Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Get Smart.

So, I'm in this extracirricular thing called Answers Please, or Academic Bowl, whichever you prefer, and my first match was tonight. For those of you who are clueless to what I'm talking about, it's basically a competition with two teams of four students at a time, trying to buzz in with the correct answer first, and there are multiple rounds. It was pretty fun actually. We rode this midget bus to another school, watched one of the matches before ours, then competed ourselves. I'm a rookie, so I wasn't in much, but it was cool. Our advisor and global teacher last year cracked me up so bad.. hahah. I can't even describe it since you don't know her, but her peptalk killed me. We lost, badly. This one girl seemed to know EVERY answer, and buzzed in before the host even finished reading the question, but whatevs, I went for fun.

I had a good time, chillen' with Zack, listening to music. I'm horrible at actually answering the questions so far, but hopefully I improve with time. It seemed like whenever I was out, they asked all of the questions I knew the answers to >:[. Rediculous. Tomorrow is my road test again, I really hope I pass this time. I'm going to try my best, but we'll just have to see. So much freedom comes along with driving, and I want to capture it so bad. To be quite honest, I don't have much to write about, but I felt like updating. Howeverrrr, I should really get to bed so I can be refreshed tomorrow, and pass with flying colors.. :). Wish me luck.


Natalie! said...

We have something sort of like the Answers Please thing here. It's called Hometown High Q (like IQ, except with high school. Get it? Hardy har har :P) and they actually broadcast it on TV. I would be absolutely terrible at that though, I have slow reflexes for hitting the buzzer :P I hate whenever they ask the questions that you know when it isn't your turn to answer! That happens to me all the time :P Wow, I use the :P smiley way too much...

Well, good luck on your driving test! I bet you'll pass with flying colors (:

Nicole Linette said...

I totally do the same kind of club. It's called Masterminds and sound just like Answers Please! :D I love it. I feel like such a nerd sometimes, but so badass as well, because it uses general knowledge on everything. Yippee for us! XD Don't worry though, you'll be racking those points soon enough.


p.s. Thank you for the Happy Birthday & comment :D AND GOOD LUCK again on your driver's test!!