Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wow, this is it.

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It's August 31, which means there are two days before the first day of school, Wednesday the third. Ughhh :(. It's so depressing. Atleast I have ambitions for the year, they should keep me busy. Plus I have tons of classes with my bestfriendizzle :P, Amanda. Having her in my class always seems to make whatever subject it is fly by faster.

On the downside, I think Tom's going to boces, unless he keeps forgetting to hand in the paperwork, har har. But if he does go, then I'll barely see him, because he'll be taking half of his classes in a different town. I miss him, he's been gone for too long. Hmmph >:[. Our eight month anniversary is Tuesdaaayyy. I hope he's home by then.

I haven't been doing much exciting these past couple of days. Yesterday I sat around reading :), interesting to do, but not interesting for me to ramble on about, and I watched some of my [H]ouse seasons. I'm seriously in love with that show, is anyone else?!? I think it's genius. Later on that evening, Jenna told me that Cody was having another bonfire, so I headed off to that around eight o' clock. It was a strange crowd. People who I usually don't see outside of school with eachother were sitting around the fire talking, and I got along with everyone. I was especially happy with Jenna showed up, because she's just freaking awesome and hilarious. She was the main person I talked to, but not the only. Steve picked up this cute little dog, and a little poop smeared on his white tshirt, and he continued to wear it! Hahah, wow, that guy is crazy. I'm sure Cody would have let him wear something, but Steve's just too cool :P. I went home a little past midnight, and watched [H]ouse until I felt like sleeping.

Today was annoying as hell. Something happened to my mom's toe, she like jammed it under the door, so I've been on beck and call for all of my dad's little favors. So I've been doing chores since nine thirty this morning. I don't mind helping, but ugh. Every time I would sit down to use the computer or something, he would come wandering in with some new project. Hot damn!. But I sucked it up and did whatever he asked, including unloading three wagons of hay today. So if my writing seems a bit tired and sloppy, it's because I'm freaking worn out and want to go to bed, haha. Or atleast sit in my bed and watch something on television. So, goodnight :P.

Oh, & I've been browsing colleges I might like, and SUNY Syracuse is one of them :).
Where do you guys plan to go/major in when you get there? I'm thinking English.

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Skippy said...

I'm wanting to get a English lit major as well. Something that's been floating in my mind. If it means anything the college looks really cool. And I'm sure you'll succeed with the major you want.

Oh and happy anniversary!!! Eight months is a long time for a couple. That's almost a whole year. It's nice to see couples that last more than a month.

Wandering Child said...

Good luck at school *sends good vibes* And happy anniversary. Eight months is like ten years in teen-time.

That school looks kind of creepy. Just the baige and the dead-looking trees. It looks like somewhere Edward Cullen would go.

little miss ginger. said...

hi. : )
thank you for the comment you left.
your amazingly sweet! & adorable.
i loved reading your latest entry,
it was so nice the way you just laid everything out like that. i admire the way you write.

also, your from new york. that's actually where my grandpa is from, so i have some family there. : )
& i wish you a happy anniversary with your boyfriend! me & my love will be a year on sept. 16th. i'm so in love! & the way you wrote about him makes it seem like you are too. congratulations.

i can't wait to hear more from you!! your a very interesting person & we have alot more in common than i thought. (i love all your movies, books, & music.)

p.s. your photography is lovely.


maddiegurl00 said...

Things have been totally weird lately... neither of us new anything about him moving!

There is some really weird stuff going on too... If you read the blog you'll get the picture!

Taylor-Tot said...

i love [H]ouse 2!!! havent seen it in a while tho :( which makes me sad, but ive been busy. school started last week :( grr, but starting 2morrow i get out at 2 30 cuz of external PE!!! yay!!! and rodeos start this friday eekkkkkk!!!! i'm sosososososososososososososososososososososososo sosososo SOSOSOSOSO SO nervous!!!! knotch is such a spaz!!!! but thats ok, it'll be fun anyway, 2 of my good friends will be there, and my trainer, cuz her daughter is on the team with me :) but anyway, love the pics!!! that school is gorgeous!!! happy anniversary bty!!! and ya, i dont know afrerlife? reincarnation? if we're reincarnated what happens to the other soul? and whats with the vibes we get that seem to be comming from a pst loved one? i just dont, i dont understand, do i even want to no? do i want to watch my loved ones suffer while i am dead? do i want to never be able to see their face again? do i want to rot in the ground? i don't no wat i want, or wat i believe, but i do no i want the truth, watever it is, no matter how bad or good it might be. i guess we'll all find out in time

maddiegurl00 said...

Thanks... we're trying to figure it out...
Have fun at soccer!
You go back the same day I do.


Nicole Linette said...

Wow Olive I'm so lame :( I've like missed your update for the last two daysss! But since it's Tuesday, Happy Eight Month Anniversary! :D Fantastic <3

Hot damn hahaha what a wonderful phrase, I hate being on the leash of the parents when they're, uh, injured. It's weak!

Yeah my friends and I have been FLIPPING out about tomorrow. I went to a bonfire Sunday night and we sat there and moaned and complained. It's nice to empathize with fellow students :)

Syrcause would be a great university to attend. Me, I'm trying to get out of state. I took the PSAT last year and I've recieved college pamphlets, but they're all from the Midwest!! Wierd :p If I decided to try Ivy I'd go for Yale or Dartmouth. But I've heard of Wittenberg University and they're really strong on languages, which is something I might get into! Either that or history :]

But actually ... I don't want to think about starting applications this year. Depressing.


Good luck tomorrow. Just remember... you're not the only one that hates NY education ;D hahaa!

☆natalie☆ said...

Firstly, awesome photo at the beginning there. And ahhh! August just went by so unbelievably quickly. It's crazy how fast this summer went by. Good luck with school starting! That's super lucky that you have a bunch of classes with your best friend. That sucks about Tom going to a different school :P Oh, I absolutely love House too! It is genius! I really want to get the season DVDs. Hopefully your mother's toe will get better so you won't have to be enslaved by your parents any more.

Oh, and happy eighth month anniversary! (: