Monday, August 4, 2008

I successfully accomplished nothing today :D.
Hah, sounds bad I know, but I guess it's okay since on most days, I'm busy. I mainly just sat around with myself today, mostly in front of the computer screen. I did attempt to take a walk after the rain passed and the sun came out, but of course it started downpouring again when I was a mile away from my house. Figueres. Luckily though, a girl from school named Kate happened to be driving by on her way to a friend's house, so she gave me a lift home :), how nice. I've never thought of her as a "mean" person, but I just never really talk to her either. It's refreshing to realize most people have good in them.

Sometimes, like today, I wonder what our purpose really is. In general it seems people are just living to satisfy themselves, and everyone just wants to have a shitload of money-- but what is the point? You accumulate this pile of green paper, and then you die before you even get the chance to use it. I think people should spend more time enjoying the life they're living than working themselves to the bone. A balance must be struck, and moments should be savored.

I don't think I've mentioned this before, but I live on a dairy farm. Oh, and my name's Olivia, not "Aivilo", it's just backwards because I'm lame :P. I've somehow acquired the nickname "Olive", and that seems to be the only name I get called, so that's why I entitled my blog "Life inside the olive jar" because it basically translates into my life, told by me. Anyways, back to the farm topic. So much work goes into this profession, it's insanity. Every morning my dad awakes around five, then goes to bed again around 10 at night. Sure there are meal breaks along in there, but otherwise it's constant work. I admire him for it, but it's definitely not something I ever see myself doing. I think I want to be an author, or atleast do something with writing if I can't seem to compose a decent novel. I also think it'd be nice to open up my own bookstore/cafe :). I don't know, just my ambitions.

Although I haven't done much with my day, I atleast got almost halfway through Breaking Dawn. It's so much more intense than I expected, like dangg, haha :D. I love it though, and I can't wait to finish it. I've been thinking alot about society lately, and how we live. What is our purpose here anyways? I mean, of course to live, but I think we should be doing more with our lives than just working at benefiting ourselves. So many people are just concerned with their own money, their own looks, their own problems. But I think the world as a whole seems to have some pretty big ones. Society's just headed downhill & it's rolling fast. How can we fix this? People spend their lifetimes just accumulating money, just to die knowing that they had nice possessions. I think people need to wake up and find meaning, outside of money. Sure it's neccessary and important, but it's not the main factor in life. Make memories, learn something new, savor the moment. That is my semi-philosophical rant of the evening :P, Goodnight.


Anjoh Otaki said...

money is the downfall of our society, i totally know where you're coming from

☆natalie☆ said...

That's so cool about the whole dairy farm thing. My great-great grandmother had a farm with peacocks on it, haha.

I completely agree with what you're saying about money, life, and everything. People need to realize that life isn't all about that, and make their life more than just a money-making opportunity.

Oh and I finally did buy Breaking Dawn yesterday, and stayed up reading it until around 4 a.m... right now I'm 407 pages in. The spoilers didn't ~completely~ ruin it so far, so that's good (:

Skippy said...

I think it's a snow ball effect. Every day people work to the bone(as you so rightfully put it) to earn money. Sadly, it's just enough money to feed the family and keep a ruff over their heads. So if you think about yes there are those people who are in it to win only for themselves, but then there are people who slave away day after day to support their famlies...the people that they love.But as sad as it is dose the money make the world go round...yes, is it right? We shouldn't be such a money money MONEY world, and yet we are. I don't agree with it, but it's there. And I one hundred percent agree with you, moments spent together should be the ones that life is all about.

-sorry 4 sooo long comment...what can I say I felt the moment.