Monday, August 25, 2008

Holy Smokes We're Missing The Fair!

Saturday was a good night :).
Even though he absolutely hates it, Tom came along with me to the fair. Ah, I'm getting ahead of myself, Friday was good too. I brought, and by brought I mean drove(with my mom), Julie and Amanda to the mall with me. It's the biggest one within an hour's distance, so we were pretty excited. Unfortunately, we could barely find anything, and left without many bags, but we had a good time anyways, and that's what counts.

It was a little scary driving on the highway for so long, but you get used to it. I just don't like it when I'm sandwiched between cars, or trucks especially, it makes me nervous. But I think I did okay, nobody died :P. It was nice chillen' with Julie after so long, I mean I see her quite often, but usually it's at her house, after she's been working all day, so she's worn out. The three of us have so much fun together though, it's insanity. We even have this "jam band" called 'The Fat Betches', where we just try to play stupid songs and be funny, but we haven't made a video in forever.. That should change.

Alrightyo, onto Saturday. Tom came over during the day, so we just snuggled and hung out until it got later, we checked everything out. He forced me into the poultry barn, I hate that place, hahah. And I took a video of this scary goose thing that kept HISSING at me, ugh haha. I ate some yummy fried bread dough, and cider slush, my favorite edibles at the fsince we haven't seen eachother for a week, and we wanted to go at night before it's cooler, and less crowded. So we went, and walked around alot, hahah. There weren't many people we knew there, so we mainly just did our own thing. It was fun though :), watched all these funny old people square dancing, went on ONE ride (tickets were $1 a piece, outrageous! and I bought 10 for us, so we rode the zipper which cost us eight) and air :). I'm so glad he went with me, and only said "I wanna go home" once, when I allowed him three opportunities to say that :P, it's his phrase whenever he's bored. Carnies are so annoying, hahah. But I will give them credit for being able to make up phrases off the top of their heads to try to convince you to play their game. Like this one was like "Hey buddy, you gonna give your girl anything besides sore feet tonight?", so Tom gave me a piggyback ride the next time we passed that guy, saying "Her feet got sore", haha. It's just so nice being able to go places with him. I'll shutup now though, because I know how annoying people in love get, and I don't want to be like that, hahah.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
ahhhh, love that boy, haha :) <3

Lately, I've been working for free on my farm, unloading hay since it's finally stopped raining. If you're curious, the way we do it, is this big wagon of hay pulls up by the barn, and we unload it onto this elevated conveyor thing, which transports it to the top of the barn, where people inside the hay mow stack it, in order to keep it stored for the cows during the winter. It's an annoying process that results in being all itchy and having blisters. I've stopped trying to be tough, and taken up wearing a pair of gloves. The next step is a light over-shirt :P. Tom and Nick are the ones getting paid to do this, but I usually help because it makes the process quicker, and I feel guilty if I just sit around the house while they work.

Sunday was my dad's birthday, so we went out to breakfast at this golf course nearby, it was pretty good. I got pancakes with strawberries/whipped cream, and a side of bacon. We had a little lunch too, in the afternoon. Little sandwiches, fruit, and cake, done by my grandma. I love my family, but our get togethers are always so awkward.. I'm not even sure why, just noone really talks much, and when they do, it's farming related. So it's not very interesting to me. Usually though, I'm thankful to have Amanda to whisper to and stuff :P. But since she was gone, Tom accompanied me, and made it alot less awkward. Except when he joked about barbequing a cat, and my grandma's eyes got huge, hahahah. That was pretty funny though.. :P. I like how we somehow just fit into eachother's families. Tuesday is my grandma's birthday, but I don't think a celebration is planned. I'm going to visit her and give her a book I bought though, so hopefully she will enjoy that.

Shayla, my good friend who just graduated, is off to college this Friday. I was supposed to go down with her to drop her off, but since there won't be enough room, I'll just have to spend as much time as I can with her this week :):). She gives such amazing insight, and always knows what I'm talking about, and I'm really going to miss it. Luckily, there is internet. It can't beat our late night talks though, where we stay awake til like four in the morning, just talking away haha.
I miss Amanda, it's only been one soccer practice without her, but when I'm with myself, they drag on forever. Sure I get along with the other girls on the team, but none of them constitute as my 'best friend' :P, so yeah. Not cool. I'll make it though, not a biggie.

