Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hello, Maturity

This was my first year ever going Christmas shopping alone.
It was weird driving myself around to different places to shop. I felt like a connoiseur of the road, navigating through the bustling holiday traffic. Which I may add was crazy. I spent literally over five minutes waiting to turn out of the outlet stores. It felt nice though, taking care of all of these things myself. I got my shopping done for Tom, mainly done for Amanda, and I gathered ideas for other people. I even made my first grocery shopping expedition by my lonesome today, haha. That definitely makes you feel old, pushing around a shopping cart by yourself :P. I can feel myself growing up. I won't lose my silliness though, my immaturity :P. Oh trust me, I still have it. I don't think of maturity as being sunk deep into the rut of seriousness and always making the rational decision. Maturity to me is knowing the time and place for things, taking responsibility when it's necessary, and being chill when it's not :).

I still have quite a bit more shopping to do, but I'm hoping my parents are going to plan a little trip to some bigger shopping area, because our region is limited :P. Amanda and I hung out today, laughing about things, talking about life, as we always do. It's nice being with her :). We just 'get' eachother. I really do feel like we'll always be this good of friends. After she left, my parents and I went over to my Grandparent's house, conveniently next door, to decorate the tree. I've actually been getting alot accomplished lately, I'm on a roll. I'm sure it won't last too much longer though :P. I've been trying to clean up the house, because I want it to look nicer, and there needs to be room for the tree and such. Plus I've been busy shopping and gathering ideas, and I might be getting a job :). You see, this girl from school works at Tommy Hilfiger in the outlet store and she suggested I apply. By the time I turned it in though, the position was filled, but the manager was nice enough to refer me over to Ralph Lauren Polo, the store her husband owns. I picked up an application and met the owner, so hopefully if I get that back in there soon, I'll finally have a job :):). I certainly hope so, I'm going broke!


Anonymous said...

I'm going into the city, Chicago, with my older brother and a couple of my friends, Friday, to go Christmas shopping, it should be quite productive!

I think I've matured over the year, just how my character is. I won't lose innocence of being a child quite yet, but maturity had definitely settled in.

I'm thinking about gaining a job next year because I'm more likely to be hired because of my age and ~skills.

Hopefully they hire you for the job, which is more than likely! :)

Skippy said...

Holiday shopping....always better to do it in the day time, and not on the weekend. Although anytime of the day people get a little crazy over holiday shopping...I mean seriously, it makes me not want to leave the house.

Sorry holiday shopping was so weird. Gotta love getting older tho.

Ali said...

That's so cool! I can't wait until I can drive and do everything you just did! I'm so excited! I can drive, just not legally yet. :P

Good luck with getting that job!

Natalie! said...

Shopping alone seems pretty intimidating, haha. It's hard to imagine pushing through all of those huge crowds of holiday shoppers by yourself... It seems like you had a pretty productive day of shopping though, so that's pretty good (:

That's great that you're getting a lot accomplished lately! I'm pretty much just procrastinating everything until the last minute as usual, mainly because I'm just waiting for the winter break to arrive.

Stay silly and immature, haha! :D And best of luck with the job too (:

Natalie! said...

Oh, and tag you're it! (:


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Nicole Linette said...

That's great you finished the majority of your holiday shopping. I am so strapped on cash, it's not good at all. What do you usually get your parents? I have ideas, but I want to know what you do too :P
That must have been wierd, flying solo! I would have dragged along a friend, haha, but I can't tell you enough how envious I am that you can drive. I'm glad you're able to accepting the consequences/opportunities of growing up... I'm still a little rough with it ;)