Tuesday, December 16, 2008

TAG, I'm it. :P

So, I was tagged by Natalie, but I break the rules, so I'll just post 8 things about me. I'd tag people, but I think she already covered mostly everyone I talk to :P.

#1) I absolutely cannot stand it when my bangs are curly. It'll bother me all day long.
#2) Every day after school I do cow chores. Not because I get paid or I want to, just because it's my time to spend with Tom. I like being around him, laughing with him, so I put up with the annoyance of livestock and the labor. It's really not so bad though.
#3) I aspire to be an author. Truthfully though, I'm scared I'm not cut out for it. I want to be able to write like Markus Zusak, and if I can't, I'll feel like a failure. My fall back plan is journalism. Working for a magazine like Alternative Press(AP), would definitely compensate a bit :).
#4) Travel is something I enjoy :). Well, I only go as far as Iowa on an annual basis, but I like airplane flights, and I know I'd love to see different, beautiful parts of the world. Sometimes I feel like America isn't that great. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate it, haha. I just think it might be overrated. Europe seems magnificent to me.
#5) I've been best friends with the same people for over three years now. I honestly do believe that the closest friends I have now, I'll keep forever. We're all always going to be a part of eachother's lives.
#6) Intelligence is valuable to me. I'm scared of being dumb, to be quite honest.
#7) Seven is my favorite number. Yes, I'm running out of interesting things to say.
#8) I should actually be doing chemistry right now, but I chose to update my blog instead.

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So I've been kind of busy, kind of lazy lately. Sunday was one of the busier days. I spent it with my Grandma, making maple cream. I can't remember if I ever mentioned this, but we make our own syrup by tapping the trees and boiling down the sap, the whole shebang. And my Grandmother's usually the one to make cream out of it, but lately her arthritus has been escruciating, so I stepped in to help her out. It was pretty easy, just time consuming. It takes alot of time to boil and cool down, then stirred in the machine. The most 'laborous' part of it is dishing it out of the large pot into the containers we sell it in. It's not so bad though. Maple cream is quite delicious, if you haven't tried it before, I reccomend it, especially on toast in the morning.

Later on that day I spent time with Tom, Julie, and John. J00lz has been sick lately :(, so it was nice to get to see her now that she's recovered. We watched this scientific movie called Andromeda or something, it was cool :P. Plus I went to the outlets to turn in my application and buy a pair of winter boots. Monday was actually alright, considering it was a Monday. I baked two batches of ready-to-bake cookies for our Spanish class, and just to give away to friends. That certainly made some people happy :), haha. Tom hugged me all the way from my locker to math class, for giving him his own little baggie of them. So if you ever want to get on people's good side, BAKE COOKIES, hahah. The downside of the day was discovering that I'm failing Chemistry. I've never failed ANYTHING before. It's only because I owe around five lab write-ups that I fell behind on, and I didn't do extrordinarily well on the test, although I passed it. This class is getting tough. I've been staying after lately now, and trying to catch myself up, but it's hard. I honestly and sincerely cannot wait for winter break. The vacation is muchly desired.


Nicole Linette said...

Haha, I've been tagged too but I'll probably just post and not continue the tag ... I'm so lazy!

AHH! Working for a mag like AP, that would be quite the job =) You could do so many cool stories on cool music and it would be.. cool! X) :P Haha I totally agree with you about America.. I dunno, maybe it's because the country is so young, but 9.99/10 times, I would rather be in Europe.
Maple syrup (maple anything), made with love and family, is simply above and beyond. My aunt gave us this maple brown sugar once, and we used it all on toast ... I miss it! Do you make that too? I'm glad you have a chance to make those kinds of memories, same with Tom and the cows :D.
And I knowww! Cookies are the key to peoples' ♥s XD too freakin' funny. I'm trying a new recipe this weekend, and Monday I'm bringing them to the cafeteria for a "party" at my lunch table hahaha.

talk to you later!

Natalie! said...

Yay for tagging!

I've always wanted to be an author too, but then I realized how many other people also want to be authors, and if I could even make a living with it. But journalism is definitely a good compromise!

And I always run out of things to say by the 6th or 7th random fact too, haha...

That's so cool that you make your own maple cream! I don't think I've ever had it before, but it sounds pretty tasty. (: I bet that your syrup is a thousand times tastier than all of that sugary processed maple syrup crap out there.

And cookies are definitely a great way to make people like you, haha. That sucks that you're not doing so hot in chemistry! But keep working at it and hopefully after the winter break you'll be able to catch up and get back on track. Good luck! (:

Christina Celeste. said...

thank you so much for commenting, love!

you see, I am of a lazy soul, haha. I need to get winter boots AND bake me some cookies soon, and I haven't done either yet!
yes, yes, christmas IS coming very soon, but that is the nature of the beast. (and when I say beast, I mean the habit of procrastination. RAWR.)

Anonymous said...

good luck catching up on your chemistry :)
great blog btw.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand when my bangs are in my face, or when they're all whispy and going every which way. I love to travel, it gets me away from everything and everyone, and I can just unwind. I've never tried maple cream, does it taste like maybe syrup? I hope you're enjoying your hols!

Abigail said...

Hello. :]

I was on Natalie's blog. Check mine out if you get a chance! :]:]:]