Monday, December 8, 2008


So I like fell off the face of the earth for awhile, right?

:P. It's true though, I haven't updated in forever! I feel so.. unbloggworthy, I guess is the best way to put it. While I was in Iowa, I didn't have enough computer time to keep up with everything, and then coming home I was just overwhelmed with schoolwork and going places, and never got the chance to update on all of the things I've been up to. Sorry about that. I'll catch you all up to date now, and try to return comments and such. I'm so behind!

Iowa, was good. It's quiet there, and perhaps a bit boring to the average teenager, but I like the relaxation. I could just sit around in pajamas, watch my house seasons, and spend time with family. I love my grandpa, he's freaking hilarious. I love the way older people interact with eachother, it's amusing. Like we'll walk into the restaurant for lunch like we do every day we're there, and his buddies will be like, "Oh here comes Glen..." And they'll just harass eachother back and forth. I hope when I'm older I still have a sense of humor in me. I think the elderly THRIVE in Iowa. The downside to going there for me is not having anyone, literally anyone, my age to hang out with. Everyone's older, and by older, I mean over 70. There's a few 50 something year olds here and there, but the majority is elderly. It's cool, but at times I missed just being able to chill with people my own age :P. Overall though, it was a nice trip.

I like planes :), especially the window seat. It's so cool, taking off, watching the buildings and landscape below you slowly shrink. It's wicked cool at night, the lights make me think of switchboards and Christmas. Every time I take my annual flight, I think about how much I want to travel to cool places, Europe particularly. I can't wait until I can actually go.
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So things around here have been hectic, but they're slowly calming down. I missed out on some work at school, plus I've been doing things for clubs, and blahblahblah. Busy. Then when I'm not truly busy, I'm exhausted. I'm going to find a way to fix this problem though :P. Plus I've been making up for lost time with friends. They all had way too much fun back here without me, haha. Going out for black friday, hanging out for Thanksgiving. I missed out. I haven't had much time lately by myself to blog, but I'll change that :). Alot more has been going on than I've written about, but I'll quit my ramblings here and check in on what everyone else has been up to.

♥ Olive :D:D


Anonymous said...

Olive! You've been gone for aaaaggggeeeeesssss!

I've missed you. <3

Ali said...

Its great to have you back!!

Too bad no one your age was there. I probably would've died if there was no one my age to hang or talk with. :( But it sounds like you had fun.

Flying is so fun. Unless there's turbulence, then it sucks. But other than that, its so cool. But the peanuts aren't that good. Haha :D

Natalie! said...


Sometimes it's just nice to relax all day. On the weekends if I'm not doing anything I just stay in my pajamas the entire day too, hehe. That stinks that there was no one even remotely close to your age there though. I guess Iowa isn't a very popular destination for anyone except the elderly :P And I hope I still have a good sense of humor when I'm that old too, and that I'm not just a cranky old lady.

And I like planes too! Except if you have a really crappy seat by a sick person or screaming baby though. Or if you're sitting by the engines, cause then it's really noisy :P But other than that, and turbulence, flying can be nice (:

Good luck catching up with your friends, schoolwork, blogging, and everything!

Nicole Linette said...

Ohhh, it seems like Iowa was stellar! XD Old people are funny together, aren't they? I hope I'm a cool old person when I grow up ;D! Haha, glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Just getting away, it sounds really nice. Sometimes you just need that break from the bustle and drama and whatever.

Riding on planes is one of my absolute FAVORITE things in the world. It's exhilirating. And I love taking pictures of the sky!! It's always changing with the weather and different times of day, sooo gorgeous. Okay, I'll stop :P

I'm really happy you commented my blog, 'cause I'm sure you're busy with your life in the real world ;) Hope you have a great week!