Monday, December 29, 2008


It sounds like everyone's holidays were rather splendid :).
Good to hear, good to hear. If I could locate my camera cord.. I'd show you all a couple little things I got, but I'll have to hold off until later for that. I've been spending alot of time bonding with my best friends, Amanda and Julie, which has been really nice. We've always been close, but every once in awhile we just need one of those epic nights to just reconnect, you know. Sometimes we begin hiding things, or leaving things out, so it's good to get everything like that out on the table, it's refreshing. I couldn't ask for better friends.

One of these nights, just Julie and I went to the mall while Amanda was with her boyfriend Jeff, and we planned on seeing Seven Pounds, starring Will Smith. We were anticipating on having to spend nearly $10 on this movie, but when we each paid the cashier a $20 bill to cover the $9.50 ticket, he handed us each back $20.50 in change! He must have misplaced the tens with the twenties or something.. But we didn't say anything, hahah. It probably wasn't the morally correct thing to do, but hey. It felt nice to get paid to watch a fantastic movie. The next night we, along with Amanda, actually hung out with our music teacher, haha. She's really fun, and not at all creepy :P. We just wanted to drop by to give her a Hannah Montana calandar for Christmas.. hahah, and she gave us hot chocolate, cookies, and we sat around talking. She's a funny woman, it was a good time. We got her to watch bits and pieces of Coneheads.. :). She has a daughter our age, if that makes our visit any less weird, haha. It was enjoyable, especially to look through her old yearbook :P. We went back to Julie's for the night, and stayed up well into the early morning(3amish) talking and stuff. We swore we time travelled or something. The next day was spent at the movies again, seeing Benjamin Button. Now, that is a truly fascinating movie. I highly,highly suggest you get your tushie to the movie theater to watch it, asap :D. I loved it.

Soo.. boys,boys,boys.
I've basically been in love with said boy, I think you all know who I'm talking about, for four, nearly five years. Even though things offically ended between us awhile back, they haven't really. We're not much different, we just lack a title, a standing. I don't understand it. What is it that makes him not want to "date" me, while he still acts the same, is seen in public with me, and spends time with me one on one. The only significant difference is a lack of PDA and frequent iloveyou's. The rest is pretty static. Does anyone understand this? We began this whole deal as close friends, so it's not a plausible option for us to just go our separate ways, we want to be in eachother's lives. It's just a weird situation. I don't think he knows what he wants.

So what are you guys planning for New Years?


Ali said...

I'm not really planning anything for New Year's Eve or New Years. I might go to a party at my friends house, but I might not. I, most likely, will end up at home playing Guitar Hero until like 4am! HAHA :D

What are you planning?

Nicole Linette said...

Incompetent workers :P Haha, I probably wouldn't have given the back the money either.. I don't know, I'm just really awkward around sales/retail/register people. I wouldn't want to have to talk to them more than I have to :X. Ohh, but I would love to see Benjamin Button! Maybe I can get to the movies this weekend.

That must feel awkward at times with Tom.. but at least he's still around. I hope you figure things about between you two.

Other than that.. I think I'm going to my friend's house, though my parents are being ridiculous and saying I can't be out after eleven.. like, seriously, what the hell is that? -_-" We'll see :B And you, what are you doing?


Allison said...

hi im just going on random peoples blog commenting so HI. Lol okay so that is cool you have great friend and that your close with your music teacher. I heard both those movies were good. ha poor ticket guy rough day for him i guess.

Natalie (: said...

Hahah, that's funny about the cashier thing! My friends and I sometimes sneak into the other movie theaters after our movie is over, don't feel bad (; I want to see Benjamin Button so badly, it looks really good! I'm definitely going to drag some friends out to see it before the break's over. It sounds like you're having a very fun time with with your friends (:

And that's weird about Tom, I wish I knew what to tell you but I don't :/ Hopefully things work out eventually! Good luck and happy 2009!

Anonymous said...

It's good to mend things with friends. To catch up with each other. Our busy lives get ahold of us and we end up forgetting our friends and family at times.

Argh, you lucky bums! Oh, I haven't seen Seven Pounds. How was it?! Yes, yes! I loved the Curious Case of Benjamin Button. =)

I get what you mean, you guys have the type of friendship that can't be catagorized. Probably because many people haven't had the had the opportunity to experience it? It's enveloped into something more on a higher level. I'm done rambling on about my theories. =)

For New Years, I went to my friends house for a party then came home around two. Crashed around three and just woke up. =)

Nicole Linette said...

Thanks for the comment, and I know, I'm in absolute despair D: I almost want to throw up at the fact that we have to go to school tomorrow. Almost !