Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow day

I'm actually kind of pissed off, haha.
This is the first snowday I've been angry over, simply because we took the first part of our regents yesterday. I felt like I did a good job on the the whole thing. The multiple choice was a sinch, and I think my essays were worthy of sixes. But guess what....
they no longer count!
>:[! According to the wonderful state of New York, both parts of the regents must be taken in the same timeframe. So since we couldn't take part two today on account of school being closed, we have to take the ENTIRE test again in June. I'm outraged. So not only did everyone besides our grade receive a nice half day yesterday, while we stayed for testing, but now those tests are garbage. There's nothing I can do about it, but wow, I'm mad, haha.

I think I'll take today to catch myself up with things. I keep forgetting about this letter I have to send out to parents and students about collecting bottles and cans. Prom is coming up in not too long, and we're broke. We're bascially starting from scratch, it's sad. Most of the weeks available to funraise are taken up by other classes too. Like seventh and eighth graders who don't NEED the money, while we're nearing our Junior Prom with empty pockets. I'm the treasurer of the class, so essentially this falls down on me a bit. I'm trying to think up ways to make money, but it's difficult, I could use some input from you guys :).

A couple groups of guys at school have started up bands, Dilluted and Zero Climax, so my only idea so far has been to host a small concert type deal, featuring these guys. That way alot of kids from school would want to go see their friends/classmates put on a show, and it'd get more publicity for them, because they're both good bands made up of awesome guys. I'm thinking if we make money like this outside of school, we can "donate" it to our class, and work around not having fundraising weeks available. Other than that, I guess we're hosting a Valentines Day Dance, going to attempt a Junior Auction, and our only available, real fundraiser is Yankee Candle, in March. Hopefully that along with bottles/cans will make us some money, but our school is small, so it's hard to accumulate any decent amount of revenue from things. IDEAS??!!! :)

I think the majority of today I will spend cleaning, with my nose in my book, and finishing up things I've neglected. I've made some changes to the blog, hope you like 'em. All of the pictures are either taken by/of me, except for like two, haha. Which are the artsy ones, like the book heart and the hand with writing. I'm not so clever with my camera yet. But the rest are mine. Have a good one & enjoy your snowday if you got one!

♥ Olive :)


N a t a l i e. said...

Ugh, that really sucks that your whole test has to be retaken now! Why do they have to be taken in the same timeframe? That's so stupid :P Snow days are awesome, but not when they ruin stuff like this! But it is a good day to catch up with everything, I can do the math homework I procrastinated doing last night!

Hmm... how to raise money, how to raise money! I haven't really paid attention to how they raise money for prom at our school... probably from the price we have to pay for regular dances, and I guess a lot of the sports teams do car washes, except that would be pretty hard during the winter :/ Erm, I don't know... bake sale :P? I would be a terrible treasurer, but good luck!

And I LOVE all of the pictures on the side there, they're all awesome and full of good times (:

Nicole Linette said...

Ohmigodohmigodohmigod, OH MY GOD!!!! D:


I am so sorry. I'm almost getting teary-eyed as I sit here. This is comparably worst to my chemistry teacher screwing up my Regents grade and me thinking I had to retake my test and wasting 1/3 of my summer reviewing.

But this is epically worst. :{ I hate New York. And the education system.

The only plus... I'll be taking it the same time. We could moan about it together afterwards.

AH, prom. We've had some serious issues raising money for our class too, but this ornament idea my mom had worked out well. Unfortunately I don't have any ideas for you.. the ones you listed sound really good. Car washes and bake sales, as Natalie mentioned, tend to go over well in small towns, too! You could ask the local auto guy to supply soap and hoses, etc and then have a team of people at a grocery store to sell baked goods and collect more cans (while promoting the other fund raiser). GOOD LUCK!

Stay warm :]
peace&love, nicole.

Nicole Linette said...

Ohhhh, your picture strip is amazing, I have to say =:)


Anonymous said...


i love the new layout, bb! are you kidding?! what bad timing to have a snowday. at least you're comfortable and you've seen/know the layout. so you're prepared to boot. i can understand your anger though. my school district didn't get a snowday because the snow just basically hovered and skipped us. darn it. my brother's on the student council, and they decided to have a raffle, fundraisers, cake walk, and a baby-sitting clinic for kids on new years in order to earn money for prom. maybe an auction or you could have people offer up services like mowing laws, tutoring, repairs, fashion advice? erm, you cut back on the spending by using an ipod instead of hiring a band or dj. instead of decorations you could use balloons and you could probably earn money through the tickets people pay for. though it would be hard to pull off and might be against school board policy? hoped that helped a bit!

James said...

I am so so so sorry that your test is for nothing! That really sucks! But think of it this way, you can do even better than you did before! ^_^ and ideas ideas, you can auction off certain boys in the school, and the girls can bet money on them. Just a thought. And then they get to miss half of school and just eat lunch and talk. Just an idea. ^_^ I also wanted to thank you for your nice blog comment. And thank you for yours support. ^_^

Roxy Motion said...

i like those band names.

um. bakesales and car washes suck... umm. a garage sale type of thing? i don't know. i had to do a few of those things, but i will say that they did generate a fair amount of revenue. then there's auctions.

ChipotleChick said...

take your concert idea to the next level and do an OPEN MIKE NIGHT. do a sign up sheet, so people can come and perform either by singing, or playing instruments, or dancing, or reciting poetry, or even by show casing some drama or karate skills! Just do a small admissions fee and everyone can have a good time while you raise the money!

UGH!!!! that test thing is ridiculous! but at least you got a good practice, right? sorry, trying to be optimistic. that's just soo frustrating, even reading about it makes me mad!

Anonymous said...

yw. was that a good wow or no?

Kaitlin said...

All of my friends take the regents and hate them; my school is independent (no state funding) so we don't have to. The fact that you have to retake it is asinine, though.

hmm, all I can think of for fundraising is pretty classic stuff -- bake sale, etc. I think the concert idea is really good, though -- you should definitely do that.

James said...

well thank you very much for the comment. ^)^ and keep doing well yourself.

Allison said...

im sorry about your regent. Not even really sure what that is but you seem upset about it so i'll go along hehe. Umm i guess you could get the people with a band and do a showing at school maybe charge a few bucks for it. There is also the famous car wash!