Friday, August 8, 2008

Oh So Appetizing..

Again, I was busy with friends so I didn't update :P.
Wednesday I wasn't planning on going anywhere, but after driver's ed I was invited to ride along to the mall with Tom,Julie, & Amanda. We got sick of it pretty quick seeing how our mall is tiny and boring >:[. I miss the Carousel one in Syracuse, that mall was wicked cool. Let's seeee.. we looked in stores, watched part of X-Files(lamelamelame), Tom and I got bored and ate curlyfries in the foodcourt, then we all walked around some more. Blahblahblah. I kept getting embaressed because Tom always blows on my arms so it makes a farting sound, and everyone looks! It's horrible, hahaha. But I can see why he'd enjoy using it to torture me.

Hmm.. so after that was all done and over with, I went back with the Hughes' while we dropped Amanda off, and I slept over. It was late by the time we got back so we didn't do too much, just watched television and went to bed. Julie went to work the next day so it was just me, Tom, and John. I helped work on little projects in the shop, like he wanted to make a rock tumbler and a wooden case for his zune, hahah. I like his creativity. But nothing was working out so he got frustrated after awhile and we went back up to the house. I was supposed to go into work at the soccer camp that night, but I got called off, again. I understand but jeezz.. I was really counting on making some money this summer. I don't even know how I'm going to afford anything for back to school when I have less than $200 to my name. Mommie will probably bail me out, bahh :[, I like feeling independent.

Later in the evening Julie and Niki came home from work, so they chilled with us too. Niki's so crazy, hahah. It can be funny though. Amanda joined us later and we all hung out down in the pool barn, had some laughs, then went back up to the house for tv and bed. I did not want to wake up the next morning, I was all sleepy. But I did, since it was the last real day of driver's ed :D, woooo! Enough of that crap.

I feel like I'll have to wait forever until I can really drive. I guess I could go for my roadtest any time now, but I'd just get a limited use junior liscence, which means I could drive alone, but I'd have to have special papers from my school and job because that's all I would be allowed to drive to. Maybe I'll go for that, but keep driving with my mom like I have my permit still, and once the six- month- since -my- pemit waiting period is up, I'll be able to drive by myself anywhere, with two passengers, before nine at night, hahah. Ugh, I wish I could just be 17 already :P.

I finally got my class schedule in the mail yesterday, it's kinda weird. I'm used to having eight periods a day, but now we have 11 because they shortened the classes. Meh, school is really just annoying me right now, I don't want to go back. Just out of curiosity, does everyone else have really shitty school lunch?
Like I can't stand mine. It's not specifically the food, it's the restrictions and stuff, like only ONE fruit or vegetable product, and if you choose a fruit(apple or orange), you're not allowed to get a juice, you have to get a milk. It's rediculous. I don't like drinking milk except in my cereal and when I'm eating something chocolately and gooey, like brownies :):). They offered mini bottled water for like three days, but then they concluded that it "didn't contain enough nutrients", so it's no longer an option. Oh, they found a way to ruin pizza as well. That used to be the foolproof choice when nothing else looked appetizing, atleast there's always pizza. But no, now it's this funky whole wheat kind that is full of seeds that fill your mouth with every bite. It's insanity. One day I remember having a single small baked potato as my main dish, because that was the special. What the hell? You have such limited options, it's annoying. I think I'm just going to bring my own lunch this year.


☆natalie☆ said...

It sounds like you had a really fun time with your friends and everything!

That's too bad that you have to wait so long just to be able to drive... I still have two years to go :P

You have 11 periods? Holy cow! We only have 6! Last year we had 8 periods, but I think I'm going to like fewer classes better, even if they are longer.

And the cafeteria food at my school is horrible too. I guess that's just a rule for all cafeterias... All of the food at my school is either overcooked, undercooked, expired, or just plain gross. Pretty much the only way to go is to bring your lunch, which is what I do.

Rose Valentine said...

Yeah I can't wait to drive! I haven't gotten my permit though. :/ Anyway, my school lunch is really good but it's totally unhealthy, so I pack lunch.

rachel said...

hey, i love your blog!
im glad you had a fun time with your friends at the mall, or at least tried.
my school's lunch policies aren't that strict. i mean we can get any amount of food that we want, its just its cost.
ill be back often to keep up with your blog (:

Skippy said...

I love having my own money too. I like the feeling when I put on my jeans, I got with my money. It's a small feeling of independence I kno, but I like it.

I can not WAIT to start driving too, although I look at my mom's mini van and get less excited(haha).

Ivy said...

Bringing your own lunch is a must. Especially, that first week back.

Nicole Linette said...

Haha, I've been busy the last two days too... proooobably won't be posting quite yet but thanks for reading my France post as well as my fashion one! :)

Aw, that's cute about your boyfriend, even if he embarassed you. I want one! XD Haha I know what you mean about wanting to feel independent... like when I went shopping at Syracuse I felt so bad because my Mom kept buying everything! I was just planning on spending the money I had brought, but hey, what are parentals for? :)
Ugghh, same deal with the lunch. I don't know, New York would rather slam us with tests than look out for our nutition :{ haha, ours is similar to yours in that the fruit selection is really weak (& tends to be from a can) and there's only milk.. kids can buy Snapple but those are $1.50! Ridiculous. We used to have a vending machine with dairy products that was great, but after like a year our school stopped refilling it! Lamee. Packed lunches are the way to go :D


p.s. Next post I'll include the crepe batter recipe & how to make them =]

☆natalie☆ said...

Pasta Day sounds like it might be edible, haha. But year, you can never go wrong when you bring your own!

Aww, that's too bad about your internet being slow. My old computer was extremely slow too, so I feel your pain :P

Wandering Child said...

I get my permit this year (squeals) but I'm really nervous about it. And my cafeteria food is probably one of the world's best but it's gotten super expensive so I am packing it this year.