Thursday, February 5, 2009

Vanishing Act

Ah, I disappeared as always.
I truly am sorry I'm not a better, more up-to-date blogger. I just have things going on, and lately I've been struck by fatigue. I might be getting sick. Yuck. School has been brutal this week with tests, quizzes, you name it. I plan on making it out alive though, tomorrow's Friday :).

So aside from the boring stuff, some things this week have been enjoyable. Last night I spent the entirety of the evening watching the Answers Please finals. Our team didn't make it in, but I went along with my advisor and Zack to watch anyways. It was pretty fun, especially with Zack :P. The two of us went to preschool and so on together, so there aren't any awkward moments, we've known eachother forever. From watching we got to see how competitive these brainiacs are, and we hope to be in the competition ourselves next year. Basically, it was a nice time.

As of lately I've been spending alot of my time thinking towards the future, concerning the New Visions program. The medical field seems fascinating. I know if I continue at my school only next year, it won't be all that productive. Most of the seniors now fill their days with studyhalls or meaningless electives. I want to prepare myself for college, and the materials at New Visions would do that. They actually offer an Honors English class, whereas my school doesn't even have college credited courses. I think there may be one for math, but I've always been behind in that subject. Lately I'm catching on though, which is impressive. I want to be something when I leave this town. I don't want to be trapped working 9-5 jobs, stuggling with my bills. I want to be learning and contributing to society, in one way or another. I would love to write books, and I would be thrilled if my words engulfed people, shook up their thoughts. But I can't rely solely on the hope that I can become some phenomonal writer. I need to stabilze myself too, and give myself a strong place to stand in case my dreams fall through. At the same time I find the field to be incredibly interesting, with a huge variety of career choices. I haven't had a whole lot of confidence in my intelligence or ability to work "smart people" jobs while growing up in a small rural town. That's why I'm so interested in a unique opportunity like this.. It would just give me a whole new set of options for my future, and I sure do like my options.

♥ Olive


Jocelyn said...

Oh man, I am so not excited to pick a career. I feel so pressured to pick a major, it's not fun at all. That's good that you're preparing for college! It's a pretty difficult transition, but it's an amazing difference. I love college, so you want to go into english?


James said...

I think u should do what your heart tells u, and find your passion in life. If you find passion, then money and work will come with it. Also, go for the opportunity, it sounds great. Fridays are always nice. ^_^

N a t a l i e. said...

TGIF! This week was rough. Watching Answers Please sounds fun, it's great that things are easy going between yoyu and Zack.

A lot of the seniors at my school only have to come to school for half of the day, because they don't have any real classes that they need to take. I don't really have any real, strong idea on what I want to do. Like you, I'm interested in both the medical field and writing. I really enjoying writing, even though my skills don't really show in my blog, haha :P But after seeing so many phenomenal blogs out there (like yours for example! :D) I have my doubts. I don't want to be stuck in some boring day job only scraping up enough money to get by. Maybe you could do something in the medical field, but with writing on the side or something, just don't not do nothing involving writing (did that even make sense? oh well haha) because you're an excellent writer. Good luck with whatever you choose, you still have plenty of time to think about it [:

Kaitlin said...

This week was pretty annoying for me, as well -- SO glad it's weekend now.

Some seniors at my school work their asses off, taking four APs at once, and some slack off completely and never come to school. for us, anyways, it's what WE want to make of it. if you want to be challenged, that program sounds really cool.

Allison said...

Its hard finding out what you want to do and what to do in college.But i think your doing the smart thing. Getting yourself ready for college instead of worrying about it when its already so late. Its good you already have interests in what you want to do.

N a t a l i e. said...

Well, I think they're allowed to leave the school... if they aren't then I guess they just do anyway, haha. That stinks that you guys can't though! It seems a little pointless if you just have to waste your entire senior year with study halls :P And thanks, but my writing is definitely not better than yours, so shush, hehe [: I'm sure that you'll end up being successful and wonderful no matter what you decide to do! :)

Allison said...

Haha yea it was funny i have to admit with the fire alarm but still. I know its just hard sometimes when my friend laughs at me for getting a hug from james. I try to ignore it but its still annoying. I hope the career thing goes good for you.

James said...

Thank you for your support, and I think you should do what makes you the most happy. Whatever you really want to do, and can do and so much more. Yea, i have been so confused with life in so many ways cuz there is this girl I may like, but I don't wanna hurt her and I know she won't, yea its complicated.