I'm wicked tired out, so my words aren't flowing very nicely, and I feel like I'm rambling on, so I should probably get some sleep. I keep messing up everyting I'm trying to type, hahah,. The backspace is being put to good use right about now. I did however finish Breaking Dawn the other day though, it was amazing! I suggest it to anyone who hasn't gotten on the bandwagon and read it already. Stephanie Meyer is a great author. I hope to one day be able to write half as good as she can. Trust me, it'll sure take some work. Now I'm reading this book my coworker/elementary teacher let me borrow, The Memory Keeper's Daughter, it's different than most books I read, since it's about adults, in their thirties, but it's starting off really well, and I don't mind switching things up. I'm sure it'll be a great read. Okay, seriously now, it's time for me to hit the hay. Har har, just some farm humor. Goodnight!.


maddiegurl00 said...

Troy and I tried to make it to the fair...
But it looks like we won't be doing anything together for a while now.

Hope you had fun and all!

Wandering Child said...

Sorry this is really random but I noticed you have a jaw like mine. Where the chin and the jaw merge to create a straight line.

Again, sorry for the random-ness.

Skippy said...

Happy B-day Olive's dad!!!
I usually make big meals for my parents on their b-days. They love it.

Whenever I go to the fair, I never go on any rides...they kinda look dinky...and a little too breakable. I'm to scared to ride on one.

YAY for finishing Breaking Dawn!!!

maddiegurl00 said...

Thanks so much...
and I think I have come to a resolution!

I don't think we're going anywhere this year... school starts next week and the fair is over.


Taylor-Tot said...

haha, wow, i'm also tired i rode 4 3 hours, so my memory sucks right now, so i dont remember all that, sry. but its cool you had fun at the fair!!! i havent been 2 the fair 2 ride the ride or just hang out in 4ever!!!! wow, i can barely remember the last time, sry ur freind is going 2 college :( must be sad.
I love poetry, but 4 some people, they just don't get in2 it, but i would suggest that you try 2 write some, just cuz i hated it until i had a unit on it last year in language arts.
good!!! then it'll be fixed!!! and it'll be easier 4 ya'll, and i wont be so angry about it.
yay!!!! i <3 breaking dawn!!! and yes sad its over, but its a good thing, soon i hope midnight sun comes out, u know, the one in edwards point of view. i think it'll be awesome!!!
u said that perfectly, wen ur religion is all u no, and u stick with it 2 much, u cant even understand anything else, and how can u understand the world if u cant even accept another person, becuse they believe something else. truthfully, i think its healthy 2 have a religion, to believe u live happily in heaven or where ever it is u think u will go, so that u arent scared 2 die. but also, i think alot of the religion are pretty much the same, dif. names, and a little dif. beliefs but the same guidelines, the same same principles.

and knotch was great i hope he keeps it up!!! :)

Wandering Child said...

Yeah, I'm a very random person.

☆natalie☆ said...

That's funny about Tom carrying you past the vendor the second time, haha :D Those pictures are really cute too (: Mmmmm, pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream sound so yummy right now! My family get-togethers can always be a little awkward too. It sounds like it would be really cool to live on a farm. My great grandparents had one with peacocks on it, haha :D And yes, Breaking Dawn was really good!

Nicole Linette said...

Hahahahaha GEEESE ARE PYSCHO!! Seeeriously they squawk and hiss and I don't know what else because like why would you eat their eggs...
ANYWAY I totally understand that you're busy and freaking out about school and can't read posts because I think I've tried commenting your post three times and each time have been interrupted by something a LOT less interesting, so I totally apologize for that!
That's great you went to the fair :) I think I would have gone this weekend, but ... whoooo annual Labor Day Kick-Off tournament for SOCCER! I can't wait! [sarcasm :P] and I'm backup goalie now hahahaa so that makes things even more interesting.
I say this all the time, but you're so lucky to have a boyfriend!! He sounds super rad. Ohhh and moving hay is a bitch! :\ all those cuts.. and when there's like hay fleas and stuff? eeucchh!

Have a fantastic end to your summer (five days D: aaaaaahhh!)

maddiegurl00 said...

Hey, it's Troy.

I've never realized this comments thing. Maddie is still on vacation so I think she'll see them when she gets back.

If you read some of the new posts you might be as shocked as I am.

☆natalie☆ said...

Yeah, five days is incredibly cruel ): At least it's finally over with. And inside jokes always make everything better (:

Your welcome (: Oh, and I'm very excited for both the book and movie. I can't wait!

Actually I don't know where those pillows are from. One of my friends had a picture of them on her MySpace or something and I liked them (: