Friday, August 15, 2008

Sweats, Sweats, Sweats.

Work was excruciatingly annoying >:[.
I went in early out of boredom, and was on my feet from 4:00-11:00 at night. Originally, my hours were 5-9, but due to a case of shopaholic insanity, all of these soccer players and parents were in and out of the store 24/7. Sweatpants. What is the huge deal about these fleecey, baggy garments? Apparently whatever it may be, is a force to be reckoned with. We were waiting on a shipment to come in at like five or six o'clock, so all these girls pre-ordered the friggen things and kept coming back to see if they came in. Like the whole store was packed with crazed teenage girls wanting simple sweats that say "Golden Goal", down the leg. Once the boxes finally came, we couldn't even get them OUT of the box and tagged because everyone was in such a rush. It was pure insanity. Rushing around trying to find the right size for the people that reserved them, kindly telling the unfortunate non-reserved that they must wait until the pre-orders are taken care of, memorizing the codes for like 12 different sweats because they haven't been tagged, and ugh. It was out of control. The store stayed open too hours later than usual, and I was so ready to leave.

Afterwards I went to Cody's house to hang out with him, Steven, Jenna, Amanda, Shayla, Jeremiah, Jocelyn, Carp, Rob, and Christie. I was only there for an hour because Jenna had to be home by a certain time, but it was fun :). I mainly talked to Jenna,Amanda, and Shayla, but I enjoyed myself. Especially after killing myself for seven hours before.. Steve and Cody are so funny together, haha, like they act gay, but it's just to be funny. I like when people aren't afraid to be original, and themselves. So many people around here seem to be closed minded. That's the main reason I want to get out of this town once I'm through with school. When Jenna was trying to leave, Steve, Cody, and Jeremiah like stood in front of her car and sprawled out on it, so she couldn't leave :P. Then once they got close to the windshield, she turned on the wipers and defroster, hahahaha. It was hilarious. I think the usual group I hang out with, and their group should like--combine, we'd have so much fun, because we're all insane.

At this point it was like 1 in the morning, so I went home with Amanda and we watched Hard Candy, just talking to eachother about a bunch of stuff, mostly the future and our plans, because we just love that subject. We're too excited to get out of here :P. We try to make the best of it anyways, and enjoy the present, because you miss out on alot if you focus on the future, you just have to be aware of it :P, that's all. Her mom was going to take us to Walmart at five in the morning, because "that's when all the freaks are sleeping", she says, haha. But she was too tired, so we just slept in and hung out for the rest of the morning. Amanda's grandparents from Germany are flying in tonight, so she's been busy trying to arrange her room for them to stay in, and make a small room in the downstairs suitable for herself. Tonight I'm leaving, again. In about an hour I have my photography class, and then it's onward to Tom's for his little party/get together thing, so I may not post until tomorrow night or later. Oh yeah, tomorrow I'm going to an amusement park, so I'm all booked up. I feel busy, but atleast I'm not wasting what remains of summer :).


Anonymous said...

Lucky you. I had a marshmallow dipped in chocolate the size and shape of a muffin yesterday so I've been eating sweets too. At least someone's not wasting their summer on tedious homework.

Skippy said...

Were the sweatpants made out of gold? I mean seriously I've never heard of sweatpants being pre-ordered...but whatever. You're a saint for dealing with that many people at once, I don't really think I could handle it. Unless the pay was good, then I would be Gandhi. LOL

☆natalie☆ said...

Wow, I didn't know that sweats were so popular either! At least you managed to make it out of there alive without being trampled by all of the crazed girls. It sounds like you had a really fun time with your friends! That's hilarious about the two getting hit with the wipers and defroster :D I hope you have fun at the amusement park, and that's great that you're not wasting one second of the rest of your summer! (:

Nicole Linette said...

Haha that sounds like hellafun. I didn't get home until after one either! Guys are funny when they act like they love each other. Are you going to be a senior? Just wondering :]

Have fun at the amusement park!!

And yeah, I'm over the fascination with sweat panst. What IS IT?! Haha they're comfy yeah but not attractive.. Whatever, at least you're working on people skillllz :D

haha peace&love