Sunday, January 4, 2009


Strange, isn't it? I'm graduating in one year, time's just zipping on past me. I know I've been slacking in the blogging department :P, I've just had alot of things going on. Mainly I've been squeezing as much fun as humanly possible out of vacation with my two accomplices ;). I'm speaking of Amanda and Julie of course. We haven't spent 24 hours completely apart all week, haha. It's been nice though. The three of us along with Julie's older brother Greg, spent New Years in Albany at their sister's house :). It was a pretty nice time. We had the whole multi-story apartment to ourselves since the other two people living with her were away with family. It was a good time, I wish I took some pictures to share :(.

On the downside of everything, I've been thinking alot love-wise. Last year around this time, the second of January to be precise, Tom asked me out. So now, feeling alone just sucks. I've been thinking alot through, and I just want to be able to talk to him and see where he stands. I'm just frustrated :/. Anywayssss. I cannot stand how today is the last of vacation. I'm so not ready to go back. I still have chemistry left to do, a project to begin, and math to work on. Snikeysss. That's what happens when you spend your vacation having fun :P. Sheesh.

Look what I got... :D....

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
^^ This is Frederick :):). Amanda got me him for Christmas, haha. He's so chill.

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And these, are my skullcandies from Amanda and Julie :). Oh wow, how spectacular they make my music sound :D. I love it.

Since this is the New Year now, I should probably keep the tradition halfway alive and write up some resolutions and changes for 2009. Yes, I was a slacker and ignored this on the real New Years, but hey, I can make late resolutions. :)

[FIRST] I will write more. In my journal, story-wise, and on blogspot. I'll make a point to make creative writing a bigger part of my life now, to prepare me for my hopes for the future. I can't be an author if I don't write well. I could definitely use some improvement, especially seeing the way you other bloggers write :P.
[SECOND] I will speak up more and give myself a better backbone. I've always struggled with being a pushover, and I've been gradually improving, but I still have a ways to go. I just like seeing people happy, but I realize it's not worth always sacrificing the happiness of myself. Especially if whatever I'm doing is not appreciated.
[THIRD] I will improve my intelligence. I do well in school, but I don't always absorb the information. I need to spend more time learning new things, outside of school more so, making myself a smarter person. College won't take me if I'm dumb :P.
[FOURTH] I will try to lead a better balanced, happy life. That means less procrastination, more ambition, and I don't know. This one's hard to explain, haha. I just want to make the most of my life basically. I'm happy with what I have, but I know I could make always better myself and things. I want to see more places, experience new, exciting things. I want to feel more fulfilled I suppose.

♥ OLIVE :)


Natalie (: said...

Lucky! It sounds like you had so much fun over your break with your friends and really made the most of it. I wish I could say that, but it's a bit late to squeeze in two weeks worth of fun into one day ): I am not looking forward to going back to school at all, but if you think about it we're already nearing the end of the school year, almost. After spring break it will just fly by (hopefully) and it'll be summer before we know it! (hopefully.)

Frederick! :D He is amazing! I've had two Beta fish in my lifetime, one that just died last summer.... but I can't think of either of their names! Oh well haha. And those are some awesome headphones too! :D

I need to write more too. Not on Blogger, but other than that. I wanted to take a creative writing class next term, but there was no possible way for it to work with my schedule, so I'll have to make up for that. And I need to learn to speak up more too, and stop procrastinating so much.

Good luck with everything and I hope that you have a great new year, even if it is already the fourth (;

Wandering Child said...

Cool fish and headphones! Those are really cool and I bet they hurt less than those sticky-in-ear things.

When 16 year old boyscouts tell you you're not good enough for him, you have only freshman friends when you're a sophomore, and people think you're a freak because you hate convention -- self confidence tends to be destroyed.

Nicole Linette said...

Hahahaha, YESS! My friend Kristen couldn't stop raving on New Year's Eve about how there's only one year left. A year and a half, I reminded her .. but essentially the same thing ;) Frightening, but I'm impatient to get out and liveee.

I'm glad you had an outstanding vacation, although today I've been in anguish because it's over. And I've been lying that my homework's done.. haha OH WELL ! I won't be updating often again :(

BETA FISH! Haha, I always tease Lauren's with my finger because it gets aggressive and thinks I want to fight it :P I wish yours a healthy and happy life for oh nine X) Those headphones are incredible, I wish I had a pair!

Those are really great resolutions.. unfortunately the fourth will most likely be the toughest to maintain, but all the same, you're not alone!

[try to] have a good week :D

Ali said...

Those are some really great resolutions Olive! GREAT ones!

Good luck with them!

And I know! I HATE how its the last day of vacation. It sucks. I'm definitely not ready to go back. Not in the slightest. Ugh. It just sucks. I hate school. But...whatever.

Skippy said...

me disappear...yeah right...I have waaaay to much to say to just vanish into the background, and silence my voice. I just took a little time off to get inspiration.

And I wish you luck on your New Years resolution, I don't care what people say, as long as you stick to your list, and keep at it, you will accomplish your goals by the years end. I need to make one for the new years myself, thanks for reminding me!!!

Allison said...

those are good things to work on. Thats cool sounds like you have some awesome friends. Your lucky you got to leave for break i was stuck in murky Utah the whole time. Joy. Anyways thanks for the comment for the comment to you hehe. I wish i had skullcandy :( but one day i will whoo. Lol sorry mountain dew.

Natalie (: said...

I finally did find Looking for Alaska! Of course now I haven't had much free time to read it :P Hopefully I'll be able to get into it over the weekend. Freddy should last a while, hopefully. Mine lasted almost a year if I remember correctly. I had some guppies that lasted from first grade all the way until fifth, and they only died because my frogs ate them. They were pretty tough, haha.