Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm going to Iowa for a week!

I know what you're thinking, what is there to do out there?! Quite frankly, not much :P. It's very chill though, so I spend time reading, thinking, and just relaxing. We're visiting my grandpa out there for Thanksgiving, so I get to miss a couple days of school, yippee :). I really do enjoy going there though, because otherwise I never see those family members, and I like having a week of peacefulness. Away from all of my obligations around here :P. So, I might be able to post a bit, if I get on my uncle's computer, but if not, my apologies. Enjoy the vacation!

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So that's my friend Jenna, me, and the vocalist of Hey Monday :D, she was awesome.

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Carolina Liar, Hey Monday, and William Beckette, of course.
Amanda took the black & white ones because she's a good photographer, and likes to take my camera from me and show me up, haha.

Nooooott at the concert...

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Hah, John and I. He's like a little brother to me :). But he's a filthy rat. Inside story, haha.

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Dakota, he's moving :(. But only a town away, so that's not so bad.

Hokay Folks..
It's almost one thirty, so I've gotta be leaving for the airport :P. I'll try to post, and reply to comments at some point this week, but I'm not giving any garentees. Have a happy Turkey Day everyone, and enjoy the break from school. Peace out girl scouts!

♥ Olive


Ali said...

Have fun! I've only been through Iowa. Twice. It's pretty. I guess.


Natalie! said...

I don't think I've ever been to Iowa, have fun! It should be nice to be able to see all of your family and get away from school and whatnot (:

That's so cool that you got to meet the bands! Those are some great photos too! And I really like your hair (:

Happy Tukey Day to you too!

Mella said...

Wow. Iowa sounds good.

What's it like?

Nicole Linette said...

Olive, I hope you are having a fabulous Thanksgiving in Iowa! Don't know much about it besides Des Moins haha ;). Your concert pictures (and all your other photos) are sweeet, Cassadee from Hey Monday is really pretty! I'm sitting on YouTube watching their music videos haha. Can't wait for your update.


Elle♥Madame said...

happi belated turkey daii
dn't you just love friends
by those funni pictures i can tell you do :)

Anonymous said...

Iwoa is nice, it's not really boisterious, but it's nice place whenever you want to wind down. xD I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving with the family!

Awh, dude, I love William Beckette. xD Looks like you enjoyed yourself a lot from the pictures. Concerts are always so much fun.

Haha, I love the silly faces on you and John.

Darling Dears. said...

have fun!