Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just an update

I can feel time pressing down on the carefree days of summer :/.
Quite disappointing I must say, so in order to avoid succumbing to sadness, I've been busy with friends :P. Monday afternoon I went over to Tom's, and along with little Johnny boy, we tested out the catapult he built, and just kind of hung out. I slept over that night, and the following morning a couple of his friends came over. I felt kind of like a tag-a-long as we were working on the fort and stuff, because those guys are so loud and crazy together, so I just like sit there, haha. It's okay though, they're nice enough guys, and Tom doesn't get to see his friends nearly as much as he'd like to, so who am I to ruin that? Correct, I won't :P. I got all muddy and stuff though, so I left them to their business early to take a shower and get ready to go over to Shayla's.

Her and Chanda are leaving within the next couple of weeks for college, like two hours away :(, so they invited some close friends to come over and celebrate. So around 7:00ish we left for that, and to bring one of his friends home. We were barely a mile from the house when we came across this guy, probably within five years of our age (older), walking down the road using a big stick as a cane. It seemed pretty peculiar, but I didn't think too much of it until all of a sudden his dad hit reverse, and backed the truck up to where the guy was. Confusing as that sounds, I wasn't entirely surprised :P. Their dad's a real nice/friendly guy, and strangers are definitely not a fear for him, hahah. He makes small talk with them all of the time. Once we reached the guy, he rolled down the window and asked if he needed a ride and where he was going. Apparently this fellow walked all the way from VERMONT, haha. I live in upstate New York, but still--- Vermont is quite a walk away. I guess he was trying to get away from wherever he was from, and he told us he was headed for "the store". Hmm, bizzare right? Well Tom's dad was nice enough to let him catch a ride in the back of the pickup, until we reached the convenience store 3 miles away. He seemed grateful, so I suppose it was a pretty alright thing. I'm just too nervous of strangers to do that myself.

I was so glad to be able to see Shayla and Chanda :). Let's see.. who else was there. Amanda, Tanner, who's their younger brother, close to my age, his girlfriend Chelsey, Allan, and some of Chanda's friends who I don't really know :P. I think there was Jess,Ted,Adam, and Justin. Jenna, Chanda's friend Sam and her friend, and another Adam came along too. It was a pretty good time, everyone was silly and fun :D, I like nights like that. I got hurt a couple times though, haha. Once I lost my footing and hit my throat on Tom's shoulder. Snikeys, that hurt. Then another time Tanner was jumping down the steps and elbowed me in the mouth. I always get so abused :P, it's okay though, as long as it's unintentional.. hah. I danced around the house with Jenna, but she kept resisting, and gahh, it was all alot of fun. I won't bore you guys with excessive details, because it's one of those "had to be there" kind of nights. I'm just so sad Shayla and Chanda are leaving :/, atleast they'll be out of this little town and onto making something great of themselves. I know I'll visit once I can drive. We plan to mail letters to eachother too, so it's not like we won't keep in touch or anything, especially with the wonders of the internet these days :P. Seeing them in person is definitely something I'll miss though..

The next morning we ate breakfast at the diner, just the people our age, Shayla's treat :). Little does she know I slipped $5 on her table in her room, muahahah, she's going to be mad. I don't think she should have to pay for things though, we should be treating her, damnit. We hung out for a couple hours until my mom came to bring Amanda and me to our last day of driver's ed. I was wicked tired though, and didn't really want to drive on the northway. I figured it'd be good experience though, so I sucked it up and went :P. It wasn't bad actually, except on our way home when I was reading and started feeling carsick. Meh. Once I stopped reading and closed my eyes it got better though. Julie made fun of my wrinkley hands! Hahah, I guess I have old lady hands? Just a little though, like I can make the skin on my palms scrunch up if I position my hands right, hahah. It's quirky and weird, but I guess that's fine with me.

Afterwards I was ready to go home and sleep, but my mom wanted to go to the bank. I didn't argue though, because the purpose was to redeem some of my savings bonds into my checking account, so I can save up for a car >:), so I'm very content. I've got $700& something to my name now, instead of that less than two hundred bullshit. I'm going to try to conserve it though, because a car is top priority. I headed over to Staples after for the back to school stuff I forgot, like booksox & lunch stuff. I bought this cool container for cereal, like you keep the milk in the bottom where it's kept cool by gel, and the top holds the cereal and a built in spoon. It's great, hahah. Plus I got to see Chanda again, she works there. Now I'm home, bored. Atleast my new book came, Madapple, and I've been reading more in Breaking Dawn. That's about it for me right now.

Thanks Nicole for the crepe recipe & everything :):) you were very helpful.


☆natalie☆ said...

That's pretty nice about your friend's dad helping that guy get to the convenience store. I can't believe he walked all the way from Vermont! I'd be much too shy to pick up a stranger too. The guy is lucky that their dad is so kind!

Ouch about the little injuries you got, but at least you had a really fun time with your friends!

I get carsick from reading in the car too. I really wish I didn't, because then car rides would go much faster with reading to pass the time.

I need to get some Book Sox still too... And that cereal container sounds really cool! Now I want one, haha :D

Nicole Linette said...

WHOA! Yeah I'm easily wigged out by strangers too. That's a hellofawalk! So nice though that Tom's dad was willing to help him out. I love people like that.

Yeah those "had to be there" moments are the best :) Glad you had a good time.

And no prob about the crepe recipe! Myyyy pleasure, it was a hit :D


Skippy said...

I get carsick if I read, it's never fun. Are you sure it wasn't Forrest Gump you saw? LOL I love that movie. Vermont seems really nice, I mean actual season change!

I'm sorry you get hurt so much. Being tiny dose have it's down falls. Turst me I know!

CANTIS said...

I hate getting car sick too, for some reason it makes everything feel really slow and boring.

Did your friends catapult work?