Sunday, January 11, 2009

I think everyone's been hit by the backlash of this week.
Once vacation's over, it's so hard to get back into the routine of things :P. I wish we had more time off, that's for sure. The main reason I haven't been updating is because I haven't had the time. The only nights I spent by myself this week were Monday and late Friday, haha. I feel rude going online for long periods of time when people are over, since I don't have a nifty little notebook. Me going online requires a trip down the stairs and sitting behind a slow desktop. I want a laptop so bad, I think I'm going to ask for one for my birthday in June. Plus my time has been overtaken with schoolwork. Chemistry's getting worse for me, and I had to work on a U.S. History collage of the Bill of Rights this week. That certainly kept me busy.

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Pushing Daisies.
I'm not sure who all else, if any of you have seen this show, but it's phenomonal. I haven't seen any of the second season because I'm still working on the first, but it's really well done. Very whimsical and unique. I heard it's getting cancelled though :(, that's upsetting. I reccomend renting/buying the season though, it's great. Basically, this guy Ned finds out as a child that he can touch dead things and bring them back to life for 1 minute. However, if he doesn't touch them again to make them dead, then something else dies in it's place. And he can't touch the being again or else it goes back to being dead. The girl next to him is Chuck, his former childhood sweetheart, and he brought her to life and can't touch her again. They kiss through saran wrap, it's cute :).

I kind of don't have much to talk about, no major highlights of the week. I mean it's been enjoyable, but chill. One thing this week did make me pretty pissed though. We're playing floor hockey now in gym class, and this girl Victoria, your basic gym-class-warrior, picked me and some other girls for her team. She was nice enough not to separate me, Amanda, and Julie, and we ended up a group of six or seven girls. Our class is co-ed, so of course there were boys on the other team. Well, my oh so nice gym coach came over and literally asked Victoria if this was a joke. He gave her the weirdest look for choosing us, and said something like "Well I hope your all-star team is ready cause you're up against (points to a team with mainly guys)." My friends and I weren't too worried, it's only gym class. I honestly don't care very much about winning a game of floor hockey, I despise sports. But Victoria was all upset for disappointing coach, and wanted to "prove herself", so I put forth effort to be nice to her. I just find it incredibly rediculous that my coach, a male, can be so sexist. This nice guy Jeremiah volunteered to switch to our team, and coach said "No, she picked an all star team, let her live with her mistake" Holy shit, I just want to punch him in the face. Since when was gym class serious? Then he tried to seem all pitious for us, and gave us a "head start" out to the floor. That just really angers me. And the funny thing is, we actually aren't a bad team anyways! We tied our little game with a mainly boys team, I don't see where we're a joke. What are your guys' thoughts on this? I was thinking about saying something about this, but I don't know. It's a small school, and I'm sure this teacher has 10year. His opinion isn't really that significant to me, I don't understand why Victoria cares so much. I just wanted to point out that sexism is still prevelant, and it's awful.


Ali said...

I'm sorry about Chemistry. And holy shit, I know! It's soooooo hard to get back into the routine of things! I hate that feeling.

I have never seen Pushing Daisies. But it does look interesting. Maybe I will rent a season soon Olive!

And my thoughts about your sexist coach are bad because I HATE it when people are sexist. I just want to kill them! Which is bad, i know but it makes me feel terrible when someone is sexist towards me or anyone else for that matter. I'm sorry about that Olive!

Natalie (: said...

It is pretty hard to get back into the swing of things :P I used to be stuck behind an extremely slow desktop, it sucked. I hope that you do get a laptop for your birthday! (Mine is in June too :D)

Pushing Daises is AWESOME! I love that show, I'm so mad that they're canceling it! Whyyy? ): At least they have a bunch of episodes online...

That coach sounds like someone that I would just love to throw something at. He's so sexist! Who is he to say that you're going to lose to his precious manly team? And then you tied, ha! Suck on that stupid coach. :P "Let her live with her mistake." Mistake? Grrrrr! He made a mistake of saying that! He's going to have a lot of angry bloggers to answer to (; And anyway, since when was gym serious? RAWR!

Wandering Child said...

Oh I know. I was actually planning on a post about sexism.

As far as that list goes, I know I'm interesting, insightful blah blah blah.

Allison said...

ugh i hate when teachers get sexist. Its so unfair and your coach didn't have to insult you. I mean so what girls have already proved enough that were just as athletic as guys.

Aren said...

Hi Olive,

Oh my, I know! My sleeping routine has been out of wack, it usually ranges from 11 pm to 5 am. So, six hours I'm usually running on. But I'm gradually getting it to adjust again. A laptop would be a great gift for a Birthday! I got my Mac, for my Birthday last year.

I miss Pushing Days so much, I would always TiVo new episodes and wait until Saterday to watch in my jimjams and drinking hot tea.

Haha, I'll admit I'm competitive when it comes to field hockey or lacrosse. Luckily my schools team is all girls. But playing in P.E. is hectic!


Nicole Linette said...

Is there a Title Nine (don't know the Roman Numeral bahahaha) officer at your school? Because I would definitely fill a Title Nine case against him. Tenure would probably protect him from getting fired, but a reprimand would be nice at least. The comments he made were ridiculous; uncalled for; outta line !


I don't know how I would have reacted, though punching sounds like a nice option D:<
Sorry, not meaning to get violent =:P Haha, that's just veryy frustrating.

Other than that... I'm in need of some updating, but I hope you have a lovely week otherwise =)