Thursday, January 22, 2009

When the air that we breathe
becomes air that we choke. When
the marsh fever spreads from the
swamps to our homes.
When your home on the range has been torn down
and paved, When the buffalo roam to a slaugherhouse grave.
What more will it take for us to know, this is not a test. Oh no,
this is cardiac arrest. Of a world too proud to admit our mistakes.
Kissing the ground, as we all fall from grace.
Collapse- Rise Against, Appeal to Reason album.

Seeing how my last post was nearly a week ago, I figured it's about time I write another halfway thought-provoking post. Plus I haven't been doing anything particularly interesting with my life :P. So.. Anyways.

I feel like we have the power to make a change. Our world today just seems so fueled by self interest and money, the two usually intertwining. We're slowly destroying the world we live in, day after day. We're ruining it physically with scrounging it for more natural resources than we actually need, polluting without valid reason. I'm not innocent, I know that. I drive a car driven on gas, because guess what-- I can't afford a hybrid :P. I like to doze off in a nicely heated bedroom in the wintertime. I'm certainly no self sacrificer, but I atleast realize we have an issue at hand. If everyone just cuts back a little, that will at the least buy us some time to fix the mess we're making. I think green energy is a great idea. I just lack the knowledge on it currently, and I need to do more little things to improve on my own. Noone should be expected to just plunge into saving the world, all out. But small things done by just about everyone adds up pretty fast. So, just turn off those lights/heat when you're not using 'em, and try to be a little more enviormentally friendly. I'll begin to do my part as well.

No, I'm not one :P. I just feel like raising the question-- how do you people feel about it? Personally, I think it's a fantastic idea. It's healthy, and spares lives of the animals, but I personally don't know if I could do it, enjoyably. I'm not some huge carnivorious fiend, but I am the kind of girl who likes a variety. Choices are important to me. I have no problem with eating meatless entrees, I like trying new things. I was reading a post my friend Steve wrote about why he became a vegetarian, and it raised a lot of good points. My question is, if the majority of the population switched their diet to plants, what would we do with the excess animals? Obviously livestock die of natural causes too, but so many go for slaughter, so what would become of those animals? I don't think we have enough land for them to graze along with our population growing as well. I dislike animal cruelty, but I don't know. I don't really think a full on vegetarian is the diet for me. Maybe I'll just be primarily vegetarian, I already don't eat meats very consistently. I just don't want to necessarily limit myself to one choice.

I said earlier that our demise, physically is starting to show effect, but I think we have a possibly bigger issue-- society. To start with, I'm estatic that Obama won the election and was inaugerrated into office :). I find it kind of sad in a way though, that having our "first black president" is such a big deal. The whole color thing in theory, shouldn't matter. Hopefully his term will go well, and as a nation, we'll improve. It just seems like so many people just-- don't care. People just do what they want, regardless of the effect it'll have. So many people don't seem to have bigger issues on their mind than their latest breakup or their new handbag. Plus I can't stand how much people like professional athletes and poparatzi whores make so much money, while people who do intelligent, beneficial tasks make nil in comparison. I like entertainment as much as the next person, but it's a bit rediculous. Just take a look at the television. Alot of people are so easily amused by low budget reality shows. I can't believe an imaginative show like Pushing Daisies was booted off of the air. I'm all for enjoying life, and living it up to it's full potential. But we have a duty, to keep this playground of ours useful for the future that's upon us. Other people are going to inherit the earth after us, we might as well keep it usable. I just wish we lived in a happier, more intelligent, productive time. I think however, our generation's going to be the one to do something. If we take the initiative, we can.

Let's start a revolution.
oh yeah, the beatles are definitely thumping in my head now :).

For youuuu, Nicole :). If this is what you meant. If not, correct me.


N a t a l i e. said...

That is absolutely true. If everyone in the world just cut back a little bit--by turning off their lights when they're not in the room, not buying giant gas guzzling Hummers--we could really do so much. I hope that our country can learn to change, or at least tweak it's ways.

I'm not a huge meat eater, but I don't think that I would be able to be a vegetarian either. I would still want to be able to have turkey at Thanksgiving and all that good stuff, and I'd never be able to resist a cheeseburger at least every once in a while. I tried to become one, but I only lasted about a day before my mom made me eat chicken for dinner. I wish I could, but I just don't see it happening :/

And I don't understand how shows like Shot at Love with Teila Tequila and all of that crap are allowed to stay on the air, while like you said, much more interesting and creative and imaginative shows like Pushing Daisies (or this one show called Joan of Arcadia that got cancelled a few years ago, which I liked). Hmph :P

James said...

I think we can and we should!

Wandering Child said...

Well, Sweeney Todd DOES care more about his razors than Mrs. Lovett. I'm glad you're reading it, though. And no, I'll have to look that movie up.

Handprint_On_The_Window said...

hi i like ur blog :)

ChipotleChick said...

You're absolutely right. We don't need to revert back to the stone age and make like the cave-men to save this planet. We just need to come up with alternative ways to keep our way of life without ruining the lives of others. and until we come up with a versatile and convenient form of green energy, we just need to do the little things that keep our earth healthier for that little while longer.

My view on vegerterianism is this. If you wana go veggie, go veggie, just don't nag others to do the same. it's a life style choice of the individual and i hate when people nag others to do the same. Vegetarianism is good, but eating meat is a natural thing to do, it goes back to the most primal instincts for survival. Also, eating meat is not animal cruelty, it's just a way to provide food. the animals are slaughtered as humanely as possible. it sounds awful, but hey. animals eat plants, animals eat animals. animals are people to,and people are animals too. it's a matter of choice and perspective. simple as that.

I hate how horrible shows like those Kim Kardashians and shows like Hannah Montana manage to stay on air and be practically worshipped by certain people, while other fantastic shows, like Psych, are pushed aside. And why do we focus so much on those celebrities anyways? they aren't going to change the world, the little every day people with fresh ideas are.

and there you have it! my unwanted opinions. Hope they entertained ya as much as your post enteretainmed me!

Nicole Linette said...

I'll start off by letting you know I gave you an award on my blog XD Go check it out! It's definitely well deserved.

Ahh, yes. Your society section, I've brought up several times about how people support the fruitless acts of others, and I mean supporting with millions, when there are people that have careers in the public works and barely break $25,000 a year. The people that truly count, who keep this world going. What is it with the obsession of actors and sports heroes? Not that I'm saying they're bad or useless, but the salary thing is just so ridiculous.

And yess, for your last post, I would love if you put a link in on your blog. For reference. So I never forget. Because it's definitely an epic post!! :D

Have a fantastic week Olive :)
peace&love, nicole.