to go to school so I don't fall behind because I've been doing well at actually keeping up lately. Especially chemistry, I need all of the understanding on that subject I can get. Our test is the day after tomorrow too, so I probably shouldn't miss out on that. So, my forehead feels all sweaty, and I've currently got a fever of 101+ degrees, so I'm gonna get myself a nice bowl of icecream and lay in bed, engulfing myself in [H]ouse. :). Great plan, yes? I'm like fanning myself with an issue of TeenVogue, it's time for me to sign off of this thing.


Wandering Child said...

Ouch, sorry you're sick. *Sends optimistic get-well vibes* Although if I were sick I'd be GLAD if I were too sick for school, but that's just me.

Skippy said...

Being sick is the worst.
I dread the whole situation, thankfully I hardly ever catch a bug.I'm such a baby, I have little tolerance for soar throats, I mean the feeling of razor blades being racked over my throat isn't the pleasantest feeling ever. I'm sure you'll make a quick recovery tho!!!

Good luck on your driver's test, don't pull a fast and furious and run over the orange cones, no matter how tempted you are!

Wandering Child said...

To quote Juno's mom "aren't you a little viking!"

Nicole Linette said...

hahaha best of luck, I think I know only two people who passed it in their first try but don't worry, the people around her are just biased ;)

Sorry you're sick, it's probably heat-induced because the air has been hot, heavy and muggy for the last 2 (3?) days and it's getting RIDICULOUS. I had soccer yesterday morning and wanted to pass out! I was sweating just being outside. Uggghhhh!!!

You should post pictures of your F21 buys when you get a chance :)


p.s. I'm happy you're determined to succeed in chemistry, a lot of people would just be like 'screw it!' haha :P

AdnamaEslah said...

whoo awesome song no?
and you went to forever 21 without me?! fat betch! jk jk :P hope yooz feel better soon woman!

and ps. at least you GET to take a road mom still doesn't think i'm ready for it -__- ugh! gay!

tramy said...

lucky you have forever21 over there! it sounds like a nice place with lots of good clothes!

chemistry is the worst of all sciences. eugh. thinking of it makes me wanna vomit up aluminium (HAHAH lame..)

Wandering Child said...

I'm sick now, too. I got sent home today but there was this big hairy deal about whether or not my aunt was certified to pick me up . . . blegh.

☆natalie☆ said...

Ah, being sick is no fun. That's the one thing I hate about fall, it brings on all of the icky colds and whatnot. I don't like to be sick and miss school either, because you just get so behind and it's practically impossible to catch up.

I love Forever 21. I got a lot of compliments on the blouse from there that I wore today... And good luck on your road test, I'm sure you'll do splendidly (:

holly said...

i love that song :D!
cute blog.